OST Complete Post List

001. Formerly The Will Hart Contra O'Reilly Response Page. 3/6/2014.

002. On Willis Hart's Idiotic & Islamophobic Assessment of Blowback. 3/11/2014.

003. Willis Hart's Oligarchic Stooge Talk. 3/12/2014.

004. On the Concept of an Arrogant Individual Wasting Valuable Moments of His Existence Posting Hundreds Of Times A Year To a True-Believing Libertarian Blog Titled "Contra O'Reilly". 3/16/2014.

005. Willis Hart Taken In By Myth That Civil War Was About Tariffs. 3/17/2014.

006. In Regards To The Claim That The Civil War Was Fought Over States' Rights. 3/19/2014.

007. A State of Will-ful Ignorance. 3/30/2014.

008. On The Climate Models Being "So Inaccurate" & 97% Of Climate Scientists Being Total F*cking Morons. 4/25/2014.

009. On CO2 Atmospheric Content Increases Being Infinitesimal & Therefore Doing Nothing Not Being Risky At All. 5/8/2014.

010. An Idiot's Challenge. 5/10/2014.

011. Channeling Willis Hart If He Was A Character in "The Day After Tomorrow". 5/15/2014.

012. Willis Hart Lies About Extremely Dangerous Nuke Power Being "Carbon Free". 5/17/2014.

013. Exciting New Literary Work From Amateur Historical Revisionist Willis Hart! 6/1/2014.

014. On Those Who Are Allowed To Comment On The Blog "Contra O'Reilly". 6/2/2014.

015. On Being So Afraid of Uncomfortable Facts That You Use A Cutout to Cover Portions of Your Computer Monitor. 6/4/2014.

016. The State Of Will-ful Ignorance Continues. 6/5/2014.

017. A Total Moron Ruminates On Securing the Release of Bergdahl. 6/7/2014.

018. Tone Deaf (and Clueless) Blogger Willis Hart Comments On Latest Shooting. 6/9/2014.

019. Competition Will Drive Down Healthcare Costs Sez Free-Market-Magic Believing Libertarian. 6/12/2014.

020. An Attempt by Willis Hart to Flatter Me Into Leaving His Blog? 6/27/2014.

021. A Kool Aide Potluck On the Blog Of Obama-Basher Willis Hart. 7/4/2014.

022. On History Books Always Agreeing With Willis Hart & People Who Disagree With Him Not Reading Them. 7/8/2014.

023. On The Minimum Wage Being A "Racist Law". 7/19/2014.

024. Naive Stooge Willis Hart Endorses "Compromise" That Is Really A Plutocratic Trojan Horse. 7/26/2014.

025. A Folk Who Isn't Upset Re Willis' Ignorance of Hitler's Plans Of War With England & The West. 7/27/2014.

026. On Willis Hart Lying About Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee Asserting that the U.S. Border With Mexico is Secure. 7/29/2014.

027. Willis Hart Whines About Protests Concerning History Rewriting Libertarians. 7/30/2014.

028. On Willis Hart's Obliviousness In Regards To Societal Norms & How They Evolve. 8/1/2014.

029. Another Willis "Factoid" For The Fake History Books? 8/8/2014.

030. A Song For Willis & I Address Some Lies From Willis' Blog Of Low Content. 8/18/2014.

031. Willis Hart LOL-able Narcissism & Oligarchy Worship. 10/15/2014.

032. Consistent bush Apologist Despicable Defense of Torture. 12/17/2014.

033. The Willis Hart Movie: Deliver Unto the Plutocrats The Wealth Of Our Nation. 12/19/2014.

034. If Willis Hart Wasn't Such An A-Hole. 12/23/2014.

035. On The Stupid Fathead Willis Hart Denigrating Blue Collar Americans & Oinking For Economic Policies To Drive More $ To The Plutocrats. 1/20/2015.

036. Willis Hart LOL: Fake Ben Franklin Quote Is "Warning" To Modern Progressives. 1/21/2015.

037. On The Cop Arrested For Murder Because His Murdering Was Caught On Video While Willis Hart Predictably, Shamelessly & Moronically Ignores It. 4/9/2015.

