Monday, July 25, 2016

On If The Conservative Elite Was Put in Charge of Patrolling America's Most Dangerous Inner-Cities

Oh, they'd be gunning down young black men left and right. You kidding me (the fact that they're racist, cowardly, hypocritical, etc. and would probably shoot out of fear anything that moved)?

Racist Libertarians like the blogger Willis Hart, while not among the "elite", would react in the same matter, IMO.

BTW, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president, previously ran as the "law and order" candidate (Wikipedia: Johnson's campaign... platform emphasized tax cuts, job creation, state government spending growth restraint, and law and order). And, as we know, Donald Trump is going around saying he's the "law and order" candidate.

"Law and order" being code for getting tough with the BLACK criminals. That being a message that rich racist Whites like.

Image: Willis "White Privilege Is A Myth" Hart reading the newspaper (cartoon depiction). "Another Black man put down by the police? Meh. He likely deserved it or otherwise brought it on himself" is usually his reaction.

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