Sunday, July 5, 2015

On Willis Hart Referring To African American Men Using The Racist Term "Minstrel"

Previously the minstrel was the Reverend Al Sharpton. The latest minstrel, according to the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart is Tariq Nasheed. Tariq is an American author, documentary film producer, media personality, satirist, Internet radio host, relationship expert, and social commentator, focusing on the psychology of dating and African-American social history (source: Wikipedia.

Willis Hart: On the Minstrel, Tariq Nasheed, Getting All Butt-Hurt Over a Black Conservative's Contrary Opinion but Not Saying a Fucking Word When a Seven Year-old Gets Her Brains Blown Out by a Trio of Gang-Bangers in Memphis or When an Infant Gets Her Head Lopped Off by Some Degenerate Black Chick in Cincinnati... As long as assholes like this dominate the discussion, nothing will change... It won't. (6/30/2015 AT 10:12pm).

So, what, exactly is Willis trying to say when he uses the term "minstrel"?

The minstrel show, or minstrelsy, was a US form of entertainment developed in the 19th century, consisting of comic skits, variety acts, dancing, and music, performed by white people in blackface or, especially after the U.S. Civil War, by black people.

Minstrel shows lampooned black people as dim-witted, lazy, buffoonish, superstitious, happy-go-lucky, and musical. (Wikipedia/Minstrel Show).

So... Willis is saying Tariq is dim-witted? Is he saying Tariq is buffoonish? I guess it's either the first pejorative or both of them. But none of the other adjectives apply, so WHY use such a racist term? (and it absolutely is racist)?

Does Willis believe he is being clever?

Also, if Tariq decides to voice his opinion on one subject, why MUST he (according to Willis) also voice his opinion on another subject? Whatever the subject is... Willis does not say. As usual, he expects people to know what the hell he's talking about. What did this Black Conservative say that caused Tariq to get "butthurt"? Who the hell (aside from Willis) knows? I did a quick Google search and no results appeared to be matches for whatever Willis is talking about. Not a single person who read his commentary knows either, I'll bet (the post has zero replies).

And, is Tariq "dominating the discussion"? I can't say that I'm aware of who the hell he is. Maybe I've heard the name before, but I can't say. Which points to no "dominating", I think. Perhaps he is "dominating the discussion" within the Black community? Possibly. Apparently his documentary films deal with racism.

But Traiq does not address Black on Black crime, apparently. Which is what Willis DEMANDS from African Americans participating in the discussion concerning the priorities of the Black community, which would include crime (all varieties), education (inner city schools), out-of-wedlock births, police violence, poverty, racism, etc. These are all topics which any participant in the discussion COULD choose to discuss.

But the thing is, Willis (a White man) is NOT a participant in this discussion! He can try to insert himself, as many White people have (with good, or ill intent), but they can only participate as outsiders. Which would be fine if Willis wanted to do this, but that he's making DEMANDS in regards to what Black participants should be discussing, and not only criticizing (when the person who he focuses in on) does not share his priorities? And criticizing using racist language? It's totally unacceptable.

Criticize it you want, but leave out the racist language (calling Black men "minstrels"). And tone down the outrage, why not? I mean, as an outsider these people you're criticizing are not likely to listen to you anyway. But, leaving that aside, the racist language must go! Or, you know, people are going to focus in on it and (rightly) label you a racist, you dummy, Willis!

And what's with Willis' use of the term "butthurt"? Is it homophobic?

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