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This page contains a list (with notes) of commentaries and comments on Willis V. Hart's Libertarian blog Contra O'Reilly that concern the blogger Dervish Sanders (who Willis and the commenters on his blog refer to as "wd", "canardo", "col", etc). All of these names refer to the proprietor of this blog (me). Note that these are the posts and comments I found. There may be others that I overlooked, but I tried to make the list as definitive as possible.

Note that this listing is a work in progress and is currently incomplete (with large gaps).

10/17/2012 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (Three Sextillion). A post about the number of planets in the galaxy. Obviously not about me... yet of the 9 comments, 5 concern wd and his visiting half of those planets.

12/5/2012 Miscellaneous 152... Another one where all the comments concern wd even though the post does not. Willis says "He must have thought that I was kidding about me not wanting him here. Either that or he's lonely".

12/7/2012 On Deleting Comments from Crazy Loners/Losers... "I click, and I do it with about the same level of assertive indifference as when I press that button on a big can of RAID. That, and I never read a sentence".

12/8/2012 On Anti-Israel Activist and Writer, Norman Finkelstein... Not about wd, but all the comments are. Starting with one by dmarks in which he lies about Norman Finkelstein. Concerning this Jewish man whose parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors, dmarks says Finkelstein is one who would "criticize Israelis for not hurrying up and being ashes scraped out of industrial ovens". TADM #37.

2/14/2013 A Quick Undressing of a Myth Continued... I submit a comment and Willis says "A quick reminder to the anti-reason, anti-science idiot who cannot seem to stay away. I do not read your ignorant, leftist, propagandist, collectivist, and envious bullshit".

2/18/2013 Toward a Geneology of Gun-Nuttery (Apologies to Nietzsche)... Willis says "I think that it is patently clear that I am... way unworthy of this prestigious title" in response to me calling him and Dennis Marks gun nuts for their nutty views on guns. OST #18 & SWTD #134.

2/22/2013 On Plutocrats... Willis does not mention me, but in response to a dmarks comment asking "Is this in response to a deleted troll comment?", Willis says "Yeah, the one about me loving plutocrats more than guns". dmarks refers to me as a troll.

2/28/2013 On the Assertion that Mises and Cato are "Right-Wing" Entities... Willis never mentions me, but I was the one who called them "Right wing". An assertion I stand by, at least in terms of where they come down on issues of a fiscal nature. They are certainly not "Left wing".

5/10/2013 On a Moron Who Knows Absolutely Nothing About Climatology Referring to the Reasoned and Well Thought Out Works of Richard Lindzen, Roy Spencer, John Christy, William Happer, And Freeman Dyson as "Stupidity"... "Life is wondrous, isn't it?" is the text of this post. I don't agree, given that someone can make an assumption that is completely wrong, yet not care at all. I clarified what I meant (with the comment I submitted to this post), but Willis never bothered to look. SWTD #146.

6/7/2013 On Richard Lindzen... Written because I refered to Lindzen as an "oily bedfellow" (due to his Big Oil ties) in a comment submitted in response to a post by Willis slamming the Matt Damon movie "Promised Land".

6/11/2013 An Extreme Paucity of Perspective... Because I submitted a comment to Willis' blog saying "Between JFK and RWR the wrong president survived being shot" Willis concludes that there is a risk I could shoot someone (a politician, perhaps) and that I should "seek psychiatric help immediately". Although I only meant that if one had to die, then the wrong one did. That does NOT mean that I wished RWR dead. That would be a pointless wish. This was in response to a "joke" from Rusty in which he said "[JFK] wanted to be a professional boxer [but] the only drawback was he couldn't take a shot to the head". A joke Willis defended.

6/18/2013 On Sharyl Attkisson... Willis refers to me as a "low-life and unemployable degenerate" because I am guilty of "denigrating her", when all I actually did was dispute her computer being hacked as being proof of an Obama plot against her due to her being right about Benghazi (which she isn't). In any case CBS News says "to be clear, the federal government has not been accused in the intrusion of Attkisson's computer"... but Willis was strongly implying this. I said he was wrong and he EXPLODES... as usual. OST #79.

