Tuesday, January 31, 2017

On The Racist Blogger Willis Hart Referring To African American Public Figures As "Mildly Retarded"

The Libertarian biggot Willis Hart previously has used the racist term "minstrel" to refer to African American public figures he hates (SWTD #281). Now a new one. Instead of being "minstrels" they are "mildly retarded.

First it was Congresswoman Maxine Waters, then the academic, journalist, author, activist, and television personality, Marc Lamont Hill.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that the Mildly Retarded (and, Yes, I Realize that They're Using a Different Term Now - SUE ME!!) Congresswoman, Maxine Waters (Who for Some Strange Reason Continues to Get a Microphone Placed In Front of Her), Appeared on MSNBC the Other Night and Essentially Accused the Trump Campaign of Colluding with the Russian Government and Really Didn't Endure All that Much Push-Back as the Result of it... I'll take, "Yet Another Example of 'Fake News' that You Can't Blame on Alex Jones, Breitbart, etc.", for a thousand, Alex (the other one). (1/18/2017 at 5:22pm).

Willis Hart: Note to the Mildly Retarded and Racist Demagogue, Marc Lamont Hill... Hey dude, you don't need "institutional power" to violently attack somebody and the proof of that is that when you control for population, a black person is nearly 27 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa. [blah, blah, blah] ...REALLY, want to help black folks, SHUT THE FUCK UP!! (1/24/2017 at 6:04pm).

"Yes, I realize that they're using a different term now", Willis sez, referring to him using the word "retarded" as opposed to "intellectually challenged". He knows it's offensive, but uses it anyway ("sue me" is his response). But what about the FACT that neither Maxine Waters nor Marc Lamont Hill are retarded AT ALL? Mildly or otherwise. In fact both of their bios prove that they are both accomplished and intelligent.

So the real reason why they are "mildly retarded" is that Willis disagrees with their political opinions. Maxine Waters said "if there was collusion with Russia, Trump committed impeachable offense"... OH, NO! How dare she question Trump's legitimacy? No wonder Willis is offended.

Marc Lamont Hill says "black people don't have the institutional power to be racist or to deploy racism" (a statement I agree with, btw. See SWTD #195) and Willis loses his shizzle because Barack Obama (a Black man) served as POTUS #44. Because one minority president out of 45 means racism is over. And this we know for a fact because the BLOTUS AKA #45 is the least racist White guy ever "elected" (and yes, I mean that sarcastically).

Oh, and Wills trots out the Black on White violence stats (as he has several times previously), why? WTF do these stats have to do with African Americans lacking institutional power? Absolutely nothing, that's what (he cites them because he is a racist).

Anyway, using the term "retarded" as an insult (regardless of whether or not the word "mildly" is placed before it) is offensive and bigoted. Offensive to (Willis') African American targets and to offensive to, and bigoted against, intellectually challenged persons. And there is the fact that both of the persons in question are NOT intellectually challenged! Although they are both Black. And I doubt Willis will ever refer to a White person as "mildly retarded". He might, but he has not so far.

I'm thinking "mildly retarded" is similar to "minstrel"... which is clearly a replacement for the n-word. Note that he had to throw in there HOW INCREDIBLY VIOLENT these Black animals are. We already knew he was a racist, now he proves he's also bigoted against intellectually challenged people.

Image: Intelligence by race in the Harster's view? And yes, he writes posts about how Asians are smarter... and he thinks that's proof he isn't racist. When Asians being smarter and Blacks dumber is the racist view... from a comment thread on StormFront (The Bell Curve & European IQ versus Asian IQ) "Asians as a group have a higher IQ than we do".

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Regarding Praise From Willis Hart For Ben Swann, PizzaGate Truther & "Reporter" Who Covers Baseless Conspiracy Theories

The Libertarian idiot Willis Hart blogs about the debunked fake news story PizzaGate yet again, this time due to the fact that some Libertarian "reporter" covered it on a CBS affiliate (WGCL-TV in Atlanta GA).

Willis Hart: Finally, the Mainstream Media Covering this Stuff. [video inserted here]. Kudos to Mr. Swann and, yeah, he should probably beef up his security. (1/18/2017 at 10:33am).

Ben Swann is a Ron Paul supporting Libertarian conspiracy theory enthuiast who "questions the official narrative" [1]. (Youtube running time is 5:48).

