Friday, December 19, 2014

The Willis Hart Movie: Deliver Unto the Plutocrats The Wealth Of Our Nation

Apparently Willis Hart is writing and directing a new movie designed to benefit from the hubbub surrounding the James Franco/Seth Rogen film "The Interview"? Somehow I doubt this is actually going to happen...

Willis Hart: "On SONY Pulling the Plug on that COMEDY in Which Several Bunglers Try to Assassinate Kim Jong Un"... You can relax, folks, my movie, a remake of Deliverance, in which the Ned Beatty character is Kim Jung Un (AKA, an actor who looks like him) and the hillbilly who butt-f*cks him is played by a Truman Capote lookalike, will NOT be nixed. (12/19/2014 AT 9:19am).

Yeah, I don't know how a movie that was never green-lit to begin with (by a major studio) can be nixed. Perhaps this is a small indie film that Willis is financing himself? In any case I would have guessed that the Willis Hart movie would star the Koch brothers (actor look-alikes) and Willis (as himself), and that the one to get butt-f*cked would be Willis. Although the Hartster would submit willingly and gleefully.

Maybe the Kochs are ponying up the dough for Willis' movie - to reward him for being such a loyal stooge?

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