Monday, January 9, 2017

Hartbart, The Alt-Right "News" Fool

Looks like the Libertarian idiot Willis Hart has been taken in by BS propagated by the White Nationalist "news" source Breitbart. This would be the website run/ran by the anti-semite Steve Bannon. The guy incoming "president" Donald Trump tapped to be his closest advisor.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that We Actually Live in a World Now in Which, "I'm White but I Identify as Black", Is Taken Not with a Grain of Salt but Seriously... I guess that they just weren't down with all of that "white privilege". And how far can we take this shit? I mean, can I go down to the avenue tomorrow and scream, "Stella, Stella!!", and when the coppers come over to me I can tell 'em, "Yes, I'm Will Hart but I identify with Stanley Kowalski"? Please, please, give me some parameters here. (1/8/2017 AT 10:00pm).

The following images were attached to the Hartster's post. The pictures are of two people who allegedly are White but identify as Black.

Rachel Dolezal (the person in the first picture) is a White woman who identifies as Black. While she did initially claim to be Black, she was outed by her parents (two White people). Later she said "I acknowledge that I was biologically born white to white parents, but I identify as black". I don't know what her deal is and I don't care. This story is from June 2015. She will likely never be heard from again. At least as far as the national news is concerned.

Shaun King (the person in the 2nd photo) is biracial. He is "the senior justice writer for the New York Daily News, and a political commentator for The Young Turks" as well as a Black Lives Matter activist (quoted from Wikipedia). Shaun was supposedly "outed" by Breitbart as White.

Shaun King (unlike Rachel Dolezal) says Breitbart has their info wrong. Breitbart says King's parents are both White (while King has said his father is a light-skinned Black man). Also, that a police report from 1995 lists his race as White (the reason for the report was that King was assaulted).

King's response is that his mother had an affair with a Black man, and that the officer listed him as White because there was no box to check for bi-racial. According to the officer "I believe that he's biracial. I could just tell when I saw him. I marked him white because he's very light complected. He was there with his white mother. My crime report there's only two things you can check: black or white. It doesn't say biracial... anyone from around here who knew him knew he was mixed".

So Willis is wrong. King does not "identify" as Black, he actually is Black. Or bi-racial. At least he has not admitted he is actually White like Dolezal, so saying these are two people who identify as Black is blaoney. Surely as far as Hart's stupid post goes. Because King has NEVER said "I'm White but identify as Black".

Although Willis takes Breitbart's "reporting" as gospel. They said, he believes it. Shaun King is a White guy who identifies as Black. BTW, my info comes from a 8/19/2015 Snopes article. August 2015, or 16 months ago.

King has NOT since resigned/quit the Black lives matter movement, as Rachel Dolezal quit her NAACP job. The story obviously went nowhere. Because the facts are as Shaun King lays them out, would be my guess. I mean, Dolezal's story didn't hold up and she admitted the truth.

Something that has NOT happened in regards to King. Given that, my opinion is that someone identifying as Black BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK is logical. Also, Willis Hart is a fool for Alt-Right "news".

BTW, notice that he puts "White Privilege" in quotes. It's because he doesn't believe it is a real thing. Because he is a racist. Black people aren't discriminated against, they're just bellyachers!

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  1. There's little doubt, Will Hart is losing it.

  2. Speaking of all things Hart, Bart and Trump, here is the latest on Trump's transition team. Notorious blogger and guy, Chuck Johnson is helping his old pal Steve Bannon recommend names to Trump. Johnson was banned from twitter for soliciting funds to, "take out," a BLM activist. He published the personal information on a NYT reporter that he erroneously believed had named the Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown and lots of other white supremacist shenanigans. From the Southern Poverty Law Center:


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