Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Is Willis Hart Going To Vote For Donald Trump?

Seems that one of the (former?) buddies of the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart thinks he might.

Dennis Marks: Maybe Will "Get No Readers" Hart is a Trump fan? I have no idea, but I would not be surprised. But it seems that his number of yearly posts is inversely proportional to the number of commenters. (7/1/2016 AT 08:23:00 PM EDT).

Actually, no. Willis has said a number of times that he's voting for Gary Johnson. Likely because agrees with Dennis that "Gary Johnson is a fine candidate [because] his views reflect a concern for the rights of every single American, and not a tiny handful of plutocrats".

That Gary Johnson isn't in favor of handing off as much power as possible to the plutocrats is complete BS, of course (The True History of Libertarianism in America: A Phony Ideology to Promote a Corporate Agenda). Point is, Willis and Dennis both like Johnson and dislike Trump.

Or so I thought. Dennis (in the comment I just quoted) also says (re Johnson) "I wish he counted for more than a spoiler"... and Willis recently posted a comment in which he agrees (says Johnson "isn't viable"). This despite him previously (on 5/4/2016) writing "I'm begging you, at least consider voting for Johnson".

Willis Hart: My personal suspicion is that Donald isn't an anti-Semite and that the guy just mindlessly (this being the operant word) re-tweets this shit (this one I gather coming from some alt-right anti-Jew web-site). But either way (bad judgement versus bigotry) it's bad for the fella' in that it makes it difficult for folks like me who detest Hillary and who would like a viable alternative (Johnson's a good guy but he isn't viable) to even consider voting for him. EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. (7/6/2016 AT 4:59 PM).

So, it's "difficult" for Willis to consider voting Trump? Notice that he said difficult and NOT impossible. Not impossible because (as Willis has said) "I'm not a huge Trump supporter" (an exact quote). Not a HUGE supporter being a far cry away from being opposed.

And, there is also the fact that the Hartster has defended Trump a LOT more than he's harshly criticized him. Most criticisms being incredibly mild. He even downplayed Trump's racist comments by referring to them as impolitic!

So there's Hart's defense of Trump, his not being a "huge" Trump supporter (implying there is a small amount of support), and the fact that Hart acknowledges Johnson is not viable...

On the other hand, Connecticut (the state WTNPH lives in), hasn't gone Republican in 20 years. So he could vote for Gary Johnson and not feel guilty about possibly having helped Hillary Win (she will probably take CT anyway).

That would be the ONLY reason I can conceive of that he'd vote for Trump (to stop Hillary). Although remember that he did say that he REALLY wishes he could vote for Trump. Because Trump is viable while Johnson is not. So... he might vote for Trump despite it being difficult? Because he does support Trump (just not hugely)?

Yeah, I think he might. In any case, I think it's quite clear he was full of crap when he said that, if a gun were held to his head and he was forced to choose between Hillary and Donald... that he'd probably have to pick Hillary. Sure.

Image: Pro-Trump/Anti-Hillary cartoon from Ben Garrison. Garrison is a racist and misogynistic Libertarian who has has expressed strong opposition to Islam, political correctness, social justice warriors (SJW/SJW's), neoconservatism, and gun control. He has a lot in common with Willis Hart in other words. With the exception of Garrison being a STRONG Trump supporter, whereas Hart says "I'm not a huge Trump supporter"... implying there is some support (further evidence of there being some support being WTNPH's many posts defending Trump).

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  1. For those who despise Trump and have grave concerns about HRC the alternative is Gary Johnson, a fine individual. Or, Jill Stein.

    If one lives in a battleground state, or the race is razor thin, the logical choice is an anti Trump vote for HRC (Shivering).

  2. Gary Johnson is "fine" if you love the plutocrats and want them to have more power. Neither Johnson, nor Stein has a real chance of getting elected, however. Even living in a red state that will likely go for Trump, I'm going to vote for Hillary Clinton over Jill Stein.

    In any case, Ben Garrison is an example of a Libertarian who is enthusiastically voting Trump (I believe that he was initially for Randal Paul). And Willis Hart is (at least somewhat) a fan of Garrison (they both hate "SJWs"). Not sure if that means anything, except that it shows Trump will get some of the Libertarian vote.

  3. IMO you're dislike for plutocrats, who I also dislike, causes you to unfairly judge Gary Johnson. Does e have flaws? Yes. Do his good points (ethical) outweigh his flaws? IMO yes.

    You are correct, neither Johnson or Sein have a snowball in hell chance of winning. But for some voting their conscience and their principals is important.

    Trump is a disaster and HRC is, in the least, a fender bender.

    Face it, 2016 is really the year of the crap sandwich.

  4. RN,

    You basically just posted a complete exoneration of both Bill and Hillary Clinton for any and all imagined crimes going back to the 1980s. I appreciated the recap, but didn't wish to waste your time with commenting. Exactly zero wrongdoing. It fairly well matches my recollection of what I have heard and believed over the last twenty-four years.

    I'm sure Gary Johnson is a great guy. Maybe his ideas make sense, maybe they don't. Maybe he wishes to favor the wealthy. Maybe he's a man of the people. It really doesn't make much difference. Do you really want to support a man who has been smoking marijuana since the 1970s for president of the U.S.A?

    Supposedly he just gave it up this year so he could run for president. By his own admission.

    1. What I absolutely do not want is Trump in the White House.

      I guess the amount of marijuana and frequency would weigh into my posistions. But the short quick answer is no. Although if the choice was chance between Trump or Johnson Trump still wouldn't get my vote.

      With respect to the Clinton's continued scandals. Truth does not really what matters, what you can prove in court does. I do not trust HCR. But, she ain't Trump.

      Like I said elsewhere, This year's presumptive presidential candidates are the worst in lifetime. Thus the reference to the craps sandwich.


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