Monday, May 11, 2015

Disgusting Muslim Bigotry From Libertarian Blogger Willis Hart

Libertarian blogger Willis Hart's latest commentary defending fellow Muslim bigot Pamela Geller.

Willis Hart: On Pamela Geller... Like it or not, the Constitution was written to protect the speech of people exactly like Geller (and Eugene V. Debbs, the KKK, etc. before her) who don't go around saying, "I like kittens" or "gee, that rose is pretty". And if the Muslims don't like it, they can go fuck themselves... or at the very least turn the channel. Boom, done. (5/9/2015 AT 6:54pm).

Spot the bigotry? No, it isn't Willis pointing out that free speech is protected by the Constitution. He is absolutely correct that speech, no matter how repulsive, is protected. The bigotry (and profanity) comes in when he says "if the Muslims don't like it, they can go fuck themselves". And then "Boom, done".

No, not "boom done". Muslims don't have to "go fuck themselves" if they don't like it. They can use THEIR free speech to point out that Geller is a bigoted a-hole who is deliberately attempting to provoke a media response for attention and $ (and the idiot might expect violence). So, why go there? Why not respect other religions?

But the bigoted Hartster, while perhaps not as bad as Geller, LIES. First of all, Willis is referring to Muslims living in the United States (he refers to the Geller event held in Texas), and US Muslims (by and large) defend the first amendment rights of Geller.

Dean Obeidallah: Anti-Muslim advocate Pam Geller has the absolute right to draw any cartoon she wants of the Prophet Muhammad. That was not just the response from Muslim-American leaders I spoke to after news broke Sunday night of a shooting outside a Garland, Texas, event that Geller had organized—offering $10,000 for people to draw images of Muhammad - but before that event as well. (Muslims Defend Pam Geller's Right to Hate. The Daily Beast, 5/4/2015).

Secondly, US Muslims ALSO have free speech rights and can exercise them in response to Geller's ugly exercise in bigotry.

Dean Obeidallah: I'm not saying that some Muslims (and even people of other faiths) aren't offended and/or disgusted by the idea of Geller offering $10,000 for people to draw despicable cartoons of Muhammad. This is akin to offering a prize for people to draw the most anti-Semitic or racist images imaginable, with the true goal being to stoke the flames of hate versus Jews or Blacks. But the reality is American Muslims deeply value freedom of expression. (Muslims Defend Pam Geller's Right to Hate. The Daily Beast, 5/4/2015).

OK, so above I said Willis lied, but I actually think it's far more likely that he's simply unaware that Muslim-American leaders said Geller has the right to hate. However, I am convinced him not being aware of this fact is deliberate.

He hates Muslims so much that he does not bother to seek out the truth. In his bigoted mind the actions of a small number of radicalized crazies represent ALL Muslims and that it is a typical response for an offended Muslim to react violently.

But he thinks this because he's a bigoted hater. Also because he's a pompous ass who enjoys lecturing inferior groups of people from on high (and, in his mind, almost everyone is inferior to himself).

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