Thursday, January 14, 2016

Willis Hart Moronic Whine Re "Secret" Comments Submitted To His Blog

Idiocy from the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart in which he whines about his public receiving comments! How dare anyone attempt to disrupt his echo chamber!

Willis Hart: On the Engaging in Behavior (Unsolicited and Unwanted Blog "Commentary") that if it Were Any Other Sphere of Life (Phone Calls, Letters, Showing Up at a Person's House, etc.) Would Probably Get You Arrested, Convicted, and Put in Jail but Because this Shit Can Be Done in Secret it Shamelessly and Moronically Continues Unabated... What's that they say, that you can only judge a person's morals by how they behave when no one is watching? Hey fellas, NO ONE IS WATCHING. (1/14/2016 AT 4:25pm).

WTNPH has referenced other comments that went unpublished in the past.

For example...

Willis Hart: I was obliquely accused by some pompous and marginally literate boob (with multiple handles, no less) of "coming out early tonight." It was an almost passive aggressive comment and, while it clearly wasn't as nasty as some of the other bullshit that's flied of late, I just don't tolerate it anymore and so I've banned his sorry ass. Arrivederci schmuck. (9/26/2015 AT 8:20pm).

Not sure who it might have been that submitted that comment (if anyone. Maybe Willis made it up or imagined it). It was not me, however. Although I have submitted a number of comments to Willis' blog that he decided not to publish. So he might be talking about me. Actually, I think it's quite likely he's talking about me, as I frequently stop by his blog to read and leave a brief comment or two.

I'd like to point out, however, that Willis Hart's blog is open to the public and by designating his blog as PUBLIC he is soliciting comments. Secondly, the ONLY reason these comments are "secret" is because Willis does not publish them! (Obviously if he published them they wouldn't be secret).

If he only wants agreeable comments he could change his blog settings so that only approved people could comment. Or he could make it so that only approved people could even SEE his blog. He is choosing to not adjust these settings and thus leaving his blog open for PUBLIC view and PUBLIC comment (and soliciting comments with these settings that he selected!).

In regards to his assertion of phoning, sending letters to and showing up at the home of someone being analogous to submitting comments to a PUBLIC blog - I say bullshit. His home is private, his blog is not (by HIS CHOICE!).

IMO him selecting these settings (making his blog PUBLIC) is analogous to him placing a sign outside his home inviting people in to look around. And, if he did that (invite anyone in with a sign), the police would tell him to take a hike if he attempted to have people who took him up on his offer arrested. The cops would tell him to take down the sign and lock his door.

BTW, I hereby declare to the world that I submit comments to Willis Hart's blog... thereby making me commenting on his blog not a "secret". And, while nobody may be watching this blog (OST), it too is open to the PUBLIC - so that invalidates his judging of morals by how someone behaves when no one is watching (since anyone can view this admission, thereby making it a public admission).

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  1. Well, Dervish...

    There is certainly no reason on God's green earth to visit Will's blog for any reason whatsoever. You keep us all informed. I do not begrudge you the responsibility as I once did. He is an extremely fascinating pathological case. One in a million. An interesting mind. And a distinguished American.

    1. If you did visit Willis' blog and submit a comment... he probably wouldn't publish it. Given the fact that you're on his shit list. A list that includes: wd, Octopus, Tao, & Flying Junior.

      But if you did read his blog and try to submit comments (even though they wouldn't be published)? Then you'd be one of those Willis believes should be ARRESTED for submitting "unsolicited" comments.

  2. His post you reference here is completely irrational. I left s comment, completely benign, other than to point out a couple obvious things. It likely will go the way of the electronic circular file.

    1. HOW DARE YOU! I mean, your input is no longer "solicited", right? If Willis had his way you might be facing jail time for this infraction.

    2. Oh my! I'm sure he would make a great KGB type if given the opportunity.


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