Saturday, May 10, 2014

An Idiot's Challenge

Willis Hart has issued a challenge to me (note: in the challenge below Mr. Hart refers to me as "the idiot").

Willis Hart: I challenge the idiot to take a course in experimental psychology or any other discipline that involves research (he would first of course have to take and pass a course in elementary statistics which in and of itself would be a huge long-shot but, yes, I will proceed) and do an experiment in which he merges two separate data sets (he pulls a Michael Mann, in other words) in an effort to support his theory (which of course is also ass-backwards in that you never try and prove a theory in science but instead reject the null hypothesis), and which he also confesses to the teacher of his actions. I challenge him to do these things and then, yes, argue with the university when the teacher either fails him or boots him out of the class for his a) dishonesty and b) impudence ('cause you know that he's gonna put forth an attitude about it). My only request here is that I be there to watch it. (5/10/2014 AT 11:04am).

I challenge Willis to argue with the university of Yale and convince them to rescind Michael Mann's MS and MPhil in physics. Think they'll listen? I mean, none of Mann's Yale instructors failed him or booted him out of their classes, so, obviously his work at Yale passed muster.

Also, I've never argued that I'm an expert in statistics or that I've ever taken any college courses that involve scientific research. I do wonder what doctorates Willis has earned, however. I'm going to guess none.

I only argue that the 97% of climate experts who agree about AGW are smarter than me. Also, that it is not likely they are involved in a conspiracy to conceal the real truth about AGW.

Apparently Willis believes he IS smarter than these scientists, however. Who knows, maybe Mann cheated in order to earn his degree? And, if that's the case, maybe the 2579 individuals with advanced degrees who agree with the consensus position also cheated to earn their degrees? That sounds plausible, right?

For the record I will be declining the idiot's challenge.

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