Thursday, September 22, 2016

Who's Forcing Willis Hart To Listen To The Music Of Kanye West?

According to a 9/13/2016 commentary someone is forcing the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart to listen to music he doesn't like.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Both of These Performers Are Considered Musical Geniuses but as Anybody with Even a Scintilla of Gray-Matter Can Tell You, Only One of Them Is and it Isn't the Pecker-Head on the [Right].

And what a sad trajectory it's been, hey, folks (the fact that black music has gone from Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk to the cavalcade of miscreant hip-hop stars that we're presently forced to listen to)? (9/13/2016 AT 11:08pm).

Miles Davis (1926–1991) and Kanye West (dob 1977).


I don't listen to the music of either of these individuals. Nobody has ever attempted to force me to listen to either Miles Davis or Kanye West. For the record, I used to like Kanye West - due to his truth-telling concerning former preznit bush re Katrina.

...the rapper's first large-scale controversy came just days following Late Registration's release, during a benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina victims. In September 2005, NBC broadcast A Concert for Hurricane Relief, and West was a featured speaker. When West was presenting alongside actor Mike Myers, he deviated from the prepared script. Myers spoke next and continued to read the script. Once it was West's turn to speak again, he said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people". West's comment reached much of the United States, leading to mixed reactions; President Bush would later call it one of the most "disgusting moments" of his presidency.

Since then, however, he's done/said things that have changed my opinion of him. I believe I've heard some of his music - by way of him performing on Saturday Night Live. Although (as with almost every musical act that performs on SNL) I press the fast forward button on my DVR.

But Willis Hart not liking the music of Kanye West is (IMO) a typical case of someone who isn't young generally not liking newer music. But instead of admitting such is the case, the 60 year-old Hartster makes his dislike of Kanye's music a Black thing. Because he's a pecker-headed racist.

BTW, while I'm not familiar with Miles Davis, I suspect I'd prefer his music to that of Kanye West. But I wouldn't attribute this to Black music going from being good to a "cavalcade of miscreant hip-hop stars". First of all, there are White hip hop stars (something WTNPH is apparently unaware of), and secondly (and as I areadly pointed out), older generations generally don't like the music of younger generations.

Anyway, who is "forcing" him to listen to it? Black Lives Matter? Black coworkers or neighbors that Willis curses under his breath (possibly using the N-word)?

Video1: Terence Blanchard's "Levees". A cut from the 2008 album A Tale of God's Will (A Requiem for Katrina). A work by Blanchard (a BLACK artist) that came about when film director Spike Lee commissioned New Orleans native Blanchard to compose the score for his 2006 four-hour award-winning HBO documentary When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts (8:09).

Video2: A track from my favorite Terence Blanchard film score, 2001's The Caveman's Valentine (3:32).

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Friday, September 16, 2016

On Willis Hart (A Racist Piece Of Human Debris) Equating Killer Mike To David Duke

The Libertarian blogger Willis Hart is on a tear re the rapper Killer Mike (Michael Render) with the following two posts.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Killer Mike's Video in Which He Asks, "When You Niggas' Gon' Unite and Kill Those Police Mother-Fuckers?", Is Still Up on Youtube... I guess that it meets their "community standards". (9/15/2016 AT 9:46pm).

Willis Hart: And Bernie Sanders Doesn't Have to Theorize as Why this Piece of Human Debris (the a Fore Mentioned Killer Mike) Is Supporting His Presidential Run. Why exactly? I mean, there couldn't possibly be a double-standard (Trump having to explain David Duke but Bernie and Hillary get a free-pass when it comes to some of their unsavory minions), could there? (9/16/2016 AT 3:04pm).

Killer Mike's father was a police officer. Wikipedia notes that "he has been vocal on the subject of police misconduct, his father being a former police officer". As for the rap song that Willis objects to, someone else brought this up to Killer Mike, and he replied (on Instagram).

Question: I just heard you on HBO talking about respecting police who deserve it and building community relations while condemning police brutality. Great to hear a public voice that understands what a complex situation, since extreme positions get the most play. So I decide to check out your catalog a little deeper and the first song is "let's unite and kill those police motherfuckers". Which message of yours do think will reach the most people? Which message is yours?

Killer Mike: the song U heard was a story of a prison rebellion in which guards and an evil warden are being sought out by inmates to exact revenge. The line is actually to Crips, Bloods and other street Orgs and it said "when u Niggas gone Unite and kill the police mutha fuckers". So like any movie it's just fantasy. Deniro never killed anyone in Taxi Driver for real. love and respect. (Source).

He's not calling for the murder of police. Although it's likely Willis wouldn't believe it. But in his actual life (not song lyrics) Killer Mike calls people in marginalized communities to use their vote to enact change. To peacefully protest and to boycott businesses that aren't on the right side. He has never called for murdering police officers. (An Emotional Killer Mike Preaches Economic And Political Empowerment In The Face Of Police Brutality).

