Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Another Example Of Willis Hart "Coming Out Early Tonight" (Transphobia, Trumpesque Bigotry, White Supremacistish Racism)

The Libertarian blogger Willis Hart getting bent out of shape because "social justice warriors" fight back when racist Rightwingers spout off.

Willis Hart: Like with this Garrison fellow who did the Michelle Obama looking like a power-forward cartoon (which, yes, was somewhat distasteful but then a great amount of satire tends to be - HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The SJWs [Social Justice Warriors] went after him full-bore (he even got death-threats which makes SJWs no better than al Qaeda) and now he's more popular than ever. Oops, OOOOOOOOPS. (5/31/2016 AT 5:13pm).

The quote above is just a portion of his rant, which mostly concerns his outrage over racists on the Right being boycotted when they spew their racism. Though he ends with cheers because this Ben Garrison asshole supposedly is "more popular than ever". (Note: RationalWiki page for Garrison says he isn't an "overt racist", and I agree. His racism, like WTNPH's, is not overt).

The cartoon that Willis refers to (see below) depicts a butch Michelle Obama next to an image of Melancholia Trump (what a First Lady should look like according to the cartoon). Notice that there is a bulge in an area suggesting Michelle is a transexual. A "joke" Willis previously indicated that he found hilarious (wondering in a blog post which bathroom Michelle uses). You know, because she used to be a dude and due to new discriminatory laws should be using the men's room (OST #144).

The Left getting offended by the depiction of Michelle Obama as a transexual is very funny according to Willis. Even if it is "somewhat distasteful". Although some have disagreed wit the "somewhat" part.

A cartoonist has been accused of racism after he portrayed Michelle Obama as masculine and butch next to a pageant-ready Melania Trump in a controversial drawing. The cartoon – which has been branded "racist and misogynistic" – shows a muscular Mrs Obama wearing a green dress with a bulge in the groin area. (Make The First Lady Great Again?!? Racist Cartoon Compares A Butch Michelle Obama To Melania Trump).

Racist? Yeah, I think so. Misogynist? Absolutely. Transphobic as well. That's who Willis is cheering on (a sleaze who'd draw such a cartoon). But Willis, a Libertarian who SAYS he's "socially tolerant", has displayed bigotry for transexuals on several occasions; referring to a trans-woman as "some transgender" and assuming she's a Leftist (obviously all transgender people are Leftists, OST #140); thinks Garrison's bigotry is only "somewhat distasteful". As opposed to being highly offensive. In fact that is actually the super funny part. Leftists being offended. Or "triggered", as he puts it.

Here, it isn't a victory for the assholes, racists, transphobics, misogynists and bigots that Willis is offended by, but the "Social Justice Warriors" who take offense. Scumbags who, with Trump as the gop potus nominee (whom Garrison is a supporter of), have been GREATLY emboldened. And Willis too, apparently. The post above being another example of him "coming out early tonight". That phrase being code for displaying his racism, I'm guessing (from a comment Willis says a "marginally literate boob" submitted to his blog).

Ugh. Can there really be ANY doubt any more that this guy is a hardcore bigot? Frankly, I'm wondering if the Hartster is a White Supremacist given his recent comments re Black people being "the real racists".

I refer you to a Willis comment in which he says "there's racism in America alright; blacks hating whites being the bulk of it" (his conclusion after posting about black-on-white violent crime). Versus White Supremacists who "issued a statement saying that Dylann Roof had some legitimate grievances against Black people and that the group's website accurately and honestly reports black-on-white violent crime".

Image: Racist misogynistic transphobic "satirical" cartoon by Rightwing Trump-supporting slimeball Ben Garrison. Given that satire is "the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc"... is this satire? I mean, I see the ridicule, but what vice or folly is being exposed? My guess is that (in the view of Rightwing racists like Garrison) it was "folly" to elect a Black man POTUS.


OST #148

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