Thursday, March 16, 2017

Because Pedophilia Exists, WTNPH Thinks More People Should Suspect The Podesta Brothers Of It. Not Due To Credible Evidence Existing, But Because Of Right-Wing Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory Bullshit

Another example of how the Libertarian blogger Willis V. Hart (AKA Will "take no prisoners" Hart AKA WTNPH) is a utter dipshit.

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Even After Jerry Sandusky, Even After Jeffrey Epstein, Even After Jimmy Savile, Even After Anthony Weiner, Even After Dennis Hastert, Even After Laura Silsby, Even After the Massive Busts in Norway and California, etc., etc., the Left Continues to Apparently Find it Impossible to Even Consider that Those Creepy Podesta Brothers Could Be Pedophiles (this While They Accept as Gospel Every Conspiracy Theory Under the Damned Sun When it Comes to Trump).

It's an almost psychotic level of partisanship and flatly how they roll these days. Frightening, huh? (3/15/2017 at 10:03pm).

I saw a news report on this (this would be after a crazy nutjob decided to "investigate" Comet Ping Pong by bringing a gun there and shooting up the place), and the reporter said the police looked into it and found that there was no reason to believe any such thing was true (NBC's Tom Costello on the 12/5/2016 airing of MSNBC's Hardball: "we've talked to the DC police. We've talked to the FBI. They have absolutely no reason to believe that any of this is true").

And what the hell does the fact that pedophilia exists have to do with anything? What is needed here is evidence. As opposed to conspiracy theories generated on Pro-Trump Right-wing messageboards based on Wikileaked emails in which pizza and cheese (not pedophila) is discussed.

I mean, I don't give a shit about the Podesta brothers. The older one ran HRC's losing campaign. The other one, while probably a Democrat, isn't involved in politics as far as I know. The point is I have zero partisan loyalty to either of them.

If there were credible evidence that they are pedophles? The police should investigate, gather evidence, make a case, issue arrest warrants, take the Podesta brothers into custody, take them before a judge, conduct a trial, convict them, and finally send them to the slammer for a long time.

However, according to all I've heard, the police say there is nothing to these suspicions. But Willis believes they emailed in "pedophile code" and need to explain themselves. A "pedophile code" that, as far as I can see, does not exist. As far as I can see, some idiot picked out words from the Wikileaked emails and MADE UP this supposed "code".

The "psychotic level of partisanship", in my opinion, is the Hartster's. He's willing to believe this BULLSHIT (police looked into it and found nothing) because he doesn't like them ("Creepy" for talking about cheese and pizza in emails??!).

For the record, I note that this is "Right-Wing pro-Trump conspiracy theory bullshit" because that is where the conspiracy theory was developed (4chan and Reddit message boards that are pro-Trump), and not because I think/am accusing Willis of being pro-Trump.

Although he continues to defend Trump, in this post writing "they accept as gospel every conspiracy theory under the damned sun when it comes to Trump", which is bullshit. If "They" is the anti-Trump Left. I believe in evidence. I certainly do have suspicions, but that isn't "accepting as Gospel".

If it were to turn out that I was wrong and the Podesta brothers are guilty, I'd accept that. Lock them up and throw away the key. But the authorities have to look into it and say there is actual evidence first! So far they haven't. I doubt they will, as it appears to be total bullshit to me. A "pedophile code" that doesn't exist, a basement at Comet Ping Pong that doesn't exist, another painting (featuring nudes) by an artist who did a PG mural on a wall in Comet Ping Pong that was never displayed there, "Hastert and Tony Podesta have been friends for many years" (according to the #PizzaGate Wiki) and the fact that Willis thinks they (the Podesta brothers) are "creepy".

Impossible to even consider? Without any real evidence, YES! That isn't to say that none will ever come to light, but I think (given the fact that the police looked into it, hello!) I doubt any will.

BTW, you want to know what I find frightening? What about a text message from Edgar Maddison Welch of Salisbury NC (nut who "investigated" Comet Ping Pong) that reads "raiding a pedo ring, possible [sic] sacrificing the lives of a few for the lives of many"?

But apparently that doesn't frighten Willis at all; that this conspiracy theory bullshit he has immersed himself in can drive some less sane people to violence against innocent people (text message indicates Welch was contemplating murder/suicide). Also frightening? That (amongst all these nuts discussing this on the aforementioned 4chan and Reddit) Willis is likely (at least slightly?) more sane than a lot of them. Yikes!

Image: Gunman Willis V. Hart Edgar M. Welch surrenders after telling the police that he had discovered that there were no child sex slaves being held at Comet Ping Pong. Image attached to a 12/6/2016 Intercept article "Disinformation, Not Fake News, Got Trump Elected, and It Is Not Stopping".


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  1. Disinformation propagated by the dude (and party) in power certainly breeds more disinformation. Therefore expect more, much more.

    As for Will, I don't think I've ever seen him provide links to credible sources of information. One mark of a dutiful trumpanzee.

    Trump is normalizing unethical behavior by those in power. The sad reality of today.


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