Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Willis Hart WTF Re The Rand Paul V Chris Christie Dust-Up During Fox potus Interview

This extremely strange commentary from the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart. Strange, in that he (as a Libertarian) sides with the fellow who believes violating the 4th Amendment is "keeping us safe" from "the terrorists" and against the other fellow who is fighting to protect our rights.

Willis Hart: On the Rand Paul Versus Chris Christie Dust-Up at Last Night's Debate... I hate to say this because I a) kinda like the guy and b) tend to agree with him on the issue of surveillance but Mr. Paul last night - not Gene Hackman going after Richard Harris in "Unforgiven" totally out of control enough... Yeah, dude's got a temper. (8/8/2015 AT 9:33pm).

OK, so he "hates to say it"... so why the hell does he? Randal defended himself from an attack by Christie while defending American's 4th amendment rights. Something Willis, as a Libertarian, should be solidly behind. Yet he objects on the bullshit grounds that Randal was "totally out of control" and that "the dude's got a temper".

Huh? I'm not a fan of Randal Paul AT ALL. I'm no fan of Christie either, but on this Randal was right and Christie was way wrong. I side 100 percent with Randal on this issue. And I *thought* Willis did too. He does say he "tends" to agree with Randal. So why attack him for baloney reasons that don't matter one way or the other?

Randal argued his position forcefully. I saw no indication that he was "out of control" or that "the dude's got a temper". But SO WHAT if he did get "out of control" or lose his temper? He was right! That's all that really matters. Maybe Willis thinks it looked bad? Of course it did! But not because of any baloney about Randal being out of control or losing his cool.

It looked bad (to Republicans) because Republicans don't agree with his position. Christie was spewing BS about bulk data collection being needed and a warrant not being the proper way to obtain records because... NINE ELEVEN!! Be afraid! Which the audience applauded.

This is one of the reasons why Randal won't get the nomination. He's in step with the Repubs on abortion, idiotically declaring that life begins at conception and wanting to defund Planned Parenthood (despite being Libertarian and Libertarians usually being pro-choice), but he's out of step with the Repubs when it comes to the surveillance state. At least the other Repubs running for potus, the Fox Nooz interviewers who conducted the "debate" and the audience members who applauded.

Largely it's Libertarians and Progressives who are on the side of the Constitution on this one. Republicans mostly support the surveillance state that began as a response to 9-11 under the gwb administration. And, now that we've got a Democratic president who supports it, it seems the Insider Dems have fallen in line and thrown their support behind the mass data collection that is a blatant violation of our 4th amendment rights. Sadly.

Although Randal seemed to be of the same mind (it's OK if a president of your own party does it), saying that he doesn't trust Obama. I guess he likely said this because he thought Repub voters might come around to his way of thinking by fearmongering re the "lawless" Obama administration? So he didn't say he wouldn't want any executive (regardless of party) to do this?

For the record, recent legislation (the USA Freedom Act) did (thanks to Randal) amend the patriot act so that now it's the telecoms who are bulk collecting our data and only handing it over if the government has a targeted warrant (as opposed to the government collecting and holding onto it. Or a private contractor holding onto it in the name of the government).

Frankly, I don't think this new system is that great either.

"We're taking something that was not permitted under regular section 215 ... and now we're creating a whole apparatus to provide for it", Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., said on Tuesday night during a House Rules Committee proceeding.

"The language does limit the amount of bulk collection, it doesn't end bulk collection", Rep. Amash said, arguing that the problematic "specific selection term" allows for "very large data collection, potentially in the hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even millions".

In a statement posted to Facebook ahead of the vote, Rep. Amash said the legislation "falls woefully short of reining in the mass collection of Americans' data, and it takes us a step in the wrong direction by specifically authorizing such collection in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution". (USA Freedom Act Passes House, Codifying Bulk Collection For First Time, Critics Say by Sam Sacks. The Intercept 5/13/2015).

For the record, Justin Amash is a Republican who endorsed Ron Paul for President in 2012 believes in "limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty". Sounds like he's a Libertarian masquerading as a Republican like Randal (both are anti-choice, btw).

So, the question here is why does Willis - a "small l Libertarian" who "tends" to agree with Randal Paul (re data collection) - why does the Hartster let that "tend to" agreement drop and go after Randal for his "temper"?

A WTF moment for sure. Beyond that I can't say more, because Willis doesn't. He says he "tends" to agree with Randal, but on this specific issue (one that HE HAS CHOSEN to blog on, mind you) he says nothing. Instead of saying if he agrees with Paul on THIS issue - he focuses on Randal's "temper" and says nothing re our Constitutional rights being violated. Perhaps because Willis is more Conservative than Libertarian? Or maybe he's just a surface thinker?

Video: Chris Christie & Rand Paul spar over NSA during the 8/6/2015 Fox News Republican "Debate". This being one of the few instances of actual debate (3:33).

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  1. Interesting. Rand Paul was right and he forcefully made his points.

    It is curious that my once friend Will jumped on Paul for temper, It is quite possible that Will himself has a temper when questioned.

    I must say I do miss Ron Paul being in the mix. Rand certainly isn't his dad.

  2. Have you seen that he's 100 percent convinced that Jersey McJones is your sock puppet? Maybe Willis has jumped the shark?

  3. Maybe, who knows. I read his sometimes on target blog bites and chuckle at his other.

    Will banned me I guess as he's stopped posting my thought provoking comments. Oh well.



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