Thursday, December 17, 2015

On Why I Don't Like Willis Hart

When you lose 3 out of the 5 of your remaining commenters - maybe it indicates that I was right about Willis all along? Jerry Critter, Rational Nation and Dennis Marks... gone. Only BB Idaho and Rusty Schmuckelford remain... and they don't even comment that often.

"Take a hike, Willis boy" I say to his increasingly racist and misogynist commentaries. Misogynist diatribes like the following (which I imagine spewing from his butthole face).

On Why I Don't Like Jennifer Lawrence... 'Cause when everybody says one thing (to the point of forcing it down my throat), I say, "Take a hike, Jackie boy". That, and with a meh body she's not even a good butterface. (12/16/2015 AT 8:50pm).

Judging a woman by her fitness/body type and calling a woman a "butterface" are both things I'd say are sexist. Not to mention the fact that neither terms "meh body" nor "butterface" applies to Jennifer Lawrence.

Further proof of the Hartster's misogyny? I say yes, given the fact that he doesn't even mention whether or not he likes her movies - something where some legitimate criticisms could possibly be made. But Willis goes immediately to her looks. As if that is the most important/only factor by which to judge the worth of a woman.

And, what the hell is the one thing people are saying - to the point of forcing it down his throat? That Jennifer Lawrence is a beautiful woman? While I wouldn't argue with that, I see no evidence of anyone trying to force this down anyone's throat. If Willis doesn't like her movies, how about he doesn't watch them? Boom, done.

BTW, when I say I don't like Willis Hart, I mean I don't like him AS A BLOGGER. Just like (I assume), when he says he doesn't like Jennifer Lawrence, he means as an actress (although he IS judging her looks). I might, if I met him and got to know him, actually like Willis Hart as a person? Maybe, but I doubt it. Given how repellent I find a lot of what he writes on his blog.


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  1. Will banned me awhile back. I guess Contra O'Reilly no longer found my comments up to his libertarian standards. As he slipped more into the character traits you enshrined I found myself becoming more critical of his posts. So, BOOM, banned.

    BTW, I left a comment on his post on Jennifer. Similar to your sentiments. No doubt it found its path to deletion.

    1. If you submitted a comment it looks like he isn't going to publish it. Perhaps he's sick of (what he might call) your virulent idiocy? Perhaps he did not even read your comment due to him using a 4.5 x 5.5 cutout which enables him to cover the comments section but which also allows him to see the author of the words - and when he sees "Rational Nation" he promptly hits the delete button?


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