038. On Willis Hart Using Someone's Weight To Denigrate Them & Referring to An Overweight Person As A "Fat Fuck". 5/2/2015.

039. On Willis Hart's Focus On Baltimore Rioting Whilst Not Mentioning Why Rioting Is Taking Place. 5/6/2015.

040. Profane Language In Support Of Destroying American Jobs. 5/8/2015.

041. On Punishing People For Being Poor. 5/10/2015.

042. Disgusting Muslim Bigotry From Libertarian Blogger Willis Hart. 5/11/2015.

043. On The Racist Suggestion That Cops Killing African Americans Is No Big Deal Because African Americans Are Killing Each Other All The Time Anyway. 5/16/2015.

044. On The Racist Idea That Black Leaders Are "Race Hustlers". 5/18/2015.

045. Breaking News: Willis Hart Has Passed Away. 5/22/2015.

046. Unbreaking News: Willis Hart is Still With Us. 5/28/2015.

047. On People Who Insist That Anyone Advocates For "Make Work" Given The Fact That There Is Actual Work That Needs To Be Done. 5/30/2015.

048. Willis Hart Misogyny Re Female Pay Discrimination (An Issue The Obama Admin Took Up With The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act). 5/31/2015.

049. Climate Change Denying Nimrod's Ballsy Placement Of His Foot Into His Mouth. 6/5/2015.

050. On The Bloggers Who Have Departed The Willis Hart Echo Chamber (AKA The "Circle Jerk Society") & Their Reasons. 6/7/2015.

051. Re Willis Hart Desire To Piss On A Black Man. 6/18/2015.

052. Another Example That Points To Willis Hart Being Racist? Or Is He Just Stupid? 7/2/2015.

053. Willis Hart Many "No Female Discrimination" Commentaries Disturbingly In Agreement With Men's Rights Movement Concerns (Addendum to OST #48). 7/3/2015.

054. Willis Hart Idiotic Capital Gains Tax Trickle Down Stoogery. 7/4/2015.

055. On Willis Hart Referring To African American Men Using The Racist Term "Minstrel". 7/5/2015.

056. Willis Hart Selective Focus On Burning Buildings Depending On Who Is To Blame (Or Who Willis Thinks Is To Blame) For Them Being Burned. 7/10/2015.

057. On Not Knowing The Difference Between An Actor And The Character They're Playing. 7/11/2015.

058. Willis Hart Sez We Should Be "Celebrating" Plutocrats? 7/13/2015.

059. Another Willis Hart Minimum Wage Strawman (One That Serves The Evil Idea Of Keeping Workers Impoverished). 7/15/2015.

060. Willis Hart Strawman In Defense Of Koch Plutocrats & Slander Of The Left. 7/16/2015.

061. Willis Hart Sez I Am A Jackass With A Minuscule Mind B/C I Said Libertarianism Has Infected The Republican Party. 7/28/2015.

062. Willis Hart Joins Anti-Choice Radicals Lying About Planned Parenthood. 7/30/3015.

063. Evolving Willis #1: Planned Parenthood 180 Degree Flip-Flop. 8/6/2015.

064. Willis Hart WTF Re The Rand Paul V Chris Christie Dust-Up During Fox potus Interview. 8/11/2015.

065. The Canardo That Quacked. 8/12/2015.

066. On How The Willis Hart Strawman Construction Went Down. 8/14/2015.

067. Shooting Prognosticators In A Barrel. 8/18/2015.

068. The Rank Fallacies of Willis Hart #1: Bernie Sanders Never Said The Economy Is A Fixed Pie. 8/26/2015.

069. On The Warped Logic And Dogma Adherance of Willis Hart. 8/28/2015.

070. The Rank Fallacies of Willis Hart #2: Bernie Sanders Truth-Telling Re Poor & Middle Class Being Worse Off. 8/29/2015.

071. Willis Hart Utter Bullshit Re Hillary Clinton email Controversy Being "Devastating". 9/1/2015.

072. The Rank Fallacies of Willis Hart #3: Bernie Sanders Doesn't Acknowledge The "Fact" That High Tax Rates On The Wealthy Have Negative Consequences. 9/10/2015.

