Tuesday, November 29, 2016

WTNPH Lies About Left Claiming Voter Fraud. Still Just Trump, Moron

The strategy of Trump with his talk about "rigging" (voter fraud) was deliberate. The intent being to protect him from accusations of rigging from the Left should he win (election fraud). Which is EXACTLY what happened. As I predicted (SWTD #355).

Before the election (10/23/2016) I said "I bet Repubs are smiling about Dems coming out strongly against the idea that rigging is occurring. Now they can continue with their election fraud and Dems won't be able to say or do a damn thing".

And now that is EXACTLY what is happening (re Trump's win and Democrats call for recounts, saying Trump "won" due to voter suppression, etc). I called it. And (although I wasn't sure at the time due to the fact that EVERYONE was saying Trump was going to lose), I am now completely convinced that this was Trump's strategy all along.


As per that strategy, Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily, in a recent article about Jill Stein's request for a recount of the potus votes in WI, MI and PA wrote the following.

...liberals searching for answers to Trump's surprise victory have a new explanation: Hillary did not really lose. They contend an "audit the vote" movement could prove voting machine totals in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were inaccurate.

In the third presidential debate, however, Clinton chastised Trump for his unwillingness to pledge that he would accept the outcome of the election, reserving the right to challenge voter fraud. She called Trump's statement "horrifying". (Green Party's Stein Files For Wisconsin Vote Recount by Jermoe Corsi).

btw, the title of the article (as per the URL) is "Operation Steal Seeks Recount To Declare Hillary Winner". Something I've noticed about WND articles in the past (the URL gives a different title than what is displayed on the page). What's the reason? To appear more reasonable on the page, but give the REAL message via the URL (my hypothesis).

Anyway, the jist of the article is that Democrats are hypocrites for doing now what HRC would be "horrifying" before her supposed loss. Also that this is a Democrat attempt to "steal" the election. A message the Libertarian idiot Willis Hart agress with in a 11/25/2016 post. Sans the "they're trying to steal it" BS, but with the addition of the "consistent moral yardstick" argument he's used in the past. That he has one, while those he criticizes don't (BS the arrogant jackass has spouted on his blog many times previously).

Willis Hart: On the Fact that the Left Made a Monstrous Deal Over Trump Saying that He Might Not Accept the Results of the Election but Now that They've Lost They're Protesting, Rioting, and Even Making Claims of Voter Fraud... Would somebody please wrap up a consistent moral yardstick and put it under their Christmas tree, for Christ? A couple of irony stocking stuffers, too. (11/25/2016 AT 10:16pm).

Correction, moron... it was establishment Dems who made the "monstrous deal" out of Trump's "rigging" charges. And it was these Democrats who, in doing so, walked right into the trap laid by Trump. I'll admit that many Democratic voters likely agreed. Because there are people on both side who will agree with whatever they're told. People who don't think for themselves. Or the politically un or ill informed who are either not familiar with how much election fraud the Republicans are engaged in (Kris Kobach's Interstate Crosscheck system) or simply refuse to believe it.

But the Democratic Party as a whole (informed voters and other Leftist organizations) never agreed that the election was going to be "free and fair" and that there wouldn't be any rigging. There are MANY on the Left who know the Republicans are masters at election rigging (voter suppression & voter disenfranchisement).

My point being that Willis can stick his "consistent moral yardstick" right up his arrogant behind. All the way (the full yard). Asshole.

In any case, nobody on the Left is making claims of voter fraud. Apparently Willis doesn't know the difference between voter fraud and election fraud. Election fraud (which is the actual charge some on the Left are making) concerns those running the elections cheating (Kris Kobach's Interstate Crosscheck).

Voter fraud is virtually non-existent and NO Democrats is claiming it happened. If Willis can point to any Democrat who is... they're out of step with the Democratic Party as a whole (both establishment and non-establishment Democrats). Either Willis is uninformed on the subject or he's a liar.

Image: Sorry, Willis, it's still Trump who is crying about "voter fraud" and NOT Democrats. Regarding Trump's "voter fraud" assertions "several Democrats, including Governor Terry McAuliffe, laughed off the accusations, saying they were baseless". In another tweet Trump wrote "in addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally". Bullshit! Also, voter fraud if it happened (which it DID NOT). There was no voter fraud, you idiot, Willis! There was voter suppression, and it absolutely did cost HRC the election (SWTD #358).


OST #186


  1. Vote suppression has been a staple of US elections for years. Apparently.

  2. According to Trump "In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally".

    Trump gets his info from Alex Jones, who Trump says has an "amazing reputation" (possibly because Jones belives Sandy Hook was a false flag operation?).

    In any case, if you think 2 million people voted "illegally" (despite Republican efforts) they clearly aren't suppressing the vote enough.

  3. Jones, Banning, Spencer and et all says everything that need be said.

    America got a royal screwing by a narcissistic megalomaniac.


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