Sunday, September 11, 2016

On WTNPH's Concern For HRC Health Truther Drew Pinsky Getting Canned

Makes sense that the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart would defend him, given that Pinsky is a fellow Libertarian (Pinsky "has increasingly spoken of the tyranny of governmental overreach").

On the other hand, when Willis wrote about an incident that took place on Dr. Drew's program back on 8/4/2016, he seemed to think Pinsky was a Leftist (Willis authored an outraged post in which he complained about "some transgender" grabbing Conservative Pundit, Ben Shapiro, on Pinsky's show. Part of the outraged seemed to have something to do with Pinsky allowing "some transgender" get away with it. See OST #140).

But perhaps Willis, since authoring that post, has discovered that Pinsky is actually a Libertarian? Whatever the case may be, Hart's current outrage concerns Dr. Drew's HLN program being cancelled. Possibly because he's jumped on the lunatic "Health Truther" train (and Willis approves of this line of attack).

Willis Hart: On the Fact that HLN Cancelled Dr. Drew's Program Only Several Days After He Questioned Not Just Mrs. Clinton's Health but Her Healthcare (the Fact that She's on Coumadin, for Example, an Old Drug that Is Rarely Used These Days) [Link]... It could be a coincidence (I guess that they're also deep-sixing Nancy Grace - THANK GOD!). But how many more coincidences are the Clintons allowed before we start to get a wee-bit suspicious? I mean, they are beginning to stockpile (Bill Clinton's "chance" meeting with the AG, Seth Rich and four or five others ending up dead, Bernie Sanders getting butt-fucked, etc.). (9/6/2016 AT 4:15pm).

OK, so IMO it's far more likely that DJT is suffering from a serious health problem that could affect him being commander-in-chief. What with that bogus doctor's note he put out. It's cause to think, what's he hiding? Whereas HRC has released an actual doctor's report on her health.

As for why HLN cancelled Dr. Drew's program, I frankly do not give a shit. I've never watched any of his programs, nor watched HLN. Except when Joy Behar had a program on that channel (The Joy Behar Show, which ran on HLN from 2009 to 2011).

But maybe Pinsky was fired for spouting off on this Right-imagined conspiracy theory? If so I say "good for them" (whoever at HLN cancelled him). If he's going to go out of his way to say "hey, I'm a nut who buys into Right-wing conspiracy theories", I say he should be cancelled.

BTW, in regards to Coumadin (a brand name for the drug Warfarin), it "is still very commonly prescribed by doctors" (according to Snopes). So, while it may be an old drug ("it was approved for use as a medication in 1954"), that it is "rarely used these days" is a false assertion.

But this is part of the Health Truther spiel. Which Dr. Drew is apparently on board with, given the fact that (as the Daily Beast notes), the "page-and-a-half letter from Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton's physician at Mount Kisco Medical Group, [addresses] all of Pinsky's grave concerns [re HRC's health]" (Dr. Drew Leads the Hillary Clinton Health Truthers).

So he's ignoring the evidence right in front of him and just going with the narrative/conspiracy theory, in other words. The one that says HRC is at death's door (and thus not fit to lead the country). And Willis buys it, apparently. Whereas the Hartster has not once mentioned the BS letter from Manhattan gastroenterologist Harold Bornstein (Trump's doc) and the bizarre letter he wrote. The one that said Trump (if he "wins") would "be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency".

As for "coincidences", I fail to see how this qualifies. The only reason this could qualify as a "coincidence" is if you thought Dr. Drew getting fired was somehow of benefit to HRC, which I don't see. I mean, the conspiracy theory lives on. It isn't as if Dr. Drew continuing to add his voice to the chorus (and using his show as a platform to do so) would make a difference in the election.

The more logical explanation is that Pinsky's ratings slipped. Or that his bosses heard his rant and said "get rid of this quack" (which would be what my reaction would've been, were I an HLN bigwig).

FYI, Willis mentions Seth Rich, which is a reference to another conspiracy theory that says Rich (an HRC for potus campaign staffer) was the source of the DNC WikiLeaks dump, and that HRC had him murdered for his betrayal. To which I say (WTNPH mentioning the conspiracy theory, not the conspiracy theory itself)... figures. He's down with ALL the HRC conspiracy theories. All the while totally ignoring all the Trump ones.

Image: HRC "health truther" Drew Pinsky, a Libertarian nut who (like Willis Hart) thinks democracy is tyranny and who has said that "ObamaCare will fail" and that he is sick of the government.


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  1. Well, Dervish... If you still know how to get in touch with Will. How about you invite him to personally come over and kiss my hairy, white ass. My own mother has been taking Coumadin for many years. I'm not saying that she still takes it. She is eight-five years old and doing quite well today, thank you.

    Please admonish Will to confine his stupidity and insanity to matters political exclusively. Unless he wants me to come over and kick his sorry ass straight to hell. There is nothing worse than some morbidly-obsessed idiot going around second-guessing American medical doctors.

    Goddammit what a POS! Why the hell did a cocksucker like Will have to weigh in on the Hillary health controversy?

    Goddam you Will, you fucking POS.

  2. Of course.

    BTW, Contra O'Reilly is a members only blog when it comes to commenting. Given Will has no comments it must be a one member blog. Will himself.

  3. Guess he's had enough of dissenting opinions. Even though he's criticized echo chambers in the past, now he's set his blog up as an ultimate echo chamber. Oh, and no invitation to join Willis' echo chamber for RN. Despite having previously expressed his love for him.

    BTW, Flying Junior... If you really want to get in touch with Willis, you can try Facebook. But he'll probably ignore you. I tried it and got no reply.


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