Thursday, June 18, 2015

Re Willis Hart Desire To Piss On A Black Man

Libertarian blogger Willis Hart wants to piss on the American civil rights activist and Baptist minister, Jesse Jackson. Or he just wants Mr. Jackson pissed on, period (by someone). I am unsure, as all Willis says is "Piss on Jesse Jackson".

Yeah, Willis hates Mr. Jackson... but has he ever expressed a desire for a White man he hates to get pissed on (or piss on him himself)? I don't recall this ever happening. Also, can't Willis simply say he disagrees with someone without resorting to revolting vulgarities? Apparently not.

In any case, is this an example of Willis' race-baiting proclivities? I say probably yes, given his penchant for such behavior in the past (calling Al Sharpton's program on MSNBC a "minstrel show").

And it is super disgusting thing to want to do (or have done to someone) even if he isn't saying it due to racism... and a sign that something is seriously wrong with this fellow, IMO.

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  1. betcha he's succeeded in pissing off quite a few white folks.


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