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This blog deals entirely with the delusions of the blogger Willis Hart (AKA Will "Take No Prisoners" Hart, WTNPH, or "The Hartster"). I have, however, written a number of these "delusion" commentaries for my other blog, Sleeping with The Devil.

BTW, I also refer to Willis as "Libertarian Blogger" (or "Mr. LB") in several commentaries. Why? Because I allowed myself to listen to some doofus with the Blogger ID "Steve" who scolded me for authoring "hate posts" (when in reality he was the hater. As well as a bigot). I wanted to show I have no hate for Willis (which I do not) and still rebut him. So I decided to call him "Mr. LB". After a few "LB" commentaries I decided this was stupid and went back to referring to him by his name, which is Willis Hart. Even though he drops the "is" and goes by "Will" (he is "Willis" on Facebook).

In any case, this page contains a list of those commentaries... the ones on the SWTD blog that are labeled "Will Hart delusions" (wDel). I decided to create a page here for easy reference.

001. Taliban Truthiness #53, 10/2/2010.

002. Rebutting a Blogger Who Doesn't Believe in Taking Prisoners #66, 4/1/2011.

003. Tearing Down FDR #68, 4/3/2011.

004. Welcome to My Shrine to Keith Olbermann #79, 5/18/2011.

005. Countdown to Keith Olbermann #83, 6/20/2011. Note: Willis refuses to acknowledge that KO's "Worst Person in the World" is intentional hyperbole; list of WTNPH Olbermann insults.

006. The Idiocy of Moderation #84 6/30/2011.

007. They Made an Exceedingly Bad Decision, As I'm Sure Everyone Who Isn't an Idiot Agrees #96, 9/23/2011.

008. Republican Hacks Responsible for Manufactured Solyndra Scandal #97, 9/26/2011.

009. The Moderate Crazies #98 9/30/2011.

010. Willis Hart Bunks Yet Another Conservative Myth #101, 12/16/2011.

011. w-dervish's Top Four Democratic Legislators (And Dishonorable Mentions) #105, 2/12/2012.

012. w-dervish's Liberal Buddies Told Willis Hart on Facebook that w-dervish Is A Frigging Nut #106, 2/15/2012.

013. I Agree With Paul Ryan, Says "Moderate" Idiot #121, 10/12/2012.

014. The Truth About the Minimum Wage #122, 2/18/2013.

015. Virulently Anti-Green Conservative Blogger Advocates For Dangerous & Expensive Nuke Energy #128, 3/28/2013.

016. Yep, That's Right Folks; Global Warming Denier Quotes Scientist Using Flawed Data; Well, I'll Be Damned, Me Buck #129, 3/29/2013.

017. One of the Worst Cases of Global Warming Derangement Syndrome Ever Seen #133, 4/14/2013.

018. Easily Refuting the Argument That Global Warming is BS Because Scientists Previously Said There Would be Global Cooling #137, 4/24/2013.

019. On People Who Fantasize About Committing Gruesome Acts of Physical Violence #138, 4/25/2013.

020. Severe Moderate Delusions: Don't Worry Be Happy Edition #143, 5/4/2013.

021. Severe Moderate Delusions: Miscellaneous 1 #146, 5/10/2013.

022. A Moron's Rebuttal To An Outraged Climate Change Denier #147, 5/11/2013.

023. Assessing the Climate Change Skeptics #149, 5/13/2013.

024. Benghazi Irrationality #150, 5/14/2013.

025. Skepticism Of Policies That Harm The Wealthy Elites But Acceptance Of Policies That Further Enrich Them #151, 5/16/2013.

026. Intellectual Honesty Concerning ex-Preznit bush's WMD Lies #154, 5/23/2013.

027. Brookings' Intellectually Honest Analysis Of Romney's Tax Proposals Got Me Banned #160, 5/31/2013.

028. Severe Moderate Delusions: Fracking Stupidity Edition #164, 6/9/2013.

029. Rebuking Chimpanzee Capitalism (Labor Offshoring) #165, 6/12/2013.

030. Regarding Marijuana-High Drug-Crazed Berserking #170 dDel#7 6/23/2013. Note: WTNPH thinks GZ "let this Martin kid beat on him a bit first".

