Saturday, February 13, 2016

Note To Olivia Wilde, Staunch Democrat & HRC Supporter

Change the lock to your dressing room or make sure it's locked/secured from the inside. A Libertarian gorilla named Willis Hart claims to have your dressing room key in one paw and the Fort Knox key in the other. Although I suspect it's a bottle of booze in that other paw. And I suspect he plans to use the alcohol to get you blackout drunk... so he can take advantage of you. By which I mean he'll rape you, then claim you voluntarily got drunk and regreted consenting to sex.

Thus ends my "note" (which won't be read by the person it's addressed to). But that never stops Willis (who has posted a note to someone who was deceased at the time).

As for what prompted me to write this note...

Willis Hart: On the the Likelihood that JFK, Al Smith, and the First Mayor Daley Would Be Proud of the Present-Day Democratic Party... Yeah, I'm gonna go with, somewhere between zero and the odds of a gorilla parachuting down to earth with the key to Fort Knox in one paw and the key to Olivia Wilde's dressing-room in the other. Extremely unlikely, in other words. (2/11/2016 AT 10:02pm).

I think this proves that Willis' claim of being a reasonable middle-the-road moderate who criticizes both sides equally isn't quite true. I mean, he does criticize both sides, but he clearly despises one side more than the other. He does not, for example, have a derisive pet name for neocons (whom he dislikes intensely). He just calls them neocons. But Progressives, or "Regressives" as he calls them?

BTW, that's what Willis is REALLY talking about in his post. The fact that it's Hillary and Bernie who are running on the Democratic side. And the fact that Bernie is pushing Hillary to the Left, with each of them promising more government programs (and more government spending). But the fact of the matter is that both parties have moved to the Right (Noam Chomsky: Republicans & Democrats Have Shifted to the Right, and the GOP Is "Off the Spectrum").

Yes, it is true that the 2016 Democratic presidential contenders are running to the Left, but that is what ALWAYS happens. Then they move back to the (supposed) Center after getting elected (Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both did. Hillary very likely will). The difference this time is that a GENUINE Progressive is running this time. Bernie Sanders, if elected, won't move back to the "center", because he has been a Progressive for his entire political career. Hillary, not so much.

But, that Hillary has taken more Progressive positions in response to Bernie, has Willis writing ridiculous commentaries such as the one above. As well as others in which he spouts nonsense like referring to Sanders as a "economically illiterate Socialist buffoon".

So, would JFK, Al Smith, and the first Mayor Daley be proud of the present-day Democratic Party... because they've moved so far to the Left (Willis doesn't say this, but we all know it's what he means)? I'm going to go with NO. No, because the Democratic Party has moved to the Right, not the Left. (Democrats Have Moved to the Right, Not the Left).

BTW, while Willis might like to bang Olivia Wilde regardless of her political leanings, the fact is she is a "staunch Democrat" as well as a HRC supporter.

Article author: So I know you're a staunch Democrat - what were you feeling... when Hillary officially announced her campaign?

Olivia Wilde: I think Hillary is a really exciting candidate for so many reasons... I think it's really important to protect our new health care law and I think Hillary would be focused on that. I think the equal rights of women in this country is something that's still not a law and she would absolutely be focused on that. Our justice system is a mess and she's aware of that [indicating support for Black Lives Matter?]... My dream is that [Elizabeth] Warren would be Hillary's V.P... (Olivia Wilde: Why I'm Backing Hillary Clinton For President by Melissa Leon. The Daily Beast 4/22/2015).

Yeah, so when Willis parachutes down to earth and opens the door (using the key) to Olivia Wilde's dressing room... I'm sure she's going to scream and tell Willis to get the hell out (and then call security).

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  1. JFK was more conservative than present day democratic party leadership and presidential candidates.


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