Friday, December 16, 2016

100% Clueless

The Libertarian idiot Willis Hart is convinced that the reason Hillary Clinton lost the election because the electorate agrees with him. Every one of his personal grievances against HRC were the VERY reasons why HRC "lost" to Donald Trump.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Over the Last Four Weeks or so Democrats and the Media Elites Have Blamed Everything from Voter Fraud to Racism to Russian Hacking to Internalized Misogyny for Hillary's Defeat and it Has Never Once Dawned on Them that the Real Reason for this Calamitous Event Was the Fact that They Had a Shit-Show Candidate Who's Wrecked and Destabilized Numerous Countries, Taken Money from Dirt-Bag Governments Like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Threatened to Nuke Iran, Armed Terrorists in Syria, Lied to the Families of the Benghazi Victims, and Screwed the Dirt-Poor Haitians... There comes a point in one's life when you have to look inward and, yes, that would be my advice to these people. Big time. (12/13/2016 AT 10:14pm. Also posted to WYD, 12/15/2016 at 4:40pm).

These are all reasons why Willis Hart voted against Hillary Clinton (and there is some truth in the grievances as he lays them out) but NONE of these reasons explain why ANY voter pulled the lever for Trump (OK possibly a few, but their numbers were surely insignificant).

And he mentions "voter fraud" again, which (as I pointed out in OST #186) is total bullshit. The Left points to election fraud (which is when the people running the election cheat, as opposed to individual voters). And YES, I believe that election fraud cost HRC the election (DSD #54).

There were, however, a number of (I don't know how many) blue-collar Whites who voted for Trump. And the reason they voted for Trump was because he ran an anti-globalization/anti-TPP campaign. While HRC ran as a 3rd term for Obama. Obama supports the TPP. HRC said she didn't, but clearly the blue-collar Whites who voted for Trump didn't buy it. And HRC never said she would do anything to bring any jobs back (to my recollection). While Trump did (even if he is lying).

Willis Hart's list of personal grievances? NOT a factor. He SUPPORTS globalization/free trade, which is why he voted for Gary "what's Aleppo" Johnson. Johnson did better this time, but it was because he got the votes of Republicans who support free trade. The White blue-collar workers whose jobs have (and are) being outsourced voted for Trump because he said he'd bring those jobs back.

They did NOT vote for Trump as a HRC protest vote because of what she did as Secretary of State. Sorry Willis, but you're TOTALLY clueless on this. BTW, there were voters who voted Trump because of racism. Although these were (for the most part, I'd bet) not White blue-collar workers whose jobs are being outsourced, they are White racists who don't ordinarily vote.

Anyway, Willis lecturing the HRC campaign and saying the reason HRC lost is 100% due to her foreign policy, when the reason is that they didn't reach out to the White blue-collar workers who globalization has hurt is ironic. Given his support for free trade.

For the record, I did have a big problem with HRC in that she is a hawk. I actually agree, although not 100% with Willis (HRC did not lie to the Benghazi families. That's bullplop). But that is absolutely NOT why she lost. She lost due because of election fraud, firstly. And secondly it was because Obama supports the TPP. And HRC supported the TPP. And HRC didn't reach out to the White blue-collar workers who are losing their jobs because of globalization.

Willis THINKS he gets it. But he is 100% clueless, as his post demonstrates.

OST #187

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  1. People vote there pocket book. When a candidate pushes an agenda that seems to a dress their concerns/fears the candidate gets their vote. Even when the candidate is a con and a fraud.


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