Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pure Idiocy #2

The Libertarian idiot Willis Hart on the debunked fake news story PizzaGate. Again.

Willis Hart: On the Scurrilous Accusation that I Get All of My News from Fake News Sites (You Know, as Opposed to Legitimate Sources Such as Rachel MadDUH, the Young Jerks, the Clinton News Network, the New York Crimes, the War Street Journal, the Washington Compost Heap, the Weekly Substandard, Snopes, Dan I'd Rather Not, Spittin' Chris Matthews, PolitiCON, etc.)

I get my information from a wide variety of sources, NONE OF WHICH I TAKE AT FACE VALUE (as opposed to these leftist degenerate fools who hang on every word that Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow say as if it was gospel). So, with this Pizzagate story, for example, yes, I did watch some of the Youtbe videos on it but I also went directly to Wikileaks and examined the emails for myself and, guess what, folks. It appears that these Podesta brothers (along with a small cadre of other perverts) ARE communicating in some sort of pedophilia code.

and not only is the mainstream media not covering these cretins, they're giving them cover!! So, ya' still bent out of shape over this fake news, leftists? P.S. And, no, I never said a single time that Mrs. Clinton herself was involved in this. That was a bald-faced lie and the person who said it is a dirty, slimy, low-down slice of shit. Excuse my French. (12/18/2016 AT 5:08pm).

WHO said Willis gets all his news from fake news sites? WHO said it, you idiot?! As usual, zero details. He just goes off on a litany of news sources he doesn't like (via childish name calling). I guess he couldn't come up with a insult-name for Snopes.

Snopes might be on his list because I included a Snopes link in one of my comments in a response to Willis talking about fake news. He said fake news is a "nonsensical talking point". And I said, if that is the case, he must believe that the Pope endorsed Trump.

Then I wrote that Willis "believes fake news stories that have HRC at the heart of a child sex ring". Which is what the conspiracy theory says (Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria Home to Child Abuse Ring Led by Hillary Clinton).

Although during this exchange (which took place on WYD) I never said he gets all his news from fake news sites. I never said that, so if he's talking about me, he's lying. Also, I assumed that, since Willis buys the PizzaGate bullshit, he buys all of it. My mistake. He said he does not believe HRC is involved, and I ACCEPTED his response. What I wrote was "So you don't believe every aspect of it. OK".

So how does that make me a liar? I didn't lie. I assumed he believed the conspiracy theory in it's entirety. He said he did not and I said "OK". That isn't LYING, you moron! Or should I say "that isn't lying, you dirty, slimy, low-down slice of shit" (WTF is a "slice of shit"?).

BTW, the Podesta brothers are NOT communicating in some sort of pedophilia code. They're talking about cheese and pizza, idiot. Also, the MSM is NOT "giving cover" to pedophiles. According to NBC's Tom Costello "we've talked to the DC police. We've talked to the FBI. They have absolutely no reason to believe that any of this is true". (I have no link for this quote, as I copied it down when I heard it on Chris Matthew's show on 12/5/2016).

It must be because they're Democrats. Republicans they arrest. Eventually. I refer to Dennis Hastert, who Willis, in one of his comments calls a "convicted pedophile". Which he isn't. He should be, but the statute of limitations ran out.

I mention this up because the evil blog troll Luke Spencer, when I pointed out that Willis had his facts wrong, replied "no surprise, Dervish and RN support Dennis H. That's exposing their true character".

A lie. Pointing out that Willis has his facts wrong (as he often does) isn't "support". Hastert SHOULD be a convicted pedophile. But he wasn't convicted of child molestation. He plead guilty to "structuring". So he is convicted. And he is a pedophile. But he wasn't convicted for pedophilia (which WTNPH's comment inferred).

Anyway, while I corrected the a-hole Luke, my comment doesn't seem to be showing up. I left another one and the first one reappeared. Now, I just checked and it's gone again (I commented twice after Luke's lie but right now I see neither). Commenting seems to be buggy on WYD (with MANY of my comments vanishing).

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  1. Back when Will and I were still talking, I accused Will of spending too much time on right-wing websites.

    He denied spending any time whatsoever on right-wing websites.

  2. If he said that he lied. He's been spending more and more time on Right-wing (and now Alt-Right) sites as time goes by. Still, I never said he gets ALL his news (fake, slanted or straight) from them.

    Anyway, It's pretty clear Willis hates my guts.

  3. Hate is such a monumental waste of energy and time. Yet the human race has always been quite proficient at it.


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