Friday, June 27, 2014

An Attempt by Willis Hart to Flatter Me Into Leaving His Blog?

Willis Hart wants me to leave his blog and never return. Or, at least not submit any further comments. The last attempt to get me to depart was a comment (actually multiple comments) from him claiming that he no longer is reading anything I submit. Not even "accidentally", as he is using a "cutout" to cover his computer screen. A piece of paper that covers up the comments while leaving visible the commenter's Blogger ID.

This allows him to delete my words without ever seeing them. But, unfortunately for Willis that tactic did not work, in that I still read his blog and submit comments.

Now another tactic?

Willis Hart: "Euripides on Dealing With Idiots"... "It is not wise to speak wisdom to the foolish". (6/26/2014 AT 9:35pm).

Looks to me to be another post attempting to get me to leave. This tactic has Willis admitting he's a fool who I should stop trying to speak wisdom to him. Humm... No, I'm not going to allow flattery to cause me to do as Willis wishes either.

Besides, it's too ambiguous. If Willis wants to flatter me into leaving by admitting he's the fool - he needs to refer to both of us specifically in his post. The way he's written his post it's open to interpretation.

And I'm sure that, even though I know he's referring to my comments as "wisdom" and himself as a fool, others might interpret this post as him calling ME foolish, and him banning me because he's the wise one. I know, that doesn't make a lot of sense given how incredibly foolish the Hartster's posts can be... but the last one is just the kind of interpretation his regular readers would surely come up with.

So, sorry Willis. Even though *I* know what you're trying to say, you'll have to do better for me to even consider being flattered into departing your echo chamber.

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