Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On Willis Hart's Trumpesque Misogynist Bashing Of Hillary Clinton For An Alleged Sex Crime Allegedly Committed By Her Husband

Clearly the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart is no fan of Hillary Clinton, but IMO the following commentary crosses a line.

Willis Hart: On Mrs. Clinton's Claim that All Women Should be Believed When it Comes to Accusations of Sexual Assault... [Picture of Juanita Broaddrick]. Alrighty then. (1/19/2016 AT 1:13pm).

Note: Juanita Broaddrick is a former nursing home administrator from Arkansas who alleged in 1999 that United States President Bill Clinton raped her two decades earlier (copied from Wikipedia).

Not that you'd know any of this if you read Willis' post, which does not identify the person in the picture nor contain any information regarding the incident in question.

During a campaign event, one audience-member asked Clinton "You say that all rape victims should be believed, but would you say that about [Bill Clinton's accusers] Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and, or Paula Jones? Should we believe them as well?"

"Well, I would say that everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved on evidence", responded Clinton. (Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Accuser Says Hillary Should Answer for Husband's History).

I guess Hillary believes that these accusers are now to be "disbelieved on evidence". Frankly I don't know what happened, and the truth is nobody can say for certain. Point is, Hillary answered Willis' "alrighty then".

But my question is - is Hillary Clinton responsible for crimes her husband might have committed? Should allegations against Bill Clinton harm Hillary's campaign for the presidency? You know, given the fact that, even if the allegations are true (which they have never been proven to be), Bill likely lied to Hillary as well (I do not believe HRC knew of the rape and thanked Broaddrick for her silence).

In any case, note that Willis doesn't bring up (has never commented on) the rape allegations against Donald Trump (from his ex-wife Ivana who previously claimed that The Donald tore her clothes off and violently assaulted her).

This would be the same Trump who recently described Hillary's 2008 primary defeat by Barack Obama by saying she "got schlonged" (a sexist reference to the stereotype of Black men having large members?), and who had the termerity (given his sexist provlivicities) to levy the sexism charge at Hillary, saying she can't get away with "playing the women's card on me".

Well, I don't know how Willis thinks he can get away with what he's doing (using allegations against Bill Clinton to harm Hillary Clinton's presidential chances) when he's never ONCE brought up these allegations in a discussion about Bill Clinton's presidency. Fact is, Willis has more frequently PRAISED Bill Clinton.

Willis Hart: On Bill Clinton Being a Cheater... Fair enough. But after 13 years of noncheaters, maybe a cheater is exactly what we need again. (9/25/2013 AT 4:26pm).

Granted, he's talking about cheating and not rape (allegations), but what the hell does WJC's cheating have to do with his presidenting? Yet, here Willis makes that connection, saying (in essence) so what if WJC cheated? "Maybe a cheater is exactly what we need again" he says, which is miles away from criticizing the dude for raping/cheating (allegedly/factually).

So, I guess it was OK for Bill to cheat, but it's not OK for Hillary to make a statement about believing women who allege rape because of the Juanita Broaddrick allegations? Hell yes, this strikes me as Trumpesque hypocrisy and misogyny. Absolutely.

Further hypocrisy is that Willis believes that 90 percent of women who report rape are liars. He slams Barack Obama for quoting a "thoroughly discredited" CDC study that found 1 in 5 women who are today college-aged will ultimately be raped. Willis says it's actually 1 in 50, and that the 1 in 5 stat comes from women who were intoxicated, had sex, then regretted it (OST #81).

So the Hartster's "alrighty then" is obviously ONLY in regards to Broaddrick, in that he's enthusiastic to have her believed because it could hurt Hillary's candidacy and NOT because he thinks women should be believed. To hear Willis tell it, the REAL problem is women falsely accusing innocent men of rape. And that believing women when it comes to sexual assault is the LAST thing we should be doing.

OST #99

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