Oh, and that Killer Mike supported Bernie Sanders for president (a White Jew) kinda suggests an absence of racism. Unlike with David Duke. We all know he's a racist. That's why Bernie got a "pass", you idiot. So no "double standard".

BTW, Killer Mike is NOT supporting Bernie Sanders' presidential run. He supported it (past tense). Bernie Sanders isn't running any longer. Willis must have forgotten. Possibly due to an anoxic brain injury. Given the fact that Bernie Sanders dropping out is something NOBODY could possibly forget (also, "aforementioned" is one word, not three).

Anyway (for the record), I don't know Willis Hart in real life, so it's possible that referring to him as "human debris" is a bit harsh. On the other hand (given the racist nature of much of what he writes on his blog), using these two words to describe the Harster could be spot-on.

Image: Killer Mike cited Sanders' stance on the Voting Rights Act, health care, education and ending the war on drugs as reasons to vote for Bernie Sanders (excerpted from an 11/25/2015 HuffPo article by H.A. Goodman).


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Sunday, September 11, 2016

On WTNPH's Concern For HRC Health Truther Drew Pinsky Getting Canned

Makes sense that the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart would defend him, given that Pinsky is a fellow Libertarian (Pinsky "has increasingly spoken of the tyranny of governmental overreach").

On the other hand, when Willis wrote about an incident that took place on Dr. Drew's program back on 8/4/2016, he seemed to think Pinsky was a Leftist (Willis authored an outraged post in which he complained about "some transgender" grabbing Conservative Pundit, Ben Shapiro, on Pinsky's show. Part of the outraged seemed to have something to do with Pinsky allowing "some transgender" get away with it. See OST #140).

But perhaps Willis, since authoring that post, has discovered that Pinsky is actually a Libertarian? Whatever the case may be, Hart's current outrage concerns Dr. Drew's HLN program being cancelled. Possibly because he's jumped on the lunatic "Health Truther" train (and Willis approves of this line of attack).

Willis Hart: On the Fact that HLN Cancelled Dr. Drew's Program Only Several Days After He Questioned Not Just Mrs. Clinton's Health but Her Healthcare (the Fact that She's on Coumadin, for Example, an Old Drug that Is Rarely Used These Days) [Link]... It could be a coincidence (I guess that they're also deep-sixing Nancy Grace - THANK GOD!). But how many more coincidences are the Clintons allowed before we start to get a wee-bit suspicious? I mean, they are beginning to stockpile (Bill Clinton's "chance" meeting with the AG, Seth Rich and four or five others ending up dead, Bernie Sanders getting butt-fucked, etc.). (9/6/2016 AT 4:15pm).

OK, so IMO it's far more likely that DJT is suffering from a serious health problem that could affect him being commander-in-chief. What with that bogus doctor's note he put out. It's cause to think, what's he hiding? Whereas HRC has released an actual doctor's report on her health.

As for why HLN cancelled Dr. Drew's program, I frankly do not give a shit. I've never watched any of his programs, nor watched HLN. Except when Joy Behar had a program on that channel (The Joy Behar Show, which ran on HLN from 2009 to 2011).

But maybe Pinsky was fired for spouting off on this Right-imagined conspiracy theory? If so I say "good for them" (whoever at HLN cancelled him). If he's going to go out of his way to say "hey, I'm a nut who buys into Right-wing conspiracy theories", I say he should be cancelled.

BTW, in regards to Coumadin (a brand name for the drug Warfarin), it "is still very commonly prescribed by doctors" (according to Snopes). So, while it may be an old drug ("it was approved for use as a medication in 1954"), that it is "rarely used these days" is a false assertion.

But this is part of the Health Truther spiel. Which Dr. Drew is apparently on board with, given the fact that (as the Daily Beast notes), the "page-and-a-half letter from Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton's physician at Mount Kisco Medical Group, [addresses] all of Pinsky's grave concerns [re HRC's health]" (Dr. Drew Leads the Hillary Clinton Health Truthers).

So he's ignoring the evidence right in front of him and just going with the narrative/conspiracy theory, in other words. The one that says HRC is at death's door (and thus not fit to lead the country). And Willis buys it, apparently. Whereas the Hartster has not once mentioned the BS letter from Manhattan gastroenterologist Harold Bornstein (Trump's doc) and the bizarre letter he wrote. The one that said Trump (if he "wins") would "be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency".

As for "coincidences", I fail to see how this qualifies. The only reason this could qualify as a "coincidence" is if you thought Dr. Drew getting fired was somehow of benefit to HRC, which I don't see. I mean, the conspiracy theory lives on. It isn't as if Dr. Drew continuing to add his voice to the chorus (and using his show as a platform to do so) would make a difference in the election.

The more logical explanation is that Pinsky's ratings slipped. Or that his bosses heard his rant and said "get rid of this quack" (which would be what my reaction would've been, were I an HLN bigwig).

