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Government Passed Laws Should Only Be Suggestions & Absolutely Not Enforced Libertarian Sez

What explains this is the fact that Libertarians (such as Willis Hart) believe in Kingdom and hate democracy. The Liberty and Freedom they subscribe to depends on how much money a person has. The more money someone has, the more liberty and freedom they are deserving of. Everything being a commodity under their worldview (DSB #44).

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Whenever You Go to Bottom of the Rabbit-Hole with Groups Like Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, the Bernie Sanders Crowd, etc. and Ask These Folks How They're Going to Implement Their Agenda, They Always Have to Confess that it Will Only Be Obtained Through Coercion, Force, the Threat of Violence, and Violence Itself... Via the full force of the state, in other words. But relax, it's for our own good, they say. (5/27/2016 AT 4:34pm)

Willis Hart, like many on the Right, frame their hatred for democracy as a love of republicanism. Our country is a republic and not a democracy because our Founders recognized that the rights rich people needed to be protected from the masses. The danger being the rabble voting to steal from rich people so they can loaf (i.e. the "Makers vs Takers" meme).

This Randian argument says that "since the takers don't pay taxes - they just take government benefits - they are endlessly incentivized to support politicians who keep their Ponzi scheme going" (Makers, Takers, and YOYOs). This is a false/divisive meme that Hart subscribes to (strongly).

Willis Hart: ...people when given the choice will almost always vote for those who promise them the most while making others pay for it) and why the Founding Fathers created a Republic instead. (4/2/206 AT 3:21pm).

This despite the fact that we're talking about making investments that will be economically beneficial. The higher the level of education attained, the more the individual in question pays in taxes over their lifetime. Also, those with more education draw less from social support programs (How Taxpayers Benefit When Students Attain Higher Levels of Education). Which is why the proposals of Bernie Sanders (for free college) and Hillary Clinton (for debt free college) would more than pay for itself.

None-the-less Willis opposes free college.

Willis Hart: Oh, free college education now! Do you have ANY idea how expensive that would be? And do you even care? We'll pay for it by taxing the rich, right? (7/3/2011 AT 9:00pm)

His primary concern here (as it is ALWAYS) is how much the rich will pay in taxes. Which explains his anger at the Occupy Wall Street movement and "the Bernie Sanders Crowd". With Black Lives Matter, his outrage concerns cops who shoot unarmed suspects. Apparently be believes cops should should continue to be allowed to shoot Black people indiscriminately.

Bottom line, though, is that addressing these issue via LAWS is what the Hartster is objecting to in his rant. And, if people refuse to follow the law, he thinks nothing should be done? Should the authorities representing the State say "OK, it was really more of a suggestion"?

Of COURSE, if you're going to have laws (any laws), ultimately the threat of force is necessary to back them up. As a last resort, of course. There are other ways to persuade people to follow the rules. But, ultimately, if they refuse, then what choice is there but to back up those laws with force?

Is he saying he believes in Libertarian anarchism, or just the (democratic) passage of laws he disagrees with? In which case (if he doesn't believe there should be NO laws), then I say (if you go to the bottom of his rabbit hole) HE HAS TO CONFESS that the State powers he agrees with can only be enforced through coercion, force, the threat of violence, and violence itself.

But I doubt he will, as he is clearly an enormous hypocrite.

OST #147


  1. He can't be as big a hypocrite as you the anti-Semite.

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