Thursday, January 7, 2016

Montel Williams Is Black, Therefore His Views On The BLM Versus Rancher Showdown In Oregon Are Race-Based & Montel Is A Racist

Another example of hyper racial consciousness from the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart (a subject I first addressed with OST #91).

Willis Hart: On the Fact that Out of Work Talk-Show Host, Montel Williams, Recently Advocated that the Government Show a "Massive Use of Force" and Institute "Shoot to Kill" Orders as a Means to Settle the BLM Versus Rancher Showdown in Oregon... Yeah, I don't seem to recall him advocating shit like this when black people were destroying a large section of Ferguson, Missouri (including a senior center and a CVS pharmacy) over what ultimately proved to be one of the most virulent lies of recent memory (the hands up, don't shoot narrative). It must have been an oversight (you know, as opposed to him being a fucking racist and hypocrite whose only goal is to denigrate white people and glorify the state). (1/6/2016 AT 9:56pm).

First of all, what a freaking surprise that Willis finds an angle to write about this story which doesn't have him criticising the law breaking ranchers while going after African American protestors. No, wait, that the racist Hart would refuse to criticise the White ranchers isn't a surprise at all.

Another non surprise is the fact that a Conservative opinion site had the exact same thought... while Googling for some more info, I found a story on the "Independent Sentinel" titled "To Be Fair, Montel Williams Must Want Shoot to Kill Orders in Ferguson and Baltimore Too" (the author of this article, Sarah Noble, describes herself as an "ex-liberal").

By the way, "protest leader Ryan Bundy told Oregonian politics reporter Ian Kullgren that he was willing to kill and be killed if necessary to sustain the occupation" (Extremist Group Calls for Oregon Militants to Be Willing to Die). My guess is that this statement is what Montel was referring to and that he did not mean what he said literally.

If he did mean it literally? I don't agree. Unless the militants start going through with Ryan Bundy's call for them to be "willing to kill", the law should seek to end this peacefully.

In any case, it's obviously because Montel Williams is Black that the hyper racially conscious Willis concludes he is a "fucking racist". I mean, what if a White guy had said this? I was watching the Stephanie Miller show yesterday and Stephanie read a news story about Bundy saying they were willing to die... and the Mooks (her co-hosts) all said "OK". I did not take this "OK" literally. Nor did I think they said it due to them being racist (against Whites).

As for Willis not seeming to recall what Montel said when "black people were destroying a large section of Ferguson, Missouri"... I did not recall either. So I Googled and found what he said.

Ferguson‬ – is this really how you think your going to raise the LEGITIMATE issue of the disconnect between law enforcement and the black community? By burning down a pizza restaurant and looting a beauty shop IN YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD! ... THIS IS NOT HOW TO DO THIS – you've badly damaged the chances of making progress on the issue you so badly want to raise. ... This is insane. There is NO JUSTIFICATION. (Montel Williams blasts Ferguson riots by Jennifer Brett. The Atlanta Journal Constitution‎'s Buzz Blog 11/25/2015).

OK, so he didn't call for the use of lethal force to stop the protesters, but neither was he defending what they did. But Willis probably doesn't recall that. Why? IMO it's because Montel is not someone expressing his opinion as someone who is a part of the "we're all fucking humans" group. He's a "fucking racist" because he's a BLACK MAN expressing his opinion (via tweet) on (presumably all) White law breaking ranchers illegally occupying a bird sanctuary (and threatening to kill federal officials/other representatives of the law).

Finally, how the hell does Willis come to the conclusion that Montel's call for the ranchers to be dealt with using lethal force (if serious) means Montel wants this done to "glorify the state"? Also, so the eff what if Montel is "out of work"? As far as I know Montel has plenty of money (not on welfare), so what business or concern is it of Willis Hart's whether or not Montel Williams is currently employed?

By the way, I don't consider myself a Montel Williams fan. I don't care for the fact that he's "a paid spokesperson for MoneyMutual, a lead generator for a payday lending service" (Wikipedia/Montel Williams/Payday loan controversy). I also have no idea what his politics are. I'm not defending Williams, only pointing out that I think the evidence shows that it's Willis Hart who is a "fucking racist and hypocrite". And that the Willis post I'm responding to is yet another example of the Hartster's hyper racial consciousness.

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  1. I read Will's post and immediately smelled a skunk. It just didn't sound right. I mean it surely didn't fit the character of the Montel Williams I had watched over the years.

    Anyway, good follow-up and thanks for setting the record straight on Montel's correct, in more ways than one, statement about Ferguson.

  2. I have not watched Montel "over the years" but he seems like a decent guy to me and not a racist.


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