Thursday, June 18, 2015

Re Willis Hart Desire To Piss On A Black Man

Libertarian blogger Willis Hart wants to piss on the American civil rights activist and Baptist minister, Jesse Jackson. Or he just wants Mr. Jackson pissed on, period (by someone). I am unsure, as all Willis says is "Piss on Jesse Jackson".

Yeah, Willis hates Mr. Jackson... but has he ever expressed a desire for a White man he hates to get pissed on (or piss on him himself)? I don't recall this ever happening. Also, can't Willis simply say he disagrees with someone without resorting to revolting vulgarities? Apparently not.

In any case, is this an example of Willis' race-baiting proclivities? I say probably yes, given his penchant for such behavior in the past (calling Al Sharpton's program on MSNBC a "minstrel show").

And it is super disgusting thing to want to do (or have done to someone) even if he isn't saying it due to racism... and a sign that something is seriously wrong with this fellow, IMO.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

On The Bloggers Who Have Departed The Willis Hart Echo Chamber (AKA The "Circle Jerk Society") & Their Reasons

Willis Hart, a Libertarian blogger who used to call himself "moderate", has banned a number of people from his site "Contra O'Reilly". A few others departed due to Willis' tolerance for idiocy from the resident ass-kisser, a dishonest individual known as dmarks (but whose real name is Dennis Marks).

One of these bloggers who departed the blog of Willis made the following observations before he left, never to return.

Mordechai: Oops, D marks has been exposed as not very honest, will will do something about it, or just deny it to continue to protect his small cabal of approved bloggers he NEVER seems to question, no matter what they do or say, while attacking ONLY left leaning bloggers for some strange reason.

Long history of this one with many many left leaning bloggers attacked repeatedly then banned with no one from the right ever questioned let alone chastised, or ever (gasp) banned for their hate filled comments like D marks has done here.

Will your moderate veil is slipping and your real ideology is showing once again (12/10/2012 AT 4:33pm).

Mordechai doesn't say specifically that he's leaving, but I don't recall him ever commenting again. In any case, he is 100 percent accurate with his remarks. Specifically the one about dmarks not being honest. Also the comment about Lefty bloggers being attacked (by dmarks, usually) and then Willis banning those people. That, or they leave. And finally, the oh-so-true closer concerning Willis not being a Moderate.

Another blogger who could not stand to stick around Willis' blog (and specifically said he was leaving) left the following comment (his last one).

John Myste: Your website was fun to watch and occasionally participate in, but alas, it is no longer. It has been dominated by the repeated assertions of a completely irrational man, who insists on making up straw men and refuting them. I can tell from his responses on other sites that he now intends to do this to any relevant comment I make, which makes all comments pointless...

Without Dervish, DMarks will simply dominate the site with his straw man fiction. In other words, the site is now about the creativity of DMarks mind, which interests me not at all. Farewell... (9/5/2012 AT 8:35am).

Mordechai was still around at this juncture (the comment I opened with was made 3 months later), and his response was to write "and widdle willy loses another honest blogger to protect his circle jerk society".

What is oh-so-true about Myste's comment is that the irrational dmarks has been dominating Willis' blog. But Willis does enjoy dmarks jerking him off, so it isn't an issue. In fact, he does this on a number of blogs I know of. rAtional nAtion uSA and Libertas and Latte are two others (I'm aware of) where he dominates and sucks up to the blog host.

And due to arguments with dmarks I've been banned from all three blogs. Although Les Carpenter of rAtional nAtion is currently allowing me to comment. A situation which may or may not last. But Willis Hart hates my guts, so my banning from his echo chamber is permanent.

BTW, this "circle jerk society" Mordechai refers to is also known as the Higher Ordered Person's Society (HOPS) by others.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Climate Change Denying Nimrod's Ballsy Placement Of His Foot Into His Mouth

More moronic climate change denial talking points from Libertarian blogger Willis Hart, followed by pure idiocy concerning Barack Obama being "ballsy".

Willis Hart: The last straw for me was when he gave his commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy and started pimping climate change there. I mean, that was ballsy even for him. ...without those moronic talking points, I will continue to think of you as little more than a nimrod and a tool on par with your predecessor. Thank you for your time, Mr. President. (5/1/2015 AT 9:01pm).

"Thank you for your time"? Does Willis really think Barack Obama reads his blog? In any case, the nimrod is Willis, as the military acknowledges climate change.

A report released Monday indicates the Department of Defense has dramatically shifted its views towards climate change, and has already begun to treat the phenomenon as a significant threat to national security. Climate change, the Pentagon writes, requires immediate action on the part of the U.S. Military.

The report is a "roadmap" of the Department's future needs and actions to effectively respond to climate change, including anticipating that climate change may require more frequent military intervention within the country to respond to natural disasters, as well as internationally to respond to "extremist ideologies" that may arise in regions where governments are destabilized due to climate-related stressors.

..."we are beginning work to address a projected sea-level rise of 1.5 feet over the next 20 to 50 years", the report reads. (Pentagon Report: U.S. Military Considers Climate Change a 'Threat Multiplier' That Could Exacerbate Terrorism by Zoe Schlanger. NewsWeek 10/14/14).

According to Wikipedia, "The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the country's seven uniformed services. The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service unique among the U.S. military branches for having a maritime law enforcement mission".

OK, so the Coast Guard is a part of the military, and the military is planning for climate change. The president did not need to do any "pimping" when speaking in front of the Coast Guard. Therefore was his speech was not in any way "ballsy", you dipshit, Willis!

What's going on here is that the Commander-In-Chief of the military spoke to a branch of the military in regards to something that is official military policy... and Willis thinks that's "ballsy"?

Willis is sure ballsy in his dipshitery. I'll give him that.

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