073. Is Willis Hart Water Tower Material? 10/1/2015.

074. On What Frederick Douglass & Booker T. Washington Would Think (If These Guys Were Around Today) About Race Baiting Demagoguing Bloggers Like Willis Hart. 10/10/2015.

075. Gullible Wealth Worshipping Stooge Willis Hart Buys WSJ Lies Re Bernie Sanders' Invest In America Strategy. 10/16/2015.

076. On Willis Hart's Racist Hate For The "Black Lives Matter" Movement Being So Intense He Uses (& Caps) The F Word To Denounce It. 10/17/2015.

077. Racist Liar Willis Hart Places Offensive Word "Coon" In Black Mouths, Even Though No Black Person Would Use It In The Context He Says They're Using It In. 10/23/2015.

078. On Willis Hart's Uproariously Ludicrous Notion That Anyone Says The Earth's Climate Is Safe But Humans Make It Much More Dangerous. 10/29/2015.

079. Willis Hart Cognitive Dissonance Re Fake Benghazi Scandal Manufactured By Congressional Republicans To Harm HRC Prez Campaign. 10/31/2015.

080. Willis Hart Extreme Hypocrisy Re Him Daring Someone To Call Black Conservatives "Uncle Toms" To Their Faces While He Refers To Black Liberals As "Minstrels". 11/11/2015.

081. According To Willis Hart 90 Percent Of Women Who Claim They Were Unable To Consent To Sex (& Were Therefore Raped) Actually Consented Then Just Regretted It Later. 11/17/2015.

082. On The Fact That Willis Hart Considers Something A "Fact" If: A) He Reads It On A Conservative Website & B) It Confirms His Biases. 11/19/2015.

083. Black Men Are Killing Each Other Over Half Eaten Hershey, 3 Musketeer & Snickers Candy Bars? 11/24/2015.

084. Libertarian Free Trading Buffoons On How To Turn A Huge Fortune Into An Even Larger One. 11/26/2015.

085. On The Fact That (According To Mortgage Expert David Min) Willis Hart Is Full Of Shit When He Quotes Conservative Economist Edward Pinto Who Says 76% of the Subprime Loans At the Time of the Housing Crisis Were on the Books of Government Agencies. 12/1/2015.

086. On The Trusting of One's Well-Being to Parasitic Transnational Megacorporations, Bought & Paid for Think Tank Fellows, & Greedy Power-Hungry CEOs. 12/7/2015.

087. Willis Hart A Bald-Faced Liar & Ignoramus Re The Non-Fact Of Bernie Sanders Blaming ISIS On AGW. 12/11/2015.

088. How Pitiful Is It That Willis Hart Doesn't Understand What The Purpose Of Affirmative Action Is? 12/14/2015.

089. On Why I Don't Like Willis Hart. 12/17/2015.

090. On Willis Hart Lying About What The Black Lives Matter Movement Is Protesting About. 12/18/2015.

091. On The Hyper Racial Consciousness Of Willis Hart. 1/6/2016.

092. Montel Williams Is Black, Therefore His Views On The BLM Versus Rancher Showdown In Oregon Are Race-Based & Montel Is A Racist. 1/7/2016.

093. Willis Hart Molests The Truth Re Contra O'Reilly Post On How It's A "Fact" That Salon Gives Pedophiles A Platform To Explain Themselves. 1/12/2016.

094. Willis Hart Moronic Whine Re "Secret" Comments Submitted To His Blog. 1/14/2016.

095. Target Only Hires White People? 1/16/2016.

096. Willis Hart An Expletive Liar Re Bernie Sanders' 18 Trillion In New Spending. 1/18/2016.

097. On Willis Hart's Trumpesque Obsession With Bashing Rosie O'Donnell. 1/20/2016.

098. On Referring To The Exploitation Of Labor By Not Paying A Living Wage As "Removing the Bottom Rungs Of A Ladder". 1/21/2016.