7/17/2013 George Zimmerman's Uncle, Jorge Mesa... Willis says "The idiot, wd, hasn't been paying attention... Mr. Zimmerman's uncle and mother are ONE FOURTH BLACK!!!!!!!" But the truth is that Willis didn't pay attention. If he had he might have heard of witness 9.

7/20/2013 wd Lies Again... Willis says "the idiot claims that it was Zimmerman's friend who gave the testimony relative to ground and pound. WRONG!! It wasn't Zimmerman's friend. It was the former neighbor and PROSECUTION WITNESS, John Good" and concludes that "Trayvon was on the top and pummelling Zimmerman. End of report". Absolutely wrong on the "end of report" assertion (see here, subhead #3). As for labeling Good as a friend, I THINK I said that (because I read it somewhere), but I might have been wrong. Being wrong (or misremembering something read) isn't a "lie".

7/20/2013 On the Idiotic Assertion that Zimmerman "Got Away With Murder"... Willis lies again, as this is exactly what happened. Juror B-29 says so (see the video at the botton of this post).

7/21/2013 On wd's Idiotic/Fully Refutable Assertion that it was Trayvon Screaming... Willis lies about the assertion being "fully refutable" as voice expert Alan Reich says it was Trayvon screaming (see here, subhead #6).

7/24/2013 This One's For You, Russ... WTNPH says that "wd's explanation for Zimmerman's injuries - HE TRIPPED! HE FUCKING TRIPPED!!", but Willis lies.

7/29/2013 Trayvon's Texts... Willis says that "according to wd" George Zimmerman "trips a lot". But I never said that.

8/1/2013 wd Lies AGAIN 2... Willis says "he's still insisting that Zimmerman said, fucking coons". But I did not lie about GZ saying "coons", because that *is* what Zimmerman said (see here, subhead #7).

8/2/2013 Alright One More - On the Idiot's Assertion that Zimmerman's Injuries were "Minor"... Willis lies about me being an idiot when both the cop who took the lead in the investigation and the medical examiner thought GZ's injuries were minor (see here, subhead #10).

8/11/2013 On the Concept of White Hispanic... Willis says "this was in response to an idiotic assertion by wd that Zimmerman IS in fact a white Hispanic"... although the assertion isn't idiotic at all. It is, in fact, true.

8/25/2013 The Cutting of Some Slack... Willis says "I can't really blame wd for not wanting to debate Mr. Lindzen". Richard Lindzen is a climate change denying oily bedfellow who is wrong on the science, despite what Willis says. My ability to debate (or not) does not change the facts.

8/28/2013 On Rich Leeches and Sour Grapes... A post by Willis in response to my use of the term "rich leeches".

9/7/2013 Competing Biographies Pertaining to wd... WTNPH titles the first fictional biography of me "Diary of a Madman" and the second "The Idiot".

9/8/2013 I Am Going to Put this Into Words that Even an Imbecile Can Understand... Here I am the imbecile and what I've got wrong is that Willis was against the Iraq war but that he understands that a "humanitarian case could have been put forth [for overthrowing] Saddam Hussein". Or, at the time he wrote this post he was against the Iraq war. He has since changed his mind stating (on 2/14/2014) "I've gone from being completely against it to now recognizing that Saddam in fact did have to go".

9/15/2013 This is Your Last Warning, wd... Willis says he is going to "file a complaint with the server on grounds of harassment" if I do not stop submitting comments to his blog. OST #15.

9/25/2013 On wd Saying that He's "Not going to bother composing a serious comment if it isn't going to be published" Over at Les's Site... Willis writes this in response to a comment I made on the "rAtional" nAtion blog. See here (9/25/2013 8:33 PM comment) for my response.

