Friday, August 5, 2016

Nope. No Spell Cast Upon Me

The Libertarian blogger Willis Hart writes a great many posts in which he objectifies women. Not unusual for a misogynist. But this one had me scratching my head.

Willis Hart: On the Strikingly and Uniquely Beautiful Australian Actress and Model, Lauren Orrell... As she casts her spell upon you. Once more, like cloves on the tip of your tongue. (8/3/2016 AT 4:26pm).

Nope, Lauren Orrell doesn't do it for me. What's strange here, is that this (IMO) is a bad picture. I did a Google search and found better ones.

For example.

This is a recent picture, I believe. I'm guessing it's 2 years old at the most, as the site I found it on was for her series Starting from... Now, which began airing in 2014. So, why she looks so much older in the picture Willis chose, I don't know.

In my opinion, Jennifer Lawrence is better looking. No "meh body" and no "butterface", as he says. Anyway, he clearly likes older women (although ones who look remarkably good for their age), so maybe his opinion on Jennifer Lawrence will be different 15 years from now in 2031 (when she'll be 40). If he's still alive.

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2016 Oscars.


This picture fits the bill for "she casts her spell upon you" MUCH more so than the picture Willis selected, I'd say. No disrespect to Lauren Orrell, but I don't care for that picture the Hartster selected. I don't have anything against older women, btw. In fact, many of the pictures Willis has selected in the past have appealed to me. But this is not a good one, IMO.

As for "cloves on the tip of your tongue", that sounds terrible to me. Pass.

OST #167


  1. Apparently your taste in women far exceeds that of Will's. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    As for "cloves on the tip of your tongue". I'll take hops on the tip of mine. Preferably in a excellent double IPA.

  2. Will is obviously very lonely. He is too old to follow celebrity beauties.

    Out here in Southern California, there are more cuties born every morning than we can handle for the next fifty years. It's a pageant. Mission Beach is widely acknowledged as the capital of the world. Just get out there at the beach, the boardwalk, on your bike, the market, at the clubs, the girls waiting tables or serving cocktails, wherever they congregate. And keep a good sense of humor with your own woman. She may be looking at some young guys as well. You can still be her true love and not be unfaithful.


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