FYI, Willis mentions Seth Rich, which is a reference to another conspiracy theory that says Rich (an HRC for potus campaign staffer) was the source of the DNC WikiLeaks dump, and that HRC had him murdered for his betrayal. To which I say (WTNPH mentioning the conspiracy theory, not the conspiracy theory itself)... figures. He's down with ALL the HRC conspiracy theories. All the while totally ignoring all the Trump ones.

Image: HRC "health truther" Drew Pinsky, a Libertarian nut who (like Willis Hart) thinks democracy is tyranny and who has said that "ObamaCare will fail" and that he is sick of the government.


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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How Much Alt-Right Media Does Willis Hart Consume?

First of all, what is the "alt Right"? The following via Wikipeida.

The alt-right is a segment of right-wing ideologies presented as an alternative to mainstream conservatism in the United States. It has been described as a movement unified by support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, as well as by opposition to multiculturalism and immigration.

The alt-right has no official ideology, although various sources have said that it is associated with white nationalism, white supremacism, antisemitism, right-wing populism, nativism, and the neoreactionary movement.

So, I do know that the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart is a Colin Flaherty fan (both Colin and Willis are members of the "some of us" who are standing up to the tyranny of the Social Justice Warriors).

And Flaherty, as an author who has written a lot of books pumping base racism (fear of violent Black people), is a hardcore alt-Righter. Heidi Beirich, writing for the Southern Poverty Law Center, points out that Flaherty has "allies in all the wrong places - racist cesspools like the hate forum Stormfront" (where they love his books and American Thinker articles). Add to that the blog "Contra O'Reilly" (the author of which has praised Flaherty more than once).

But, aside from the Flaherty posts, I (until recently) wasn't aware of just how much alt-Right media WTNPH consumes. By recently, I mean since Trump began running for president, hired the anti-semitic and racist Steve Bannon of Breitbart News as the "Chief Executive Officer" of the Trump campaign, and REALLY fired up the hardcore racists (David Duke: Trump's attacks on Muslims and illegal immigration have brought his own beliefs into the mainstream).

Re Bartbart, late night talk show host Stephen Colbert has said "if you haven't heard of Breitbart News, that means you do not have a racist uncle on Facebook". Racists being fans of Breitbart because, as Media Matters points out, it's the "leading outlet" for alt-Right news. The alt-Right being "a rebranding of classic white nationalism for the 21st century".

And Willis Hart believes it is "interesting".

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Has Gone From an Interesting (Albeit Partisan) Alternative News-Site to What Is Now Essentially a Propaganda Mouthpiece for the Trump Campaign
Well, being that their daily traffic has gone up 6-7 fold, I guess that it was a good decision, business-wise at least (and isn't that what it's all about these days; making big money while still being partisan?). (8/24/2016 AT 9:24am).

So Willis is disappointed that Breitbart has become "essentially a propaganda mouthpiece for the Trump campaign", but he was a fan previously. Because he found their take on the news "interesting". Breitbart's take being articles that appeal to White Nationalists.

But Breitbart isn't the only alt-right media that Willis consumes, apparently. As he reveals in this next post.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Alt-Right Radio Host, Kyle Hunt, Constantly Makes a Massive Deal Over the Fact that Five of the Past Six Fed Chairpersons Have Been Jewish (G. William Miller Being the Only Christian)... Well, being that all of the Presidents who've nominated them and 99% of the Congresspersons who've approved them HAVEN'T been Jews, methinks that Hunt might be riding some paranoia here (not surprising in that these clowns are always serving up one conspiracy or another with the term, Jewish bankers, always peppered throughout). (9/5/2016 AT 9:23pm).

OK, so it's criticism of an alt-Right radio host that is the subject of this post. But in said post Willis does reveal that he listens to alt-radio. Or I'm guessing he listens. Me, I've never heard of Kyle Hunt. Nor have I heard this incident mentioned on the news. So, that Willis heard Kyle say this while listening to alt-radio? It's a reasonable assumption to make, I think. Especially given the fact that he previously revealed that he is (or was) a Breitbart fan.

All of which caused me to wonder, just how much alt-media does WTNPH consume? My conclusion is that it's likely quite a bit. And I think he seeks it out because he agrees with the racist POV presented by alt-media outlets. Because he's a racist himself.

Video: Steven Bannon, while "Executive Chairman" of Breitbart News, said "we are the platform for the alt-right" (3:05).

9/7/2016 Update: I just noticed that WNTPH authored another commentary defending the horribly racist (but very like-minded) Colin Flaherty. Apparently YouTube suspended his account. Willis sez "Surprised? I'm not... the fact that Youtube is run by the same people who run Google and we all know how biased that those leftists are". "Biased", yeah, that's it. Biased against hardcore "alt-Right" racists. Which is a good thing, IMO.

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