10/13/2013 On the Crazy Person's Assertion that Ed Schultz ISN'T a Radical, Ignorant, Leftist Version of Glenn Beck... A commentary written to a reply I left on the blog "rAtional nAtion uSA" that I stand by.

11/2/2013 On Morons Who Use the Race-Card as Readily as They Breathe... Willis says morons use the "race card" because they "only have so many quivers at [Their] disposal. Post written in response to a comment I submitted to another post by WTNPH in which he talks about the "learned helplessness" of Black people. I refer to the "learned helplessness" due to welfare programs as Willis "venturing into racist territory". An assessment I stand by. I used this "quiver" because it was the CORRECT one.

12/26/2013 wd and the Devil Had a Kid... Willis claims that the Prince of Darkness and I got together and had a kid... which we named "Moochifer"... implying that "mooching" (accepting public assistance) is the ULTIMATE evil.

1/14/2014 On Will Hart Being Referred to as a "True Believer"... Willis is not happy when I refer to him as a "true believer". He says he can't be because he is a "registered independent" (among other reasons). SWTD #225.

1/28/2014 On the Idiot and Libertarianism... Willis claims that I fail to comprehend something regarding Libertarianism (and it is a long standing problem with me). This despite the fact that I do comprehend it. SWTD #229.

2/2/2014 Think Insanity... Willis calls me "insane" because I dispute his assertion that India underwent a significant economic liberalization in 1991 & the US could benefit by doing the same (when they benefited by US jobs getting outsourced to them). SWTD #221.

2/4/2014 Drew Griffin Versus David Brock... Willis slams David Brock because I submitted a link to his book The Benghazi Hoax in response to a WTNP comment on the supposed Benghazi conspiracy that involves President Obama "lying" to the American people. SWTD #230.

2/4/2014 Drew Griffin Versus David Brock, Addendum... Willis says I am a "sick son of a bitch".

2/23/2014 The Constant Pattern of the Ignoramus True Believer... This one does not mention me specifically, but Willis says that one of the things an ignoramus/true believer does is to "scour the bowels of the Internet", and that is something he accuses me of constantly (Examples: 11/20/2011, 8/8/2012, 2/18/2013, 1/2/2014). Obviously a post inspired by yours truly.

2/25/2014 On the Lunatic Left and War Criminals... Willis claims I quoted mass murderer Joseph Stalin to underscore his good 'ol common sense, despite the fact that this never happened. SWTD #235.

2/25/2014 On Buttressing Your Opinion Via Quoting Joseph Stalin... Willis claims I quoted Joseph Stalin to "buttress my opinion", despite the fact that this never happened. SWTD #235.

3/1/2014 On the Idiot and Libertarianism 2... More on how I don't understand Libertarianism because wd (me) "seemingly lives in his own little black and white universe/crawl space". SWTD #229.

3/11/2014 [comment] He has a blog entitled "The Truth About Dennis Marks" and it is chock to the brim with long, meandering, and paranoiac diatribes that nobody in his right mind would ever read beyond sentence one and, so, yeah, sweeping your driveway would definitely be a huge step up.

3/23/2014 On the Prospect of Clowns Like wd and Jersey Volunteering to Fight in the Civil War... Because I disputed Willis' assertion that the Civil War was fought over tariffs, Willis assumes I would have advocated war if I had been alive during the era... and he says I'm a cowardly "Chicken Hawk" who would have "run like the wind". This, despite me never saying I thought the Civil War needed to be fought. SWTD #241.

4/1/2014 wd's Only Lines From "Spartacus"... Despite not being born, I apparently was in this 1960 movie. According to Willis, I said "I'm not Spartacus. That guy over there - he's Spartacus"... and those lines were cut from the film.

4/19/2014 wd as Burt Gordon in "The Hustler"... Apparently if I had gotten the role in this 1961 film (despite the fact that I was not yet born) I would have talked about how many people owe me money. But I've never seen "the Hustler" and don't know if Willis is rewriting lines to put those words in my mouth. Did Burt Gordon talk about people owing him money? Damned if I know.

