Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How The Libertarian Blogger Willis Hart Views The 2016 Democratic Primary

I think the following political cartoons sum up how the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart views the 2016 Democratic primary. You know, given the fact that he views the ENTIRE Left as Communist, incorrectly stated on his blog that it's a "fact" that Bernie Sanders has NEVER held a private sector job (and totally buys the LIE that Sanders is proposing 18 trillion in new spending), is in favor of as low a wage as possible for some workers (and refers to the idea of a living wage as "removing the bottom rungs of a ladder"), thinks the government's power to levy and collect taxes to fund social safety net programs is "confiscation" and believes many voters (the Democratic ones) vote for a candidate because they promised to confiscate property from some (better off) people in order to give it to them.

Oh, and because he completely trusts his well-being to parasitic transnational megacorporations, bought and paid for think tank fellows, and greedy power-hungry CEOs. These would the overpaid corporate heads who, in regards to their salaries, Willis says "in the larger scope of things they're also exceedingly insignificant" (when the truth is this is one reason "wages of most workers remain stagnant").

OST #110

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