Friday, November 4, 2016

WTNPH Gary Johnson LOL

Looks like the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart has finally figured out that Gary Johnson (the Libertarian nominee for president) isn't actually a Libertarian (DSD #26).

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Even Gary Johnson Is an Off-the Rails, Piece-of-Shit Candidate Now (Still Voting for Him, Though, 'Cause, Well, You Know)... And, no, it has nothing to do with the fact that he didn't know about Alepo or that he couldn't name any world leaders (a lot of the more decent ones; Park Geon-hye of South Korea, Tony Tan Keng Yam of Singapore, and Leung Chun-Ying of Hong Kong, just to name three, having names that are too damned difficult to pronounce anyway).

It has to do with the fact that he's almost running like a frigging Democrat and doing things like praising "Black Lives Matter", arguing that Christian bakers should be forced at gunpoint to bake cakes for gay weddings (here he puts on full display his absolute lack of understanding of the nonaggression principle), and advocating for a carbon tax, A CARBON TAX!!! Yeah, I'll probably still vote for the guy in that the options are exponentially worse but I was SO hoping to not have to use a clothespin this year. Oh well, maybe in 2020. (10/26/2016 AT 5:24pm).

Regarding Willis saying he's STILL voting for Gary because "well, you know". Actually, no, I don't know. Although I can guess. My guess is that it's because he hates HRC SO MUCH. He also dislike DJT; but his many defenses of the deplorable, while attacking HRC much more, shows (I think) he'll be more disappointed if HRC becomes prez than if it is Trump.

Also because he's a huge fan of oligarchy... and Gary is still VERY much onboard for increasing it. Even if he is adopted some SANE positions (all the positions Willis criticizes him for taking in his commentary).

With the exception of the "gunpoint" idiocy. Pressure can be brought to bear against business owners who discriminate far short of pointing guns at them to force them to SERVE THE PUBLIC. All of the public. NOBODY (Gary Johnson included) is for pointing guns at Christian bakers so they'll set their homophobia aside and not discriminate.

But the pro-discrimination Hartster is so stupid he might actually think this has occurred (police holding guns on "Christian" bakers while they mix up and stick a wedding cake in the oven for a gay couple). As opposed to how this is ALWAYS settled (via the court system).

Anyway, back to the hilarity... Gary Johnson, the guy Willis previously adored, is now a "off-the rails, piece-of-shit candidate". Ha ha ha. I doubt Willis is EVER going to be able to vote sans clothespin.

Also, regarding "it has nothing to do with the fact that he didn't know about Alepo" AKA Aleppo, check this out.

Willis Hart: On Questioning Gary Johnson's Intelligence... I'll bet that he knew the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite. (3/12/2016 AT 4:23pm).

That's a reference to gwb, who didn't know the difference. But did Gary? The Aleppo gafe calls the assertion that he would know into question, I think. (FYI, it isn't Park Geon-hye, it's Park Geun-hye).

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  1. Interesting sighting of the uber-right-wing political mind of WTNPH. Distinguished conservative blogger, Lisa, had blogged about a nice, young black man who was supporting Trump. C.J. Pierson is tired of being defined by his race. He likes DJT. He also resents HRC for her famous remark about super predators. Will was able to wavelength with a little bit of Hillary hatred and paranoia. I think he meant to type in the word, "sonderkommando." Maybe his hot little fingers missed the "m" key. Does this sound like something Hillary's supporters would say to you?

    Hillary's supporters refer to black people like this as Sonderkonnandos.......which of course is full-bore racist (not surprising).

    It's nice to know that he still has a friend in Lisa.

  2. In a hidden-camera video released Wednesday by Project Veritas Action, author and academic Benjamin R. Barber compared black Republicans to the “Sonderkommandos”

    Willis is a liar who HATES Hillary Clinton. I did a Google search and found an article that quotes ONE guy saying this about Black Republicans. A stupid thing to say, but "racist"? Give me a break. In any case, one guy is not Hillary supporterS.

  3. Left a comment responding to Willis on Lisa's blog.

    Willis Hart: Hillary's supporters refer to black people like this as Sonderkommandos... which of course is full-bore racist (not surprising).

    Benjamin R. Barber is ONE person. A HRC supporter, but he is still just one person. You said Hillary supporters (plural), which is a LIE. Also, "full bore racist"? Obviously what Benjamin R. Barber (and ONLY Benjamin R. Barber) said was dumb, but racist? I call bullplop. And I say that to refer to African American Liberal pundits, commentators and public figures YOU don't like as "minstrels" (which YOU do) is OF COURSE full bore racist.


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