031. Crackers Offended By Liberal Scoundrels Playing The Race Card (Pointing Out Their Racism) #173, 6/30/2013.

032. Severe Moderate Delusions: GZ Tripping Straw Man Edition (Volume 1) #184 7/25/2013.

033. Severe Moderate Delusions: GZ Tripping Straw Man Edition (Volume 2) #187, 8/4/2013.

034. Exposing The Real Canardos (An Angry Hate Post) #202 lDel#7, 9/8/2013.

035. False Charges Of Hypocrisy Against The Left From Hypocrites On the Right Regarding Syria #204, 9/12/2013.

036. Exposing The Game Playing Canardo Hypocrites #206 lDel#8 9/27/2013.

037. Laffering At Historically Inaccurate Suggestion That Raising Taxes Caused The Great Depression #210, 10/13/2013.

038. The Jig Is Up For A Global Climate Change Denier On Steroids #211, 10/17/2013.

039. Regarding An Ignorant Righty & The Tell That If He Uses It You Know He's Lying #214, 10/25/2013.

040. Billionaires Kill: Volume 1 #216, 11/5/2013.

041. Libertarian BS About The Great Society Subsidizing Poverty #218, 11/14/2013.

042. Regarding The Rationale On Why Higher Education Should Be Free #219, 11/16/2013.

043. Indian Economic Liberalization Winners & Losers (Another Straw Man Courtesy of Mr. LB) #221, 1/2/2014.

044. On The Utter Ridiculousness Of A Libertarian Citing A Socialist Country As Proof That His Economic Theories Unequivocally Equal Success #223, 1/8/2014.

045. Demonstrably False Libertarian Assertions Concerning What Keynesians Invariably Say #224, 1/11/2014.

046. True Believer Easily Led By Liars Who Spout Misinformation He Likes About Medicaid & ObamaCare (Which He Hates) #225, 1/16/2013.

047. Singapore Health Care System Touted By True Believing Libertarian Who Is Almost Completely Wrong On It Being Market Oriented #226, 1/17/2014.

048. Highly Dubious LBJ Quote & What It Says About Those Who Eagerly Believe It #228, 1/22/2014.

049. On The Idiot's Narrative Concerning Me And Libertarianism #229, 1/29/2013.

050. Narratives of Benghazi Hoax True Believers Debunked (Part 1) #230, 2/9/2014.

051. Unbelievable Idiocy From Wing Dinger of A Libertarian Lunatic #235, 2/27/2014.

052. Bullplop On Blowback #239, 3/11/2014.

053. Delusional Free Trader Taken In By Myth That Civil War Was Fought Over Tariffs #241, 3/19/2014.

054. Evidence Strongly Points to Willis Hart Being "Total Moron" #243, 3/22/2014.

055. A State of Will-ful Ignorance Appreciated by The Plutocrats #245, 3/30/2014.

056. Have the Climate Models Been "So Inaccurate"? #248, 4/30/2014.

057. On the Assertion that Changing the Atmospheric CO2 Content From 3 Molecules Per 10,000 to 4 Molecules Per 10,000 Over a 130 Year Time-Frame Is An Infinitesimal Increase & Therefore No Big Deal #249, 5/3/2014.

058. Causes of The Civil War According to Ken Burns' Documentary Series (Episode 1) #250, 5/7/2014.

059. On the Deniers' Claim that Climate Change Isn't Warming The Deep Oceans #251, 5/8/2014.

060. A Disgusting Backdoor Defense of Donald Sterling #252 5/10/2014.

061. On The Idiot's Hackneyed Assertion That Leftists Claim *All* Segregationist Dixiecrats Ultimately Became Republicans #255, 5/23/2014.

062. History Book Stupidity #256, 5/29/2014.

063. Exciting New Literary Work From Novice Historian Willis Hart! #257, 5/31/2014.

064. On "Arming" Oneself with "Facts" Dissembled By Gun Nut John Lott #258, 6/3/2014.

065. On The Libertarian Idiocy of Equating Taxation With Armed Robbery #260, 6/8/2014.

066. On "Their" Being Something Missing From An Idiot Blogger's Healthcare Free Market Magic Argument #261, 6/11/2013.

067. On The Lunkheadedness Of A Wealth-Worshiping Koch-Loving Prevaricator #262, 6/19/2014.

068. On Willis Hart Lying About Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee Asserting that the U.S. Border With Mexico is Secure #265, 7/11/2014.

069. Straight from The Warped, Psychotic, Brain-diseased, & Idiotic Mind of A Lunatic Libertarian Douchebag #266, 7/28/2013.

070. Apology Owed By Spinning Liar Re LBJ/Tonkin Vs GWb/WMD #267, 8/5/2014.

071. On LBJ "Quote" Via NewsMax's Ronald Kessler Concerning Tricking Black Folks Into Voting Democratic PLUS A Libertarian Blogger's Factually Inaccurate Commentary Re Thom Hartmann Kessler "Suggestion" #273, 10/26/2014.

072. Martin Luther King On The Dignity of Work Versus "The Oinkers" #276 1/19/2015.

073. Libertarian Gun Nut Hazardous Advice Re Home Invasion Shootout & Dishonesty Re Gun Show Loophole #279, 4/28/2015.

074. Race-baiting Libertarian Blogger Joins The Filthy Scum Of White Society #281, 5/18/2015.

075. An Agenda Of Truth Telling Re Global Climate Change "Tiring" And "Distracting" Sez Irrational Fellow #288 lDel#22 6/9/2015.

076. Trump Announces Preznit Run! Will RN Hold Willis To Eating His Hat, Tie & Trousers? (Also, Trump Right On Trade Albeit Wrong On Everything Else) #291, 6/16/2015.

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