Sunday, July 31, 2016

White Racist Blogger Clueless That Racism Is The Primary "Lingering Effect Of Slavery"

Yet another stark example of just how racist the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart is.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that (According to Historian, William Shaler) the Arab Practice of Enslaving White Europeans (a Practice that Lasted FOR CENTURIES) Didn't End Completely Until 1816 (When the British and Dutch Joined Forces and Shelled Algiers to Rubble)... So, can I blame all of my problems on the "lingering effects of slavery"? Can I at least give it a shot? (7/30/2016 AT 9:13pm).

Perhaps if Willis was a White guy living in Algeria (depending on the state of race relations there, which I am 100 percent uninformed on). But we're talking about the United States, where the vast majority of slaves were Black.

And that Black slaves were looked at (basically) as livestock (inferior to Whites) is why we still have racism today. THAT (I'd say) is the primary lingering effect of slavery. I mean, does Willis believe that today there is complete equality between Whites and Blacks?

BTW, cluelessness, when it comes to the issue of racism, is itself racist, IMO. Or a sign of it. Here we have a fellow who is so steeped in his White privilege that he totally misses this obvious fact! And he thinks that, because White people were enslaved elsewhere in the world; and elsewhere in the distant past (1816) that he too (as a White guy) can claim he's suffering from the "lingering effects of slavery".

Which he says sarcastically, of course. What he really means is that he isn't suffering from the "lingering effects of slavery", and NEITHER ARE BLACKS. Because both examples are totally equal and totally ridiculous (in his racist mind). When sane people (Blacks, Whites who are far less racist than the Hartster) would disagree. Strongly.

And recognize that Willis Hart's comments are those of a stupid clueless White-privilege-enjoying racist asshole.

For the record, and as Willis has pointed out, some slaves (in the United States) were White. Most of them (I believe) were indentured servants (see footnote). But none of the descendants of these slaves are subjected to racism today. You know, BECAUSE THEY'RE WHITE!

Wikipedia/Indentured servant/Indentured servant: About half of the European immigrants to the American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries were indentured. Between one-half and two-thirds of white immigrants to the American colonies between the 1630s and American Revolution had come under indentures. However, while almost half the European immigrants to the Thirteen Colonies were indentured servants, at any one time they were outnumbered by workers who had never been indentured, or whose indenture had expired. Free wage labor was the more prevalent for Europeans in the colonies.

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  1. Will continues to stretch the boundaries of absurdity.


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