Swann mentions twice that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE, but still asks why the story hasn't been investigated. As I've previously noted, NBC's Tom Costello said (on the 12/5/2016 airing of MSNBC Hardball) "we've talked to the DC police. We've talked to the FBI. They have absolutely no reason to believe that any of this is true".

So they did look into it and found no reason to conduct an investigation. Because the authorities don't investigate when there is no evidence [2]. Why the hell would they investigage because some people WANT the story to be true and have concocted a (conspiracy) theory based on coincidence and pure bullshit?

But apparently this Swann fellow is the kind of reporter who regularly covers unfounded Right-wing conspiracies. A 1/14/2013 Salon article notes that Swann "questioned the official narrative" in regards to the 7/20/2012 Aurora shooting, the 8/5/2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, and the 12/14/2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The "official narrative" being that there was ONE shooter in all three incidents (James Eagan Holmes, Wade Michael Page and Adam Lanza, respectively).

Some people present on the scene (in all 3 incidents) said there may have been one or more additional shooters, but the authorities determined that there were not. I suppose at least Swann wasn't on the side of those who suggested false flag operations, but you still have to wonder WHY the authorities would lie to protect others who might have been involved. Also why Swann would think there might be a cover-up.

Alex Jones (a nutjob who *does* believe Sandy Hook was a false flag operation) had Swann on his program in September of 2012, and said (of Swann) "basically, he's like a professional, focused, kind of news-style Alex Jones, which I love". I'm betting Willis doesn't know this. Even though Willis has written posts critical of Jones. The Hartster obviously doesn't know that this Swann fellow is cut from the same cloth. Or a similar cloth (according to Jones).

Ben Swann: "So what you need to know here is that in all three of these cases, there isn't just wild speculation that maybe there was more than one shooter. In fact, there's a good reason to question this whole narrative. Because there has been no evidence so far — no evidence provided by police, other than what they told us — that there is only one shooter here". (Sandy Hook truther-reporter? by Alex Seitz-Wald. 1/14/2013 Salon).

And yet only 1 person was arrested and charged in all three cases. Looks to me like Alex Jones description of Swann is accurate.

Also, Swann notes that there are 2 gay men connected to the PizzaGate story, and, as everyone knows, gay men are more likely to be pedophiles. Or that's what the bigoted Right says, at least. Even though the evidence says otherwise (Homosexuality and Pedophila: The False Link). Those two gay men being the owner of Planet Ping Pong (the Pizza Joint with the basement that doesn't exist), James Alefantis, and David Brock (who was in a relationship with Alefantis 5 years ago).

Shame on Ben Swann for using his platform to lend credence to this fake news story (a "reality check", as he calls it). Shame on him also for his (inferred) suggestion that gay men are child molesters (into "boy love"). If you have to keep saying "keep in mind, there is no proof here", then why cover the story? There is NO STORY without proof, only conspiracy.

Frankly, I think the probability the Trump campaign colluded with Russia is a lot higher (percentage-chance wise, I couldn't cite a figure, but it's surely more than 0% probable, which I'd say PizzaGate is). But Willis refers to this as "fake news" and says that Maxine Waters talking about it during an appearance on MSNBC is proof (among other things) that she is "mildly retarded" (false and an insult to mentally challenged people).

Additionally (per Wikipedia), "Swann hosted a segment [titled] 5 Problems with CIA Claim That Russia Hacked DNC/Podesta Emails". Like Willis (and Donald Trump) he obviously believes our intelligence agencies (who are all in agreement that Russia was behind the hacks) are lying.

So he buys Right-wing conspiracies and dismisses Left-wing ones (including Left-wing "conspiracies" that are a lot more likely to be true). Despite winning a few awards, I'd say he's a Right-wing hack. Or a "pundit" who covers stories that align with his political biases. Which there is not necessarily anything wrong with (I think he's wrong, but he's got the right to be wrong). I mean, I watch Left-wing pundits on the Tee-vee. I'm just saying that let's not get confused here and conclude that Ben Swann's PizzaGate coverage is actual "news", i.e. unbiased factual reporting.

It seems as though the Harster is confused on this, though. So much so that he's convinced that someone might want to harm Ben Swann... for "reporting" laughable bullshit. Implying that someone would be super angry with him for "exposing the truth". Ha ha ha ha ha. Perhaps Hillary Clinton? Willis *is* convinced that she has murdered before. Or he thinks she ordered at least one murder (DNC staffer Seth Rich, the "real" source of the WikiLeaks material).