099. On Willis Hart's Trumpesque Misogynist Bashing Of Hillary Clinton For An Alleged Sex Crime Allegedly Committed By Her Husband. 1/26/2016.

100. Concerning The Willis Hart Obsession With Rightwing Spun Fiction Re Hillary Clinton "Lying To Benghazi Families". 1/28/2016.

101. Willis Hart Idiocy Re Blue Tarp Man "Shot in the Face With His Hands In The Air & Several More Times While He Was Lying On The Ground". 1/30/2016.

102. Willis Hart Absurdity Re The NYT Being A Communist Paper & "The Left" (In It's Entirety) Also Being Communist. 2/1/2016.

103. On A Person Referring To Government Taxing To Fund Social Safety Net Programs As "Confiscation" & Implying Someone Who Votes For A Candidate Who Favors This Because They'd Personally Benefit As Lacking Morals. 2/3/2016.

104. On Willis Hart Getting All Exercised Over The Existence Of Mt. Rushmore. 1/5/2016.

105. So, Just How Much Does The Hateaholic TOM Love Willis Hart? 2/7/2016.

106. On The Fact That Willis Hart Apparently Does Not Give A Shit What The Truth Is Anymore (Re Him Falsely Asserting That It's A "Fact" That Bernie Sanders Has Never Had A Private Sector Job). 2/9/2016.

107. So, Just How Much Does The Un-Factaholic Willis Hart Love Donald Trump? 2/11/2016.

108. Note To Olivia Wilde, Staunch Democrat & HRC Supporter. 2/13/2016.

109. On Hysterical & BS Claims From Willis Hart Of "Islamophobia Emanating From The Hard Left. 2/16/2016.

110. How The Libertarian Blogger Willis Hart Views The 2016 Democratic Primary. 2/17/2016.

111. Surprise! Libertarian Blogger Buys Rightwing Spin Re Mitch McConnell Vow To Not Consider Obama Scalia Replacement. 2/20/2016.

112. On The Offensive Suggestion By Willis Hart That Free Blacks In 1861 Winchester VA Would Have Voted For Secession (& Therefore A Continuation Of Slavery). 2/23/2016.

113. Willis Hart Lies Re Trump Comments On Iraq War, Downplays, Spouts BS About Left Not Acknowledging Trump Truthtelling, Pats Self On Back. 2/25/2016.

114. On The Fact That Blogging Hacks Like Willis Hart Constantly State Politicians He Dislikes Hold Positions They Don't Actually Hold (Bernie Sanders Is Opposed To Civil Asset Forfeiture & Eminent Domain Abuses). 3/2/2016.

115. Surface Thinking Libertarian's "Industriousness" Strawman. 3/5/2016.

116. On Righty Blogging Buffoons Like Willis Hart Insisting That, For A White Male Media Figure To Hold The Opinion That More Media Figures (Talk Show Hosts, In This Instance) Be Black & Or Female, Said Media Figure Must Quit His Job. 3/7/2016.

117. 1285 Days Of Virulent Idiocy (The Echo Chamber Achieves Maximum Echoness). 3/8/2016.

118. Willis Hart Virulent Idiocy Has Him Referring To Civil War Atrocities As "Ethnic Cleansing". 3/10/2016.

119. Wills Hart Astounding Hypocrisy Re OK For Him To Call Hillary Clinton A Piece Of Shit, Not OK For Lefties To Refer To Sarah Palin As Excrement. 3/12/2016.

120. Did "They" Lie About Eliminating Tariffs & Replacing Them With The Income Tax? 3/13/2016.

121. Prediction: Willis Hart Wrong Re "Democrats Need To Look Elsewhere For A Candidate... Before The Bitch Gets Indicted". 3/20/2016.

122. On People Who Worry That "One World Government" Is Coming. 3/23/2016.

123. They're All Neocons Now. 3/25/2016.

124. On The Fact That Bernie Sanders, In His Capacity As A Recruiter For Vermont U, Hasn't Signed Many African American Players (A Fact That Suggests Racism By Mr. Sanders). 3/29/2016.

