Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Willis Hart Extreme Hypocrisy Re Him Daring Someone To Call Black Conservatives "Uncle Toms" To Their Faces While He Refers To Black Liberals As "Minstrels"

Another example of screaming hypocrisy from the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart in which he DARES (Progressives, presumably) to refer to two specific Black Conservatives (people I've never heard of) using a derogatory term.

On Angry Black Conservatives and Youtube Sensations, David Carroll and the Honorable Akwesi 100... I dare anybody to call these two, an "Uncle Tom", TO THEIR FACES (you know, as opposed to sitting anonymously behind some computer screen). (11/9/2015 AT 4:22pm).

I dare you, Willis, to walk up to each of the Black Progressives you've called "Minstrels" (from behind your computer screen) and call them minstrels TO THEIR FACES. I also dare you (in regards to the the Black Progressives you've referred to as "demagogues" from behind your computer screen) to use this term when in their presence... you fu*king hypocrite!

The Black "Minstrels" being Jesse Jackson, Touré Neblett, Marc Lamont Hill, Tariq Nasheed and Al Sharpton (who he also wanted to urinate on), and the Black demagogues being Charles Blow, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Marc Lamont Hill. (Yes, some of these people are on both lists).

The takeaway here is that the screaming hypocrite Willis Hart thinks it's just fine for him to refer to African American Progressives as minstrels and demagogues. That's just him telling it like it is, I guess. But if a Liberal refers to a Black Conservative as an "Uncle Tom"? Well, that's completely unacceptable.

Not that I would ever do this, mind you. Mostly because I have absolutely no idea who either of these creators of videos on YouTube are. Or care who they are. I looked them up and found their videos. Problem is, aside from me not giving a crap, the videos I found are all too long. My high speed satellite internet connection has a data cap that requires I be careful lest I go over it.

I did watch a part of one, but stopped it after the dude spoke for several minutes about his creating videos and videos he would create in the future (meta stuff) and wasn't getting to what he actually was going to say. I said "enough of this" and navigated away. I'll take Willis' word for it that these are two Black dudes who are Conservative. To which I say, SO WHAT? Yes, there are Black Conservatives... even though the majority of African Americans vote Democratic, SOME are Conservative Republicans.

I don't understand why they would be, but it is THEIR RIGHT to believe whatever the hell they want. I'm not going to use any (racially tinged) pejoratives to describe them. That is what the demagoguing hypocrite blogger Willis V. Hart does!

BTW, if someone were to call these two Black Conservatives "Uncle Tom" to their faces, what does he think would happen? That they'd get punched? Because Conservatives like the Harster (someone who claims he's anti-war) are actually inclined to resort to acts of physical violence to settle disputes?

Or does Willis think these two Conservative men would immediately get violent because they're Black? Because this is how the racially biased Hartster views Black people? That they're all violent animals who want to kill/assault White men and rape White women?

When they aren't killing each other, that is. In Willis' imagination African Americans (when they aren't perpertrating violent acts against Whitey) are either killing and maiming each other over "over foolishness [such as] half-eaten 3 Musketeer bars, a pair of Air Jordans, some big butted heifer, etc" or they [the mothers] are murdering their children (stuffing their dead bodies in freezers or throwing them off balconies).

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