Tuesday, February 16, 2016

On Hysterical & BS Claims From Willis Hart Of "Islamophobia Emanating From The Hard Left"

Yet more Islamaphobic BS from the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart.

Willis Hart: On the Hysterical Claims of Islamophobia Emanating from the Hard Left... As you can easily see from this 2014 data, there are still far, far more hate crimes in this country directed at Jews than Arabs and so if there's any phobia at all it's still directed at Jews. Sorry, MSNBC schmucks. (1/4/2016 AT 8:40pm).

No, what I clearly see is that this chart lacks attribution and is not labeled as representing hate crimes for 2014. If I take Willis' word for it (that this chart is from a reputable source and that it represents 2014 data) what I see is that anti-Islamic hate crimes come in right behind the anti-Jewish ones. Is MSNBC being "hysterical" given the fact that (according to Willis' chart) 14 percent of all hate crimes are anti-Islamic?

In any case, Islamophobia can occur without it being a crime. So, obviously Willis' chart (representing all hate CRIMES) is not a record of all the instances of Islamophobia that occurred in 2014.

Also, according to the International Business Times, Willis is wrong and Islamophobia is on the rise.

Americans are more Islamophobic than they were four years ago. That's the disturbing finding from a survey released today by the Public Religion Research Institute. 56% of Americans surveyed agree that the values of Islam are at odds with American values, up from 47% in 2011. Christians - especially white Protestants - are the most likely to hold negative views of Islam.

The report also breaks down the survey results by political affiliation, and the outcome isn't that surprising: Over three-quarters of Republicans think Islam is incompatible with the American way of life. With their callous responses to the Syrian refugee crisis, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and the rest of the GOP candidates seem to be giving voters exactly what they want. (New Republic article by Esther Breger. 11/17/2015).

Anyway, the way Willis' post is worded, it sounds like he's saying that the "hard Left" is being Islamophobic, when they're actually talking about Islamophobia emanating from elsewhere... including the hard Right (3 quarters of it). But, despite Willis' poor wording, I figured out what he was blabbering about. The schmuck is PO'd that MSNBC is reporting on the FACT that Islamophobia is on the rise (hatred directed at Muslims regardless of whether or not the result is a prosecuted crime).

Obviously we've got a problem with antisemitism as well (and it may be larger), but it boggles my mind how the Hartster can post the chart he did and (based on what it shows) conclude there is NO "phobia" directed at Muslims. Sounds if he's dismissing the antisemitism as well when he says "if there's any phobia at all"... there is, you schmuck... the chart YOU POSTED shows there is (the crime portion, at least).

BTW, I also take issue with Willis' claim that MSNBC represents the "hard Left". MSNBC actually represents the Insider/institutional Democrat point of view. For the true Left POV, see Free Speech TV.

Image1: A chart the schmuck Willis Hart posted to his blog sans attribution (therefore who knows where it comes from, making it impossible to ascertain whether or not it might be accurate).

Image2: A 2015 chart showing how Islamophobic Americans are, disproving the schmuck Willis Hart's claims of "hysteria". Source: American Values Survey from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to research at the intersection of religion, values, and public life (PRRI's Wikipedia page).


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  1. Will is getting angrier almost by the day. Or is it more confused? Probably a little of both.

    The reflection of America st large perhaps.

    1. Angry at the Left. Must be because he's SO nonpartisan. Even though there is a Libertarian party and he's said he's voting for it's potus candidate.


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