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Racist Liar Willis Hart Places Offensive Word "Coon" In Black Mouths, Even Though No Black Person Would Use It In The Context He Says They're Using It In

Referring to prominent Black men he doesn't like (Black men whose professions place them in the public eye) as "minstrels" is something the Libertarial blogger Willis Hart has been doing for awhile. Now he's begun using the slur "coon", or "cooning". Although he SAYS it's Black people who are using this slur against other Blacks.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that in Certain Segments of the Black Community, Helping Your Children with Their Homework is Considered "Cooning"/"Acting White"... That's a huge problem, folks (and not one that is likely to be ameliorated by a 127th federal welfare/giveaway program). (10/20/2015 AT 4:40pm.

According to Willis, we should absolutely not be helping poor African Americans with a "127th federal welfare/giveaway program" because they're hurting themselves by telling their children education is bad. Problem is, Willis' claim is largely false.

The "Acting White" Myth: Karolyn Tyson, a sociologist at the University of NC at Chapel Hill, and William Darity Jr, an economist at Duke and U.N.C., coordinated an 18-month ethnographic study at 11 schools in North Carolina. What they found was that black students basically have the same attitudes about achievement as their white counterparts do: they want to succeed, understand that doing well in school has important consequences in later life and feel better about themselves the better they do. (12/12/2004 NYT article by Paul Tough).

More often it is the case, according to the study, that it is the teachers who will use this as an excuse to explain why Black students aren't doing as well as White students. Although some underperforming African American students may use it to describe their more successful peers. This is akin to "jocks" making fun of "nerds".

That Willis claims the problem is "huge" when it isn't is further proof of the dude's racist proclivities, IMO. I mean, Willis frequently bashes Black people on his blog. The commentary cited above being just one example.

Here is another.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that in Some Segments of the Pro-Black Community Folks Like Dr. Carson Are Seen as Coons but Others Who Are Far More Buffoonish in Their Behavior Such as Nicki Minaj (or Worse Yet Those Rioters and Looters in Baltimore Who Burnt Down the Senior Center, that CVS, etc.) Are Given a Pass and Even Praised... That's big problem, folks, a real big problem. The fact that Ben Carson, say what you want about his politics, is an acclaimed pediatric neurosurgeon and exactly the type of person that young black people SHOULD be emulating and not some twerking, talentless, offensive bimbo... (10/6/2015 AT 10:08pm).

To this assertion I say "bullshit". Educated Black folks, or Black individuals who are working seriously on their education are not referred to as "coons" by "some segments of the pro-Black community".

...among black people, it ["coon"] has a completely different... meaning. When a white person calls someone a "coon", they are slurring all black people... In the historical racist context of the USA, the coon was/is portrayed as a lazy, easily frightened, chronically idle, inarticulate, buffoon whose sole purpose in life is too amuse those in the dominant society. The coon was/is labeled as a childish adult; albeit a good-for-little adult. ... within the black community... "Coonery" [applies when] poor Blacks embarrass bourgeoisie Blacks. (Ivy League Professor Didn't Actually Call Ben Carson "Coon of the Year" by Tommy Christopher. Mediaite 10/7/2015).

The word, when used within the Black community (a Black person referring to another Black person) has the EXACT OPPOSITE meaning than the one Willis says it does. An unintelligent Black person might be a "coon" and NOT an intelligent Black person. So what Willis claims (in both of his posts) is obviously false. I don't know if Willis got his info from some Conservative website (or if he just made it up), but it is baloney.

No Black parents are saying that helping your children with their homework is "cooning". Nobody within the "pro-Black community" thinks that Ben Carson is a "coon" because he is an acclaimed pediatric neurosurgeon.

Both of these assertions are flat-out bullplop, as well as examples of the Hartster's racism. In that he's victim-blaming (something Conservatives like Willis excel at) as well as stuffing a slur (coon/cooning) into the mouths of Black people (who he has insulting other Blacks) which they would never use in that context.

As for some "Ivy League Professor" supposedly calling Ben Carson a "Coon" (referred to in the title of the Mediaite story I quote above)... Yes, the professor, Anthea Butler, is an African American, and, yes, she did tweet a sentence containing the word "coon" as well as Ben Carson's name.

But she was not calling Ben Carson a "coon". The tweet in question, "If only there was a coon of the year award", was in response to Carson saying he would be OK with NASCAR fans flying the Confederate flag on private property. The tweet was wondering how he'd react if there was a "coon of the year" award (held on private property, presumably). Would Carson say that was OK too?

I bring this up because this MIGHT be the incident Willis was referring to. The Black professor might be a member of the "segment" of the "Pro-Black Community" which Willis was referring to. The Conservative media reportedly feigned outrage in regards to this tweet, spinning it in a manner that makes me think that this incident was quite likely what Willis is referring to. But it never happened, as I already pointed out.

So, in addition to being quite racially biased, What this shows, I think, is that Willis consumes a lot of Conservative media and readily buys into whatever BS Nooz they spin. Perhaps because he is a "strident right wing leaning mouthpiece" as a fellow Libertarian-voting blogger recently described him?

Yeah, I think there is a lot of truth to this statement. Especially in regards to Hart's WND-ish bashing of the Black community. For example, the dude actually cites Colin Flaherty's "disturbing volume", White Girl Bleed a Lot in one of his commentaries. How this book plays to the fears of White racists isn't what finds distrubing, BTW. The book is "disturbing", IMO, because of how good a job it does in reinforcing his anti-Black bigotry.

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  1. Looks like Will Hart is the go to guy to understand the dynamics of American black families.

    Where does he find such personal yet extremely relevant information? I guess he just has a great wealth of black friends. Even some who don't believe in helping their children with their homework.

    Great guy. Have always loved Will. You'd think that someone that smart and in-tune would be a published author or perhaps a sought-after lecturer.

  2. He reads the writings of Black Conservatives like Thomas Sowell. That, I believe is where his info comes from. Black Conservatives who stick to the Conservative script - which is that it's the Black community and Liberals that are hurting the Black community. Black Liberals who disagree he labels "minstrels".


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