Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Misogynist Body Shames Actresses Kathleen Turner And Debra Messing

The Libertarian blogger I've taken to calling Hartbart (due to his consumption of Alt-Right "news" and continued defense of White Nationalist Steve Bannon), but otherwise known as Willis V. Hart, has a habit of insulting women he doesn't like for not being pleasing to his eye (whereas he has no such habit when it comes to men he dislikes).

For example, in regards to Kathleen Turner (a liberal actress who backed Hillary Clinton, is a Planned Parenthood board member, and is not a fan of Donald Trump), Willis wrote the following...

Willis Hart: I haven't seen anything stretched this far since Kathleen Turner tried on one of her "Body Heat" outfits from 1981 in 2007. (2/4/2017 at 3:18pm).

The title of the post was "On the Concept of Referring to Feral Jackals, Criminal Thugs, and Losers as Protesters"... so he was referring to property damage done by so-called "protesters" (Berkeley college students is the allegation, although Rush Limbaugh says they are "professional rent-a-mob focused bought and paid for by leftist organizations and... not students" while Robert Reich says "those people were not Berkeley students [and that] there's rumors that they actually were right-wingers).

But I do AGREE with Willis, in that property damage is criminal and not something protesters should engage in as it only hurts their cause. If protesting Milo was their goal. As opposed to increasing his book sales, which is what actually happened. A fact that suggests to me (among other reasons) that Robert Reich may be right.

But (to my point) WTF does Kathleen Turner being heavier in her older age have to do with the Berkeley protests? Did she say something in support of the "protesters" AKA rioters? I don't know. If she did Willis doesn't cite her words. So why does he go there? "There" being insulting her current physical appearance.

Maybe she's heavier because she is 62 and suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, asshole? Willis has authored posts praising older women for still being "hot". So... HOW DARE Kathleen Turner not be blessed with good genes and (due to her rheumatoid arthritis) not be able to maintain her figure? She's got a lot of nerve showing her fat face in public, right? Sarcasm, of course. But likely the misogynist's view.


As for Debra Messing; what's her crime, you might be wondering. It's that she is a "human ironing board" according to the Hartster (and she apparently tweeted "RESISTANCE WORKS! #Resist #NeverStop" in regards to that asshole Milo speaking at Berkeley being protested. Although the tweet says nothing about approving of property destruction, I'd like to note. Only getting his speech canceled).

In any case, HOW DARE Debra Messing have small boobies that aren't pleasing to Willis' eyes! She should have been born with genes that gave her bigger jugs. Or gotten a boob job. Surely she can afford to have her tits enlarged. But she thinks she can say (or tweet) things that Willis disagrees with WHILE having small breasts? Think again, bitch (sarcasm again). Willis is going to CALL YOU OUT for your insignificant hooters.

BTW, Kathleen Turner's breasts aren't that large (and remember that she got naked in Body Heat). But getting old and fat SURELY is the bigger sin than having small boobs (at least FOR A WOMAN). Although if she still was "hot", Willis might have criticized her for the audacity of daring to get naked in a movie while having tiny titties.

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  1. Will is Will. A product of his environment. I'm guessing he is quite comfortable in his own skin.

  2. Of course. But Willis is a man. As a man judging women is his right. And, if a woman puts herself out there in the public eye, then she's asking to be judged. Especially if she says something political that Willis disagrees with. And getting older is no excuse. Not for a woman, at least.

  3. My primary, Will is a product of his environment. For a very many breaking old lifelong habits is extremely difficult. Indeed next to impossible if they keep drinking from the same fountain and surround themselves with like minded folks.

  4. Men are particularly misogynist in Connecticut?

  5. You said Willis is a product of his environment. His environment is Connecticut. Given that is where he lives. Maybe you meant nursing homes? Doesn't he work in one? Is that the environment you refer to?

  6. His environment consists of many things. As it does all of us. Ones early environment in life plays a role in the person's character development.
    I may be wrong with that but it is more likely than not. IMO.


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