Monday, July 13, 2015

Willis Hart Sez We Should Be "Celebrating" Plutocrats?

Libertarian blogger Willis Hart is a wealth-worshipping stooge. Evidence of this can be found on his blog in his various blog posts either denigrating working people or praising wealthy individuals whilst worrying that they are carrying far too large a portion of the tax burden.

Although, if called on his proclivity to worship wealth, he denies it. Recently, however, Willis made a statement that is as close to outright declaring wealthy people who use their wealth to influence government to their advantage (the definition of "plutocrat") should be... as he puts it, "celebrated".

Willis Hart: And the real plutocrats (if you go by the top 1% as your criteria) are for the most part doctors, lawyers, dentists, architects, engineers, accountants, optometrists, chiropractors, administrators, small business entrepreneurs, etc.; people, in other words, who've gone to college for 6 to 8 years and spent the better part of a decade establishing themselves by working 60 plus hour weeks. Instead of denigrating these people, we should be celebrating them. (7/6/2015 AT 11:42pm).

OK, so the "if you go by the top 1% as your criteria" is complete BS. This criteria Willis lays out has nothing to do with the dictionary definition of "plutocrat". The people he lists are not plutocrats.

So we can throw that section out. What we're left with is Willis saying that the REAL plutocrats should be celebrated.

Proof that Willis, when railing against crony capitalism, is full of shit? I think he might actually support it, as crony capitalism is one of the actions the REAL plutocrats engage in. And he said it (his own words) that the plutocrats should be "celebrated".

Yeah, he did attempt to dissemble in regards to which people fall into the "plutocrat" category (with a list of higher paid professions)... but that was a lie. Those people are not plutocrats, and all one needs to do is look the word up in the dictionary to know this.

Willis is either lying or stupid. Personally I think he lies. Willis knows who the REAL plutocrats are, and he *does* think these people - who use their wealth to bribe politicians to do their bidding - should be "celebrated".

In any case, I put a question mark at the end of the title of this post because Willis might be that stupid. But I doubt it.

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  1. Will is not stupid. Nor does he celebrate the real plutocrats. He celebrates hard work and legitimate accomplishment.

    He is just a tad confused on definitions.


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