Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Willis Hart Transgender Bigotry? Looks Like It, Me Buck

This keeps getting worse and worse. As I reported with previous commentaries (OST #62, OST #63), the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart, joined the War on Women by buying into the Right-wing lies about Planned Parenthood, which is that they are selling aborted baby parts, as opposed to doing something that is totally legal and medically VERY beneficial to society (providing fetal tissue for research that has saved many, many lives).

Well, the un-Libertarian ugliness continues with a commentary in which he bashes "some transgender". And lies (by omission) about what happened in order to spew hate against Progressives (whom he despises).

Willis Hart: On Some Transgender by the Name of Zoe Tur Grabbing Conservative Pundit, Ben Shapiro, by the Neck (on the Dr. Drew Show) and Threatening to "Send Him Home in an Ambulance"... Can you even begin to imagine if a conservative had done this to a liberal? They'd have been banished FOREVER, and with just cause. But not a liberal! No, sir. They can get away with anything because they are bulletproof (sanctimony, faux outrage, and self-righteousness being their version of kevlar, apparently). (8/4/2015 AT 4:27pm).

Zoey Tur (not Zoe) is a Liberal? I don't know. I tried to confirm what Zoey's politics are, but wasn't able to find a damn thing. So, while it would have been awesome to be able to say "Tur is a Republican, you moron, Willis!", I can't. Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative... the info just does not seem to be out there. Question is, how the hell does Willis know she's a Liberal?

Is he simply assuming that, because he's talking about "some transgender", that the transgendered person must be a Liberal? Because Liberals are friendly to the transgender community, while Conservatives are by-and-large hostile? Sounds logical, but remember that Catilyn Jenner is a Republican.

Frankly, I think that Zoey is a Liberal is something Willis is pulling out of his ass. So he can rail against Liberals (who he despises). However, even if Zoey is a Liberal, where the hell is Willis' proof that all Liberals are approving of threats of physical violence?

Also, given that Drew Pinsky is the host of the show, clearly he's the one who is letting the "liberal" Zoey Tur "get away with anything because they are bulletproof". HOWEVER, Pinsky's Wikipedia page notes that "politically, Pinsky has increasingly spoken of the tyranny of governmental overreach and the need for a Liberty Party. So the guy who is NOT doing the banishing (with just cause) is a Libertarian!

So, let's review: Nobody who appeared on the show is a Liberal (although Zoey Tur might be, but it isn't a given JUST BECAUSE she's transgender). Also, when was there any "sanctimony, faux outrage, or self-righteousness"? Hart doesn't point to any, he just asserts it. Even though the host (the ONLY person who could "banish") is a Libertarian! So how the hell are Liberals the guilty party here?

BTW (for the record), the threat by Zoey Tur to "send him home in an ambulance" came after REPEATED deliberate bigoted comments from Shapiro. Referring to Catilyn Jenner as "he", addressing Zoey Tur as "sir" and (in regards to the deliberate use of male pronouns) asking "why are we mainstreaming delusion"? All of this omitted from the Hartster's commentary (of course).

Yeah, if Zoey Tur were still a man instead of "some transgender" and this Shapiro ASS had disrespected him (in regards to some other issue)? I seriously doubt Willis would be as PO'd. Because it's culturally acceptable for a man to defend himself with threats of violence (or, a man can get away with it when a woman can't).

Which is why the Libertarian Hart being "socially tolerant" (which it says at the top of his blog) is not something I'm buying. Because the evidence shows otherwise. There's this reference to "some transgender", his aforementioned flip-flop on Planned Parenthood and his numerous arguments defending a business owner's "right" to discriminate against gay customers (by refusing to serve them).

Video: Exchange between Zoey Tur (broadcast reporter/helicopter pilot) and Ben Shapiro (editor-at-large of from the 7/16/2015 airing of Dr. Drew On Call.

OST #140

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