Friday, September 16, 2016

On Willis Hart (A Racist Piece Of Human Debris) Equating Killer Mike To David Duke

The Libertarian blogger Willis Hart is on a tear re the rapper Killer Mike (Michael Render) with the following two posts.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Killer Mike's Video in Which He Asks, "When You Niggas' Gon' Unite and Kill Those Police Mother-Fuckers?", Is Still Up on Youtube... I guess that it meets their "community standards". (9/15/2016 AT 9:46pm).

Willis Hart: And Bernie Sanders Doesn't Have to Theorize as Why this Piece of Human Debris (the a Fore Mentioned Killer Mike) Is Supporting His Presidential Run. Why exactly? I mean, there couldn't possibly be a double-standard (Trump having to explain David Duke but Bernie and Hillary get a free-pass when it comes to some of their unsavory minions), could there? (9/16/2016 AT 3:04pm).

Killer Mike's father was a police officer. Wikipedia notes that "he has been vocal on the subject of police misconduct, his father being a former police officer". As for the rap song that Willis objects to, someone else brought this up to Killer Mike, and he replied (on Instagram).

Question: I just heard you on HBO talking about respecting police who deserve it and building community relations while condemning police brutality. Great to hear a public voice that understands what a complex situation, since extreme positions get the most play. So I decide to check out your catalog a little deeper and the first song is "let's unite and kill those police motherfuckers". Which message of yours do think will reach the most people? Which message is yours?

Killer Mike: the song U heard was a story of a prison rebellion in which guards and an evil warden are being sought out by inmates to exact revenge. The line is actually to Crips, Bloods and other street Orgs and it said "when u Niggas gone Unite and kill the police mutha fuckers". So like any movie it's just fantasy. Deniro never killed anyone in Taxi Driver for real. love and respect. (Source).

He's not calling for the murder of police. Although it's likely Willis wouldn't believe it. But in his actual life (not song lyrics) Killer Mike calls people in marginalized communities to use their vote to enact change. To peacefully protest and to boycott businesses that aren't on the right side. He has never called for murdering police officers. (An Emotional Killer Mike Preaches Economic And Political Empowerment In The Face Of Police Brutality).

Oh, and that Killer Mike supported Bernie Sanders for president (a White Jew) kinda suggests an absence of racism. Unlike with David Duke. We all know he's a racist. That's why Bernie got a "pass", you idiot. So no "double standard".

BTW, Killer Mike is NOT supporting Bernie Sanders' presidential run. He supported it (past tense). Bernie Sanders isn't running any longer. Willis must have forgotten. Possibly due to an anoxic brain injury. Given the fact that Bernie Sanders dropping out is something NOBODY could possibly forget (also, "aforementioned" is one word, not three).

Anyway (for the record), I don't know Willis Hart in real life, so it's possible that referring to him as "human debris" is a bit harsh. On the other hand (given the racist nature of much of what he writes on his blog), using these two words to describe the Harster could be spot-on.

Image: Killer Mike cited Sanders' stance on the Voting Rights Act, health care, education and ending the war on drugs as reasons to vote for Bernie Sanders (excerpted from an 11/25/2015 HuffPo article by H.A. Goodman).


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