Saturday, November 26, 2016

How Often Does Willis Hart Don His White Robes With The Pointy Hood & Attend Cross Burnings?

Not a picture of the racist Libertarian blogger Willis Hart getting together with a few friends, but an image depicting what such a gathering might look like.


So, while the truth is that Willis probably never dons a white robe and pointy hood, I believe it is possible he does. Although it's more likely he is simply a racist who denies his racism. As most racists do.

Which does not mean he isn't a racist. Further proof of Hart's virulent racism include recent commentaries in which he states that the Congressional Black Caucus is "the tool of white leftists", that crime comitted by Black people is due to their "culture", and that (in regards to Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon being a White Nationalist and Breitbart News being a platform for the Alt-Right), there is "nuance to the subject".

These are exact quotes/exactly what he wrote. Horribly racist crap. But, as I've discussed on this blog before, Willis is a big consumer of Alt-Right media (OST #176). This was the commentary ("How Much Alt-Right Media Does Willis Hart Consume?") in which I discussed the fact that Willis is a big fan of Colin Flaherty, a fellow virulent racist.

Flaherty's life's work is writing and Youtubing about "black mob violence and black criminality". Willis blogs on this subject frequently (and has cited Flaherty in some of these posts). According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Flaherty has "allies in all the wrong places - racist cesspools like the hate forum Stormfront".

The racists who hang out on the StormFront site love Flaherty's writings, and I'm sure these racists would also love Willis Hart's blog. What do you think, me-buck?

In any case, there is no nuance to Steve Bannon's hate. I watched the video Willis directs people to watch (fast forward to 3:30, he says). The dude who blabbers on for over an hour (I only watched about a minute), Stefan Molyneux, puts forward a false equivalency argument (an argument the Hartster LOVES). Which is that Black Lives matter and Communists support the Left, and that is proof that BOTH SIDES have their "radical elements".

The WTNPH post in which he CLAIMS (non-existent) nuance is one in which he says Don Lemon of CNN either didn't do his research or had the goal of deceiving his viewers. OF COURSE! It couldn't be because Lemon disagrees with the bogus "both sides do it" argument, right? BTW, the Communist Party in the US is virtually non-existent [1]. They are a non-entity that nobody cares about (due to their being small and having ZERO political influence). Unlike the alt-Right, which is a little larger and now ENERGIZED and EMPOWERED by the Trump win. That's the difference, you racist Hart!!

Oh, and killing people is not a part of the Communist Party USA platform. I mention this because Willis points to all the people Communists killed in the USSR. But those murders were under a totalitarian dictator, not a leader carrying out promises he laid out beforehand as a part of the Communist Party Platform.

My point is that this is another false equivalency. Also, that the Communist Party of the United States has never, and will never, have power. They wouldn't have had any power under a B-S administration and they wouldn't have had any power under a HRC administration. Whereas they absolutely are going to have power under a Trump administration, you f*cking racist Hart!

And, Steve Bannon isn't the only racist Trump is hiring, either. There is also Jeff Sessions as AG and Michael Flynn as national security adviser. (Donald Trump Building Team of Racists, Daily Intelligencer article by Jonathan Chait).

Video: White Supremacists chant "hail Trump" while performing Hitler salutes at Alt-Right conference. Election of Trump a victory for "our people" says president of the Alt-Right National Policy Institute Richard Spencer at a gathering in the Ronald Reagan Building (Washington DC) on 11/19/2016 (2:10).

[1] The Communist Party USA estimates it's membership to be 2,000 (Source). The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates that there are 190 active KKK groups with between 5,000 and 8,000 Klan members in the U.S. (Source). The KKK, however, would be the hardcore racists. As for how large the Alt-Right is, Jared Taylor, the editor of American Renaissance (a self-described "race-realist, white advocacy organization"), says it's "absolutely impossible to say" how large the movement is, but that "it is growing very rapidly, no question about that". He added that "I would say that there are millions of Americans who subscribe to the alt-right philosophies" (Source). So... 2k versus "millions". And they (the Alt-Righters) are convinced that Trump is their man, and not for no reason, but because Trump has courted them. As his appointments of Bannon, Sessions and Flynn proves.

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  1. It's all so very intriguing Dervish. And troubling as well. Shades of the 30's. Is the nation becoming that which we defeated in the 40's? Possibly so methinks.

  2. I was hopeful we were on the right track. With HRC's appointments to the Supreme Court (that aren't going to happen now, obviously). Now there is the worry that Roe V Wade could be overturned???? That's in addition to all the bad decisions a more conservative SCOTUS could hand down.

    BTW, Republicans are close to controlling the legislatures in 2/3rds of the States, meaning they are on the verge of being able to call a Constitutional Convention and push through any amendment they want to. If that happens it's GAME OVER for the country (Source: Apocalypse Soon? Are Dems on verge of being unable to stop Constitutional Amendments?).

  3. If that happens we will live under the Tyranny of the Minority. Indeed it will be game over.

    Now that Trump apparently has full control of the regressive party and it controls the three branches of government it is very possible.


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