Saturday, January 16, 2016

Target Only Hires White People?

Does Target only hire White people? Seems to be that is what the Libertarian blogger Willis Hart is saying in the following post (although I could be wrong).

Willis Hart: On Mrs. Obama's Target Story... Let's just say that it's been evolving (the fact that when she initially relayed it to Letterman it was a joke to underscore her height and that when she told it subsequent times it had morphed into some bigoted morality tale of the old white gal thinking that as a black chick Mrs. Obama HAD to be an employee - kind of a slap at Target employees but I digress). (1/13/2016 AT 4:18pm).

Michelle Obama being a Target employee is a "slap" at Target employees? If there was a "slap" wasn't it a slap at Target customers? You know, given the fact that (according to Michelle Obama) it was a CUSTOMER that thought Michelle might be an employee.

Anyway... as for Michelle's "Target story" changing... maybe she just reconsidered and it occurred to her that maybe the woman in question asked her to grab something from a high shelf not because she is tall... but because the woman thought Michelle might be an employee (because she's Black)?

I honestly don't know. Anyway, Michelle might be right, overreacting, wrong, or outright lying. Of course Conservatives believe she lies. Because she's a racist who is falsely accusing Whitey of discriminating against Blacks (for political advantage, I guess).

But back to Willis' alleged "slap"... Michelle implied the White customer might have thought she was an employee because she's Black, and that's an insult to Target employees? Does Willis believe that Target only hires Whites? Is that why suggesting a Target employee might be Black is a "slap"? And, if so, is this yet more evidence of the Hartster's racist proclivities?

Maybe, maybe not. Obviously he's among those who immediately attribute the worst motives to things the Obamas say and do (Michelle is lying and/or insulting Target workers).

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