Wednesday, January 6, 2016

On The Hyper Racial Consciousness Of Willis Hart

Another example of obliviousness from the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart, an oblivious White guy who simply does not get it. "It" being the fact that racism is still very much a problem in our country. According to this demagoguing blogger, "we're all f*cking humans, people". While this absolutely is true, what he means is that Black people should stop "bellyaching" about things that (according to Willis) don't exist.

Things like White privilege, institutional racism and microaggressions. But the reason that (for Willis Hart) these things don't exist is because HE doesn't have to deal with them. Or, he doesn't have to deal with the negatives. Being White, he only has to deal with the positives.

BTW, we all may be human and we all may have been created equal, but obviously some of us are more equal than others. White men being the most equal, given the fact that our society is a patriarchy (something else Willis argues against with many misogynist commentaries on his blog) with a long history of racism (slavery, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights era, the fact that African Americans are more than 300 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a White person today, etc).

But the oblivious Hartster doesn't see it. In fact he argues against reality constantly on his blog. Like with this recent comment in which he says it's OTHER people who hyper conscious when it comes to race. When the reality is that it's Willis Hart who is hyper conscious about race. This fact PROVEN by his own blog posts. Commentaries where he focuses in on the race of whomever he has decided to complain about.

For example, here is a recent one where I fail to see what the race of the individual has to do with anything except Willis' own prejudices.

On the Fact that a Black Mother from Detroit Murdered Two of Her Children (the Other Two She Just Tortured) and Stuffed Their Carcasses in a Freezer... Yeah, I'm gonna go with, four black lives totally NOT mattering [Link]. (11/6/2015 AT 4:53pm).

And another one from 3 days earlier.

On the Fact that Not One but Two Black Women Threw Their Babies Off of Balconies in the Fordham Heights Section of the Bronx in Just the Past Six Weeks... So these stories get completely ignored by pro-blacks and the white liberal media but that image of the school-safety officer strong-arming a disruptive 16 year-old black chick gets wall-to-wall coverage (one CNN segment showed the visual 20-something times)? Unreal. (11/3/2015 AT 4:12pm).

What the hell does the mothers being Black have to do with anything? If "we're all f*cking humans, people" as Willis says, WHY does he pick out 2 stories in which two Black mothers kill their children... and make a POINT of them being Black. The original stories don't laser focus in on this fact, yet Willis does. Apparently because he thinks that stories like these somehow discredit the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM).

Because he thinks that the BLM movement, a movement whose concern is institutional racism, should deal with issues that have nothing to do with institutional racism (in these two cases I'd say the issue is mental illness).

It's because the dude is hyper focused on race that he's making these bizarre arguments in an effort to discredit a movement he hates. Initially he argued that the BLM movement's concern over the police killing unarmed African Americans was hypocritical... because they are not equally concerned with criminals (BLACK criminals) killing Black people.

But that is a SEPARATE issue that the BLM movement was not started to address! Yet, Willis lies (OST #90), insisting over and over that BLM should be concerned about ALL the ways that African Americans die unnatural/premature deaths... Although (who knows), perhaps next he'll complain that BLM isn't addressing the fact that "black men have a 40% higher cancer death rate than white men [and] African-American women have a 20% higher cancer death rate than white women").

But being more prone to some diseases isn't something African Americans can be blamed for. While, with death by inner city violence can be. Yes, only on a small minority of them, but Willis believes ALL African Americans are responsible for the violence committed by African American criminals (as well as mentally ill Black mothers). Because he's quite clearly racist.

Or, at least he absolutely does NOT believe "we're all f*cking humans, people". In the Hartster's hyper-racially-conscious mind we're a species clearly divided by race.

OST #91

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