Footnotes & Supporting Document
[1] Re Ben Swann's support for Ron Paul, "during Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign, Swann sought to minimize Ron Paul's newsletter scandal... the scandal that Ron Paul had published newsletters under his name that carried racist content"... (Wikipedia/Ben Swann/Ron Paul newsletter controversy).
[2] ...In a statement, the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department said it was monitoring the situation and is "aware of general threats being made against this establishment". [Additionally] The FBI said it "does not confirm or deny the existence of investigations". (Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child-Trafficking by Cecilia Kang 12/21/2016 NYT). This is, however, a reference to investigations concerning THREATS against Planet Ping Pong and it's owner/employees. But, if they're investigating threats, I think that is proof that they've already concluded that the child sex trafficking allegations are 100% bogus.
[DSD #50] Willis Hart Writes About PizzaGate, Spirit Cooking & (Ironically) Fake News. 12/7/2016. A catalog of Contra O'Reilly posts on these subjects.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Hartbart, The Alt-Right "News" Fool

Looks like the Libertarian idiot Willis Hart has been taken in by BS propagated by the White Nationalist "news" source Breitbart. This would be the website run/ran by the anti-semite Steve Bannon. The guy incoming "president" Donald Trump tapped to be his closest advisor.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that We Actually Live in a World Now in Which, "I'm White but I Identify as Black", Is Taken Not with a Grain of Salt but Seriously... I guess that they just weren't down with all of that "white privilege". And how far can we take this shit? I mean, can I go down to the avenue tomorrow and scream, "Stella, Stella!!", and when the coppers come over to me I can tell 'em, "Yes, I'm Will Hart but I identify with Stanley Kowalski"? Please, please, give me some parameters here. (1/8/2017 AT 10:00pm).

The following images were attached to the Hartster's post. The pictures are of two people who allegedly are White but identify as Black.

Rachel Dolezal (the person in the first picture) is a White woman who identifies as Black. While she did initially claim to be Black, she was outed by her parents (two White people). Later she said "I acknowledge that I was biologically born white to white parents, but I identify as black". I don't know what her deal is and I don't care. This story is from June 2015. She will likely never be heard from again. At least as far as the national news is concerned.

Shaun King (the person in the 2nd photo) is biracial. He is "the senior justice writer for the New York Daily News, and a political commentator for The Young Turks" as well as a Black Lives Matter activist (quoted from Wikipedia). Shaun was supposedly "outed" by Breitbart as White.

Shaun King (unlike Rachel Dolezal) says Breitbart has their info wrong. Breitbart says King's parents are both White (while King has said his father is a light-skinned Black man). Also, that a police report from 1995 lists his race as White (the reason for the report was that King was assaulted).

King's response is that his mother had an affair with a Black man, and that the officer listed him as White because there was no box to check for bi-racial. According to the officer "I believe that he's biracial. I could just tell when I saw him. I marked him white because he's very light complected. He was there with his white mother. My crime report there's only two things you can check: black or white. It doesn't say biracial... anyone from around here who knew him knew he was mixed".

So Willis is wrong. King does not "identify" as Black, he actually is Black. Or bi-racial. At least he has not admitted he is actually White like Dolezal, so saying these are two people who identify as Black is blaoney. Surely as far as Hart's stupid post goes. Because King has NEVER said "I'm White but identify as Black".

Although Willis takes Breitbart's "reporting" as gospel. They said, he believes it. Shaun King is a White guy who identifies as Black. BTW, my info comes from a 8/19/2015 Snopes article. August 2015, or 16 months ago.

King has NOT since resigned/quit the Black lives matter movement, as Rachel Dolezal quit her NAACP job. The story obviously went nowhere. Because the facts are as Shaun King lays them out, would be my guess. I mean, Dolezal's story didn't hold up and she admitted the truth.

Something that has NOT happened in regards to King. Given that, my opinion is that someone identifying as Black BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK is logical. Also, Willis Hart is a fool for Alt-Right "news".

BTW, notice that he puts "White Privilege" in quotes. It's because he doesn't believe it is a real thing. Because he is a racist. Black people aren't discriminated against, they're just bellyachers!

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