5/14/2014 Channeling wd if wd was a Character in "Apollo 13"... If I had been in the movie I would have said "failure is definitely an option"... according to WTNPH. OST #11.

5/23/2014 wd's New Netflix Series... a post by Willis Hart on my supposed new Netflix series. OST #11.

6/1/2014 Note to wd... Willis is so scared of my comments (which he terms "virulent idiocy") that he has to shield himself from them by holding up a cutout to his computer screen. OST #15.

6/7/2014 On wd, Octopus, Tao, Shaw, Jersey, Sue, Etc... "They blog with honor and distinction (or at least that's what Susan Rice says)". Willis' enemies list.

6/16/2014 On the Koch Brothers Donating $25,000,000 to the United Nergro College Fund... Kochs donated more than wd, who donated $1. Spells "Negro" wrong. SWTD #262.

6/20/2014 Bergdahl for wd... "Now THAT would be an equal trade; one lacking in stability weasel in exchange for another".

6/23/2014 To Fight to Save the Union, Jack. Not a post about wd, but the discussion turns to wd when dmarks sez Texas and Vermont would be kicked out of the union for having wd as opposed to WMD. Willis replies by saying "I was thinking exactly that, too, dmarks, maybe even have wd alone secede".

7/28/2014 A Quick wd Update... Name calling from Willis including foul language.

8/4/2014 That Massive Sucking Sound and its Echo... A short story that did not appear to be abou wd at first, but was later revealed by Willis to be "a parable about a troll".

8/16/2014 wd's Name if the Dude Was a Muslim?... "I'm thinking, Abdullard". A post making fun of Muslim names? A "commentary" with a tinge of bigotry, perhaps?

8/18/2014 On the Rump Conclusion that a Gary Johnson Presidency Would "Crush" the Middle-Class... I remember making a comment about a Gary Johnson presidency crushing the Middle Class, but I was not sure this post was about me until Willis said "I didn't even have to use his name and it was that obvious, huh? Yeah, he said it over at Les's site".

9/3/2014 Some Food For the Bottom-Feeder (No, Not wd) to Feast Upon... Yet another "climate scientists are lying about global warming" screed. This one "not" about wd... although almost all the comments are. Willis reveals which two bloggers he hates the most, saying "I cannot handle Tao and Octopus. They literally make my skin crawl".

9/12/2014 The Federal Government's Policy on wd's Bankruptcy... "Just the Right Size to Fail". Though, yes, I suppose that, "Too Small to Bother With", would work as well.

9/16/2014 On Moronic, Immature, Crazy-Assed, Dishonest, Pathetic, Bitter, And Constantly in Need of Attention Pathetic Failures Who, Instead of Attempting to Address Their Own Inadequacies, Constantly Attempt to Blame Others For Their Serial Piss-Poor Predicaments... "I feel for 'em but then again I don't". He should have said "I know what I'm talking about but then again I don't".


4/2/2015 Re a post titled "On People Who Call Folks Who Oppose Gay Marriage Bigots but Who then Stay Strangely Silent When Islamic Societies Actually Go as Far as to Slaughter Gays and Lesbians" Willis sez "I was actually referring to guys like wd who go on self-righteous screeds on gay rights in this country (a lot of which I actually agree with substantively) but who call people like me and RN bigots for criticizing Muslim countries for infinitely worse actions". According to dmarks I "ended up proving his own bigotry" and that "guys like WD are sometimes in lockstep with the worst Islamic extremists and genocidal goals".

4/4/2015 dmarks: "...a bootlicking worshipper of government power (even to the point of passionately defending fascism) will keep calling the rulers The People". dmarks' usual absurdity. I've never defended fascism, let alone "passionately" defended it.

4/6/2015 dmarks: "A distinct contrast to the crazy views of WD, who also can't help but throw into his racist assertion that blacks need special help because they are incapable of competing on a level playing field". A reference to my support of affirmative action, to which WTNPH replies "wd's solution to every problem is either government coercion or government confiscation". In response dmarks sez "No wonder he worships Stalin".

