Thursday, August 6, 2015

Evolving Willis #1: Planned Parenthood 180 Degree Flip-Flop

The Libertarian blogger Willis Hart recently, in reaction to PP "chopping up kids and selling the parts", decided that PP should be defunded, in agreement with our current Republican Congress.

Willis Hart: Yes, continue to provide poor people with birth control but do it in a different way and let PP get their cash the old fashioned way; by earning it and through private donations. (7/29/2015 AT 10:15pm).

But wait... seems as though this is a 180 degree flip-flop from his previous position on PP.

Willis Hart: I just thought of three more instances where I disagree with conservatives; a) funding for planned parenthood, b) public financing of elections, and c) the proposed Muslim center in NYC. And I better stop talking before Mr. Rusty starts lumping me in with you. (8/31/2011 AT 7:26pm).

This was in reaction to me saying that Willis believes Conservatives are more correct than Liberals. That is, he more often agrees with Conservatives than with Liberals.

It was true then, and even more true today. The Hartster has become even more Conservative than he was (a little less than a month shy of) 4 years ago. This complete 180 degree U-turn on PP being but one example of his evolving political positions (flip-flops). (More examples to come in the "evolving series", of which this post is but the first installment).

Also note that he's giving his blessing for PP to continue to "provide poor people with birth control" IF they can make up the 500 million in government funding (and aren't forced to close their doors). By charging those poor people more ("earning it") or getting more donations (as if they are currently turning down funders).

But what about abortions? Outlaw them? Willis doesn't say. Why not? Why only say birth control is what PP should continue to do? The topic of HIS OWN POST was abortions, not birth control. And (now) he seems pretty hostile to doing something constructive and beneficial to society with the fetal tissue... tissue that's going to continue to be generated unless abortions are outlawed.

But, wow! What a flip-flop, huh? Before he was for government funding. And he pointed out that this was something he thought important to mention as a subject he disagrees with Conservatives on. Now he's in complete agreement (re defunding) with anti-choice Conservative radicals.

For the record, the "chopping up kids" comment was not something Willis wrote (a commenter on his blog was responsible for this ridiculousness)... although Willis did not object nor note any disagreement with this insane characterization of PP "selling" (losing money or only recouping their costs) fetal tissue for needed and very beneficial medical research (research that has saved many, many lives).

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