125. On Willis Hart Quoting Ayaan Hirsi Ali, A Participant In The Right's Islamophobia Industry, Re The "Regressive Left". 3/30/2016.

126. On Donald Trump Defender Willis Hart Lying About "What The Video Clearly Shows" Re Trump Lackey Roughing Up A Reporter. 4/1/2016.

127. On OST (This Blog) Being A Site Where The Proprietor (A Slime That Feeds Off Others) Spends Hours Weaving Absurd BS (This, After Prowling Sites & Picking A Post). 4/3/2016.

128. Re Referring To A TV Personality You Dislike As A Smarmy, Hero-Worshiping, Intellectually-Challenged, Nearly Unwatchable, Bonkers, Left-of-Center, Slant-Headed, Buffoonish Wack-Job. 4/4/2016.

129. How Many "Team Members" Does The Contra O'Reilly Blog Have? 4/6/2016.

130. Evolving Willis #2: Abraham Lincoln 180 Degree Flip-Flop. 4/9/2016.

131. Willis Hart Racist WTF: Objecting To Getting Raped Is Racist (A Great Many Leftist Feminists In Europe Don't Say). 4/11/2016.

132. Who Who Are The "Psychotic Trolls" That "Now Have a Shitload More Time on Their Hands"? 4/13/2016.

133. Hillary Clinton Will Be Convicted, Go To Prison Over Her eMail Server, & End Up Campaigning From Behind Bars (All Of This Occurring B4 Voting In November). 4/17/2016.

134. Demolishing BS From A Total Moron Re The Fact That Blacks Are Arrested Disproportionately To Whites 4 Committing The Same Crimes (Moron Sez They Aren't). 4/19/2016.

135. Does Willis Hart Subscribe To The Cockamamie Economic Theory Known As Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarianism? 4/21/2016.

136. How Many Women Has Willis Hart Raped? 4/22/2016.

137. Willis Hart To Win Nobel Peace Prize? 4/25/2016.

138. On The Racist Blogger Willis Hart Criticizing Beyonce (Using Foul Language) For "Buck-Dancing & Jiving with Some Idiotic Blond Weave". 4/28/2016.

139. Is A Move Or Trip To Oklahoma In Willis Hart's Future? 4/30/2016.

140. Willis Hart Transgender Bigotry? Looks Like It, Me Buck. 5/4/2016.

141. Is Willis Hart Suffering From Cognitive Problems Due To A Permanent Anoxic Brain Injury? 5/6/2016.

142. Willis Hart Unplugged From Reality Re Richard Nixon "Brilliant" Comments On US Democracy Spreading. 5/8/2016.

143. Thoughts On Libertarian Blogger's Butt-Hurt Re Film Script 4 "Reagan Alzheimer's Comedy". 5/12/2016.

144. More Willis Hart Transgender Bigotry (This Time A "Joke" About Michelle Obama Being Born Male). 5/15/2016.

145. Willis Hart Animal Farm George Orwell Stupidity. 5/18/2016.

146. What To Do Regarding Black Rioters? Libertarian Racist Says "Shoot To Kill". 5/21/2016.

147. Government Passed Laws Should Only Be Suggestions & Absolutely Not Enforced Libertarian Sez. 5/28/2016.

148. Another Example Of Willis Hart "Coming Out Early Tonight" (Transphobia, Trumpesque Bigotry, White Supremacistish Racism). 6/1/2016.

149. On The Fact That Many Libertarians & Conservatives Are Not Too Concerned About Corporate Bureaucracies But Are Obsessed With Governmental Ones. 6/4/2016.

150. On the Fact that Willis Hart Is 94 Years Old and Still Believes in Libertarianism. 6/8/2016.

151. On The Fact That When Like-Minded People Only Talk to Each Other They Tend to Get More Extreme. 6/11/2016.

152. Willis Hart Economic Illiteracy So Profound He Believes Immigration (Legal Or Illegal) Does Not Depress Wages "For The Most Part". 6/12/2016.

153. On The Fact That Congressman James Clyburn Was 100% Correct When He Said That The Orlando Nightclub Shooting Had Nothing to Do With ISIS & Everything To Do With Gun Control. 6/26/2016.

