Friday, July 4, 2014

A Kool Aide Potluck On the Blog Of Obama-Basher Willis Hart

This recent commentary from the Obama-bashing Willis Hart, followed by a Obama-bashing comment from a fellow kool aide drinkers Rusty and Dennis.

Willis Hart: "On Bush and Obama"... I'll take, "The Worst Back to Back Presidential Combination Since Hoover and FDR (Who in Turn Were the Worst Back to Back Presidential Combination Since Taft and Wilson)", for a thousand, Alex. (7/3/2014 AT 8:38pm).

Rusty Schmuckelford: This is a point well made Will. Bush's second term was an absolute cluster. Obama has to be classified as a failure... except to the Kool Aide drinkers. Look at the shape America is in... we can thank these two. (7/3/2014 AT 9:29pm).

Dennis Marks: And in terms of malaise and inflation, Ford and Carter... Time to get out your "W.I.N." button? (7/4/2014 AT 2:21am).

Looks like both Rusty and Dennis gulped down Willis' Kool Aide and then offered up some Kool Aide of their own. Must be a Kool Aide potluck.

In reality it is the obstructionist Republicans congress which has prevented Obama from doing much. They are responsible for the current situation far more than Obama... who I am not saying is perfect, by any means. But the kool aid drinkers like Rusty will continue to label him a "failure".

The game show Jeopardy, btw, deals in facts and NOT the opinions of Obama-bashers, so Willis refers to a Jeopardy question that will never be.

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