4/17/2015 dmarks: [antisemites say]..."Jews... controlled the USSR at the time [end of WW2]... which people like WD might love...". AKA I'm an anti-semite.

4/21/2015 dmarks: "Oh I see crawlspace boy is bombing Constitutional Insurgent's blog with unwanted spam stuff. How long before Dervish canards up a few of his own new fan blogs: more mancrush shrine blogs devoted to CI?". Note: I never created a "mancrush" blog devoted to CI.

4/25/2015 (1:34pm) On the Idea Proposed by Some Leftist Morons that the Best Solution to a Home-Invasion is Running or Hiding from the Perpetrator. Posted in response to some advice I gave here. SWTD #279.

4/25/2015 (3:12pm) On Mainstream Historians and Economics. Not a WD post, but 2 comments both are. dmarks demands the removal of "the sock puppet Lying Lester, Willis [and] Dennis blogs".

5/2/2015 (10:42am) On Pronouncing People Guilty Prior to Having All the Evidence. Willis sez "I'm talking about idiots like wd and of course he has a right to say it".

5/2/2015 (12:34pm) On Les's View that Lisa is Worse than wd.

5/10/2015 On the Concept of Giving Rioters and Looters the "Space to Destroy"... "I'm fine with it - just as long as they confine it to wd's neighborhood, Shaw's neighborhood, Flying Junior's neighborhood, Tao's neighborhood, Octopus's neighborhood, Jersey's neighborhood, Ducky's neighborhood, etc.. Hell, I might even encourage 'em some". Willis rattles off his enemies list. dmarks lies "to WD, who fancies himself some sort of arch-enemy, the olive branch still remains extended".

5/23/2015 On the Fact that Harvard Appears to Be Discriminating Against Asian Students by Demanding that Their SAT Scores Be Significantly Higher than Those of Blacks, Hispanics, and Even Those of Whites. In response to his own post (making a claim with zero attribution, as usual) Willis sez "I would love to hear the progressive justification for anti-Asian discrimination", and dmarks replies "Maybe if one of the dozens of unpublished comments to this post is amusing enough, post some quotes from it here" (a reference to me submitting comments to Willis' blog, which he does not publish... out of fear (OST #15). But I submitted ZERO comments in reply to this post).

6/12/2015 In regards to Radical Redneck Willis says "I went to his site once. Claimed that folks didn't like him because he was good looking and it was like, 'yeah, this is strange'. Never went back... But at least he doesn't stalk people and set up multiple blogs dedicated to refuting other bloggers. At least the dude's not that". Commentary concerning RR saying "Why would negroes go to a pool party with water? They aint buoyant". I guess Willis thinks that, seeing he isn't as racist as RR, this is something worth tooting his own horn over. Also, how could Willis visit RR's site? If you look at his Blogger profile, no blog is listed, only blogs that he follows.

6/18/2015 On the Claim of a Shrinking Middle-Class. The Middle Class isn't shrinking, although Willis adds "I can see a dullard like Shaw or wd denying this reality".

7/1/2015 (12:41pm) On the Idiotic Claim that the Clinton Tax Hikes of 1993 Were the Primary Reason for the Economic Progress and Shrinking Deficits During Clinton's Two Terms. Written in response to a comment by me on the rAtional nAtion blog. OST #54.

7/1/2015 (12:57pm) On Folks Who Continue to Frequent Blogs that They Don't Like. Not sure if this one about me, but the comment by Dennis is. Dennis sez "Not to mention... spending several hours a day writing blog comments and posts that no one will ever see. I was on the receiving end of one particular person's excessive homoerotic literary attempts".

7/27/2015 On the Idiotic Claim that Libertarianism Has "Infected" the Republican Party. Willis sez I am a jackass with a minuscule mind because I said "Libertarianism has infected the Republican party". OST #61.

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