154. On The Libertarian Concept of Giving To The Oligarchs Infinite & Unchecked Power. 7/3/2016.

155. Confusion Over Who Benefits From "Free Trade". 7/5/2016.

156. In What Bizarro Universe Should HRC Be Prosecuted For Having A Private email Server Even Though She Did't Break The Law? 7/7/2016.

157. Why Do Libertarians Support Brexit? 7/10/2016.

158. Is Willis Hart Going To Vote For Donald Trump? 7/13/2016.

159. Willis Hart Piling On The Strawmen In A Racist Commentary Re Yet Another Black Man Shot By Police. 7/14/2016.

160. Regarding WTNPH Usage Of The Term "Social Justice Warrior" As A Pejorative (In Agreement With Slimeball Ben Garrison). 7/19/2016.

161. Men Have Better Brains Than Chicks & Larry Summers, As Prez Of Harvard, Was Fired For Pointing Out This Fact (Misogynist Blogger Sez). 7/21/2016.

162. On Willis Hart Defending Milo Yiannopoulos, A Misogynist Jackass With A History Of Encouraging His Twitter Followers To Harass Women. 7/23/2016.

163. On If The Conservative Elite Was Put in Charge of Patrolling America's Most Dangerous Inner-Cities. 7/25/2016.

164. Willis Hart Bullshit: "I Tried To Warn The Left" About Debbie Wasserman Schultz. 7/26/2016.

165. White Racist Blogger Clueless That Racism Is The Primary "Lingering Effect Of Slavery". 7/31/2016.

166. Willis Hart Is A Misogynist, A Racist, An Islamophobe, A Transgenderphobe, A Bigot, & A Defender Of Business Owner's "Right" To Discriminate Against Gay People. 8/2/2016.

167. Nope. No Spell Cast Upon Me. 8/5/2016.

168. It's A Strange Ignorance Coming Down (Re WTNPH Discounting Evidence That gwb Allowed 9/11 To Occur). 6/9/2016.

169. A Devolution Toward Increasing Gun Nuttery (Evolving Willis #3). 6/11/2016.

170. Willis Hart Lies & Delusions Re Democratic Socialists Desiring Government Confiscation On A Frightening Scale. 6/17/2016.

171. Willis Hart Goes Out On A Racist Limb (Re The Nightly Show Cancelation) 6/20/2016.

172. Willis Hart Is An Anti-Gay Bigot. 8/23/2016.

173. Willis Hart (A Racist) Believes A Majority Of Black People Are Stupid Dimwits Who Are Easily Fooled. 8/25/2016.

174. Willis Hart (A Misogynist) Sez That If You're Female & In The Public Eye, You've Got To Be A "Babe" (Regardless Of Age). 8/27/2016.

175. Willis Hart (A Racist Misogynist) Slams Al Gore For Suggesting African Women Should Be Empowered. 8/28/2016.

176. How Much Alt-Right Media Does Willis Hart Consume? 9/7/2016.

177. On WTNPH's Concern For HRC Health Truther Drew Pinsky Getting Canned. 9/11/2016.

178. On Willis Hart (A Racist Piece Of Human Debris) Equating Killer Mike To David Duke. 9/16/2016.

179. Who's Forcing Willis Hart To Listen To The Music Of Kanye West? 9/22/2016.

180. AGW 97% Consensus Figure Based On 4 Sources... According To The Voices In Willis Hart's Head. 10/5/2016.

181. Re A Misogynist Moron's Post On Hypothetical Hypocrisy. 10/11/2016.

182. Willis Hart (A Misogynist) Incredibly Eager To Believe Any & All BS He Reads About Hillary Clinton & "Flunkies". 10/18/2016.

183. WTNPH Gary Johnson LOL. 11/4/2016.

184. Willis Hart Is A Misogynist Hypocrite (Re Samantha Bee Being A Stupid "B"). 11/18/2016.

185. How Often Does Willis Hart Don His White Robes With The Pointy Hood & Attend Cross Burnings? 11/26/2016.

186. WTNPH Lies About Left Claiming Voter Fraud. Still Just Trump, Moron. 11/29/2016.

187. 100% Clueless. 12/16/2016.

