Wednesday, June 4, 2014

On Being So Afraid of Uncomfortable Facts That You Use A Cutout to Cover Portions of Your Computer Monitor

The blog of Willis Hart is open to the public (not a private blog). That being the case, I read and I comment, as people often do on blog postings that interest them. Now, it is true that Mr. Hart banned me from his blog for some exceedingly stupid reason (quite some time ago... on 8/30/2012).

However, seeing as the reasoning behind the banishment was idiotic, I decided to ignore it and continue reading and commenting. He no longer publishes any comments I submit, but I do not let that deter me.

Now, get this... it seems that my comments on the Hartster's blog have made him so uncomfortable - in that I frequently disagree with what he's written and say so - that the poor guy has had to resort to extremely drastic measures to avoid the cognitive dissonance my refuting of his beliefs must have been causing.

Drastic measures as described by Mr. Hart in the following post...

Willis Hart: "Note to wd"... I have developed a system in which I no longer have to even accidentally see what you write - not a single word. I am using a 4.5 x 5.5 cutout which enables me to cover the comments section but which also allows me to see the author of the words, and when I see your name I promptly delete what I can properly assume to be more of your virulent idiocy. (6/1/2014 AT 8:27am).

"Virulent idiocy" is obviously what he calls truths that contradict the misinformation he'd rather believe. I don't know about you, but I think "virulent idiocy" is a good descriptor for actions - and commentaries describing actions - such as creating a fricking cutout to cover up your screen so you don't have to read facts you don't like.

Are actions like those described by Willis pathetic or what? BTW, if you're thinking that my continuing to comment on Mr. Hart's blog when he does not want me to constitutes "harassment", I disagree.

That I'm "harassing" him is an allegation Mr. Hart has actually made against me, BTW...

"This is Your Last Warning, wd"... I've asked you on more than several occasions to cease and desist with the comments and yet you continue to spam me with your partisan and knee-jerk idiocy. If I have to tell you again, I will file a complaint with the server on grounds of harassment. (9/15/2013 AT 3:43pm).

At first I thought he was joking. Or, rather I took it as an unintentional joke, given the fact that I have never "harassed" Willis Hart. Like I said, his blog is public and available to read by anyone. And I have NEVER targeted Willis "with behavior that is meant to alarm, annoy, torment or terrorize" him, which is what "harassment" actually is (according to

So, the "harassment" charge is simply ridiculous, which is why I ignored his "warning" and continued submitting comments. Fact is, the warning convinced me that I should not give up. Nobody likes being insulted, and I absolutely refuse to go away and allow these people to continue to talk about me behind my back.

Not that I'm mad or upset as one of the commenters speculated I might be...

Dennis Marks: I hear the sound of something like a very angry version of Yosemite Sam, stamping and swearing, from inside a hermetically sealed jar in a bunker 30 miles below the surface. (6/1/2014 AT 12:21pm).

Nope, I'm not doing any of that. The comments of these bloggers actually make me laugh. I wouldn't bother if I wasn't having fun with them. Yeah, I'll probably give up commenting on Mr. Hart's blog eventually, but not quite yet. I think I'm going to give it a while longer and see what happens.

4/9/2016 Update: Me commenting on the WTNPH blog ended on 3/8/2016 after Willis restricted commenting to "team members".

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