Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Willis Hart's Oligarchic Stooge Talk

A note regarding the title of this blog... "Oligarchic Stooge Talk". It's a reference to the type of blog postings and discussions that take place on the blog of Willis Hart, "Contra O'Reilly", as well as a play on the URL of his blog, which is "Paranoiac Stooge Talk".

In Mr. Hart's mind many of the things people who don't agree with him say/believe are "paranoiac". It is paranoid, apparently, to be concerned about the immense wealth - and the power that comes with that wealth - of our oligarchic overlords. Mr. Hart would rather nobody shine a light on this problem, as then the electorate might vote in Progressives who try to do something about it.

That something might result in slightly higher taxes for the wealthy elites that Mr. Hart loves/bows down to, which he would likely find very unacceptable. This explains his hatred for the 99 percent movement (three posts on his blog that are "notes" to OWS).

Pretty disgusting stuff, in this commentary writer's opinion. Which is why this sickened individual decided to call out Mr. Hart via this blog. "Just say no to oligarchic stooge talk". The future of our nation depends on it. If the voters don't wake up to this reality we can kiss our prosperity goodbye. It is already slipping away.

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