188. Pure Idiocy #1. 12/19/2016.

189. Pure Idiocy #2. 12/20/2016.

190. Hartbart, The Alt-Right "News" Fool. 1/10/2017.

191. Regarding Praise From Willis Hart For Ben Swann, PizzaGate Truther & "Reporter" Who Covers Baseless Conspiracy Theories. 1/24/2016.

192. On The Racist Blogger Willis Hart Referring To African American Public Figures As "Mildly Retarded". 1/31/2017.

193. On Hartbart's Continued Defense Of Steve Bannon. 2/6/2017.

194. Another Hartbart PizzaGate Alternative Fact (AKA Bullshit). What A Sick Freak!. 2/12/2017.

195. Change The Name Of The Game To "Punch An Asshole". Boom, Problem Solved. 2/18/2017.

196. On The Fact That Willis Hart Mocks Transgendered People On His Blog. 2/24/2017.

197. So, Willis Hart Is A Nazi Now? 2/26/2017.

198. A Misogynist Body Shames Actresses Kathleen Turner And Debra Messing. 3/5/2017.

199. WTNPH (A Trump Defender) Worries About DJT Being Removed From Office. 3/9/2017.

200. Because Pedophilia Exists, WTNPH Thinks More People Should Suspect The Podesta Brothers Of It. Not Due To Credible Evidence Existing, But Because Of Right-Wing Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory Bullshit. 3/16/2017.

201. On The Notion That Law Enforcement, The News Media & The Center For Missing/Exploited Children Are Looking The Other Way/Actively Covering Up Existence Of Pedophile Rings Operating Out of Wash DC So Pervert Politicos Have Steady Stream Of Kids To Molest. 3/20/2017.

202. On WTNPH's Belief That Trump Should Get Cred With The Left For Lying. 3/25/2017.

203. On Willis Hart Being So Moronic That He Actually Believes Some of Donald Trump's Critics Think Trump's Sons Killed A Woolly Mammoth, A Saber Toothed Tiger And A Triceratops. 3/27/2017.

204. On WTNPH's Allegation That It Isn't Trump, But Hillary Clinton Who Has Russia Connections. 4/5/2017.

205. On Willis Hart's Belief That Blacks (Circa The Lincoln Presidency) Were Thankful For The Free Boat Ride To America (How Their Ancestors Got Here). 4/17/2017.

206. On A Liar's Recent Claim That "My Opinion Has Always Been That... George Bush May Indeed Have Lied About WMD". 5/9/2017.

207. Willis Hart 180 Flip Flop: Now He's A 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Nutjob!. 5/26/2017.

208. That HRC Had Staffer Murdered For Being The Source Of WikiLeaks DNC Material (As Opposed To Being Hacked At Direction Of Putin) Is Fake News Concocted by Trumpers & Approved By Trump. 8/1/2017.

209. On "Russian Narrative" Denying Blogger Willis Hart Citing "Sputnik News" To Prove Anything. 8/27/2017.

210. CNN Faked A Harvey Rescue According To Trump Dupe Willis Hart. 9/5/2017.

211. Racist Scumbag Blogger Outraged At People Protesting KKK & Nazis! 9/10/2017.

212. #trumpdupe Willis Hart Concerned About The Wrong Lies. 9/19/2017.

213. Bigotry From Clueless White Guy Based On Said Cluelessness. 10/24/2017.

214. Willis Hart, A Brain Diseased Fake News Fool Extraordinaire, On Devin Nunes Fake Memo. 2/8/2018.

215. On The Majority Of Willis Hart Post Titles Beginning With "On The Fact", Then Concluding With A Lie (One That Is Obviously Total Bullshit). 3/8/2018.

216. ost-216.

217. ost-217.

218. On Willis Hart's Good Friend Klansman Rusty Shackelford 9/19/2217.

219. I Admit That Willis Hart Was Right All Along About Everything! 9/19/2317.

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