Monday, June 2, 2014

On Those Who Are Allowed To Comment On The Blog "Contra O'Reilly"

Not boot-licking enough... by which I mean I'm sure Willis would prefer his commenters lick his boots more. Lester Nation and Dennis Marks do an excellent job of it. Rusty Schmuckelford does a fair job as well... but others? Their bootlicking leaves something to be desired.

In any case, it is clear that there comes a point where Willis won't allow a person to comment if they don't at least give his boots a few licks now and again.

And, if you should criticize... you'll end up getting banned. The Hartster only allows so much dissent. And he MUST have the last word, of course. Violate that rule and you'll find yourself banned for sure. Or perhaps you'll be "band", which is how Willis spelled it when he referred to a "gun band" (on another blog).

But he might have been talking about Guns n' Roses. They are the only "gun band" I can think of at the moment... although there could be others.

OST #14

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