Sunday, May 15, 2016

More Willis Hart Transgender Bigotry (This Time A "Joke" About Michelle Obama Being Born Male)

According to the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart a "joke" about the first lady having been born male is something that should elicit lots of LOLs.

This attack against our First Lady (one that Willis previously acknowledged) is simply not funny.

Willis Hart: On the Increasingly Popular Conspiracy Theory that Michelle Obama Was Born a Fellow and Is Now a Tranny... This one is so far out there that even World Net Daily has given it a shitload of Pinocchios. (6/24/2015 AT 10:06pm).

So Willis' "joke" is that Democrats might be offended by his question of which bathroom Michelle Obama should use (or "triggered"), and not the fact that morons on the Right are suggesting Michelle Obama was born a man (these people being the OBVIOUS target, IMO). And, despite Willis previously acknowledging that the suggestion is "far out there", he still thinks Dems being "triggered" is the thing to laugh at.

Very similar to how he responded when "some transgender" (term WTNPH used) got offended by a Conservative who continually referred to Catilyn Jenner as "he" and Zoey Tur (AKA "some transgender") as "sir". What upset Willis was Tur getting mad at Shapiro (AKA some Conservative asshole) for using the wrong pronouns (as well as asking "why are we mainstreaming delusion"?) and threatening to send him home in an ambulance.

And he DIDN'T first say that Shapiro was being an asshole... but that threats of physical violence are unacceptable. And he didn't mention the controversial comment Tur made prior to threatening Shapiro.

Advocates for transgender rights have widely criticized Tur's public statements about trans women, the legitimacy of trans men, gender stereotypes and the sexuality of trans people. On Dr. Drew On Call in March 2015, she sparked controversy by saying that a transgender woman using a women's locker room at a Michigan Planet Fitness was a dangerous predator; she said that the trans woman was really going to the bathroom to "perv out on women". (Wikipedia/Zoey Tur/Controversy).

"Can you even begin to imagine if a conservative had done this to a liberal"? the stupid Hartster asked (presuming that Tur is a Liberal just because she's transgender). But from the comment above it sounds to me like she's Conservative (same as Catilyn Jenner).

In any case, he mentions NONE of that (Tur's ignorant comment about transgender women being "dangerous predators" nor Shapiro deliberately attempting to provoke her by using the wrong pronouns). Instead he focuses on the empty threat against the Conservative Shapiro. That's the major outrage in his mind. That "some transgender" (who he assumes is Liberal) can get away with threatening a Conservative (on the show of the Libertarian Drew Pinsky).

What a fucking moron. Also, the use of the term "some transgender" absolutely points to bigotry, IMO. Which is why the "joke" about Michelle Obama being transgendered also comes across as bigoted to me (because of his previous outrage re "some transgender" AKA Zoey Tur). I'm offended (not "triggered") by his belief that hate being directed at the first family is a humorous subject. (Note: see OST #140 for my prior take on the Hartster's bigotry re "some transgender).

BTW, I am NOT saying that threats of physical violence are acceptable (because they aren't), just that Hart's outrage is QUITE selective (directed at Liberals who most likely aren't Liberals while totally ignoring Conservative assholery/bigotry and at the same time exhibiting assholery/bigotry of his own).

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  1. Dear Will,

    I am so sorry. I doubted Dervish when he suggested that you were ill. Please forgive me for everything that I have said. There is help available. We all believed in you at one time. We believed in each other in the fragile way that an internet community can exist. Then you slowly began to slip away. We miss you, buddy.

    But you don't need bloggy friends right now. You need to be around other people. If it's just hanging out in the local Big Lots or the Dollar Store. Maybe you could move to a neighborhood where you could walk to the grocery store. Or maybe just make friends with the checkers and baggers where you live. Talk to people in the park. Get a dog and walk him or her where other people like to go out for walks. Buy a nice bicycle and ride it on the sidewalk where there will be ample opportunity for you to be humble and polite. Just be around other people as much as you can. You would be surprised how much love there is around you each and every day even for complete strangers.

  2. Checkers and baggers are overpaid (as surely they are paid minimum wage, and anyone paid the minimum is overpaid). Also, if not teens working a first job, are losers.


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