Sunday, February 7, 2016

So, Just How Much Does The Hateaholic TOM Love Willis Hart?

The reason I ask is due to the fact that the hate-obsessed blogger TOM keeps submitting comments in which he expresses great offense that I'd dare to disagree with the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart.

For example, my last post received the following TOM comment (which I sent to the Spam folder).

TOM (The Omelet Man): Love it when you set up separate blogs to spread your hate for individuals. HATE BLOGS! Thanks for proving me correct, dip shit, butt fucking, fag boy.

TOM appears to be quite angry about the very existence of this blog. Which he mischaracterizes as a hate blog, btw. I have no hate at all for Willis. I do think most of his political views are nutty. However, given the fact that I've never met Willis, I'd have to say that I don't have enough information to form an opinion on him (only his online persona, which, yes, I do not care for. But the actual person? I've never met him).

I do have opinions of what he writes. And, because Willis banned me from his blog I can't comment there, I created this blog so I'd have a place to continue commenting. TOM (as well as others) might disagree/think it was dumb of me to create this blog, but it is NOT a "hate blog".

TOM, on the other hand, is obviously filled with hate. This isn't hard to deduce. Just take a look at his comments. Clearly he loathes gay people. His use of the "f" word to describe a gay man makes that VERY clear. I don't have anything against gay people. I simply happen to be straight (I also do not know where RN lives, so TOM's accusations regarding who I'm having gay sex with make no sense).

There is also the (likely) fact that TOM is mentally ill, which might at least partially explain what's going on. According to Octopus TOM submits many comments to Progressive Eruptions and The Swash Zone.

Comments in which he expresses his hate for gay people. And makes BS accusations of "Jew Hate" (I presume. Octo references accusations of bigotry). Octo thinks "these behaviors are attributable to a medical condition" and therefore TOM might not "have control over these behaviors". Which leads him to conclude that TOM can't be held "accountable for behaviors over which he/she has no control".

Then he says "if you accept this conjecture, and the inferences drawn, these best course of action is to ignore this troll". Octo's conclusion is that it wouldn't be "ethical" to "subject this person to any kind judgement or ridicule"... but I disagree. Given the fact that this is only conjecture (as Octo points out). In any case, TOM told me that the TOM of Stay A While is dead. So, if that is the case, then Octo's conjecture is wrong (Octo said "I recall a few posts and comments that alluded to some kind of medical issue involving brain surgery". So maybe it was surgery that killed him instead of just scrambling his brains).

On the other hand, how the hell would TOM the troll know if TOM (of Stay A While) was dead or not? Proof, I think, that these 2 TOMs are the one in the same. I mean, the TOM that submitted the comment quoted above is the same TOM that commented on Sue's blog. Proof of this is that the Blogger ID# of this comment by TOM on Sue's blog matches the Blogger ID# of the comment above (they are both 02464117691722213136).

And there is also the fact that there are posts/comments on the blog Stay A While in which the Wordpress blogger uses the ID "TOM" accuses Sue of sending him "hate mail" and writes posts complaing of liberal haters and accusing Rational Nation of attacking his blog.

Apparently this dipshit thinks he can hide behind the fact that his blog is on another platform (and therefore deny that the two TOMs are the same person). But the hater posted to his wordpress blog using his Blogger ID, a DEAD giveaway that TOM of Stay A While, TOM who submitted comments to Sue's blog, and TOM who has been submitting comments to my blog are ALL the same sick asshole.

TOM (comment on Sue's blog): RN what an elitist comment from you. Don't address the issue, just make your smart ass, cultist remark. What a blog troll you are. (3/16/2011 AT 10:37am).

TOM (comment on Stay A While): ...that's not what bloggers like RN and others I'm describing do. And certainly insults are not part of an adult discussion. ... No doubt there is much to learn from mindless idiots, trolls, and other hypocrites. ... thanks for reading my blog! (4/17/2011 AT 8:01pm).

TOM (comment on SWTD): You don't post to often here, but it's nice you blog currently on your other hate blogs. Good job spreading hate. Almost as good as RN, not quite. (1/18/2016 AT 9:03am).

The ID# for all comments is 02464117691722213136, and in the second comment (the one from Stay A While) TOM says "thanks for reading my blog"... but wait, I thought that TOM was dead?

TOM: Hey stupid fag boy, did you figure out who I am yet idiot? I'll give you a clue. The TOM you keep talking about is dead, and I never was him, but thanks for the laughs. Now back to getting butt fucked by your fag boy buddy RN. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. (2/05/2016 12:13 PM).

So some other TOM posts to Stay A While and says "thanks for reading my blog", but the actual owner of the blog (someone calling himself TOM, but doing so on Wordpress) says nothing? He doesn't say "this isn't YOUR blog OTHER TOM, it's mine". Right. You can stop laughing now dumbass. Just because TOM is now hiding his Blogger profile (where I assume it said that Stay A While is his blog) he thinks he can continue denying the obvious. What a f*cking imbecile!

So, that mystery? Solved. But the question still remains - why does this dipshit love Willis Hart so much? I mean, it is a fact that Rational Nation commented on the blog of Willis for a VERY long time. So, shouldn't the guilt by association (with Rational Nation) TOM is applying to everyone else also apply to Willis? Isn't Willis (because he was buddy-buddy with RN for so long) also a "Jew hater"?

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