Friday, May 22, 2015

Breaking News: Willis Hart Has Passed Away

You heard it here first folks. The Libertarian blogger who goes by the Blogger ID Will "Take No Prisoners" Hart, but whose real name is Willis Hart, has passed away.

Actually, I do not know this for certain, but I am guessing this is what happened based on the fact that there has been no activity on his blog at all since 5/19/2015 at 9:04 PM.

Which is extremely odd, given the fact that Willis is an extremely prolific blogger. On a normal day he will post multiple commentaries. Now nothing for 2 full days? The only conclusion that can be reached is that Willis is no longer with us.

Now, while some people may think that this news has me overjoyed, given my dislike for this fellow, that simply is not true. Willis, even though he held a lot of insane Libertarian ideas and was quite racially biased, was (I'm sure) not that bad a fellow.

His friends will likely miss him. I know he has friends, BTW, because he has (in the past) remarked on how he told them about me and these friends all remarked on how crazy they thought I was. Or so Willis said. Perhaps he lied.

In any case... RIP Willis Hart. You will be missed. I'm guessing. Lester, Dennis and Rusty will miss you here in blogistan, and in the real world some others will shed a tear. Again, I'm guessing. Perhaps there will be some people who will be overjoyed and throw a "good riddance, Willis" party where everyone will dance a jig to celebrate Willis' departure from this world. But that would be extremely insensitive.

Obviously this is the final post on OST. Because continuing on with commentaries refuting Willis' nonsense (which was my sole reason for starting this blog) can't be done if there are no new Willis commentaries to refute.

I suppose I could go back and refute some old commentaries, but would that be appropriate now that Willis is deceased? I'm guessing the readers of this blog would say no, that would be in very bad taste.

So, with this post I say goodbye. I will leave this blog standing as a tribute to Willis. And close by saying that I harbor no hard feelings toward the man. Not that I am too sad, as Willis lived an extremely long life. I've heard that he was approaching his 100th birthday.

Or that he was in the 80 to 90 year-old range. So he lived a very long life. Which is all any of us can hope for. Without any major health issues (I think. He was employed as a hospital orderly and not retired, in any case).

Comments from any who want to wish Willis a bon voyage into the great beyond will be published. Although I believe Willis is rotting in the ground (if he has been buried yet). He was an atheist, after all, and atheists can't get into heaven.

But this does not make me sad, as any atheist I've ever heard speak does not seem that concerned that when death takes them there is nothing but darkness and oblivion awaiting them.

Given this fact, I wish Willis a nice oblivion. If that's a thing. At least he won't be aware of it as the worms do their work breaking down his body. That might sound grim, but that's the reality of atheism. But this is not an anti-atheism screed. If you are, like Willis was, a non-believer, please do not take offense.

Comments that speak of what a douche Willis was will be rejected, as speaking ill of the dead is not generally accepted as being something decent people do. Which I am, of course. A decent person. Even if Willis was not always decent in return (like when he banned me from his blog for an extremely stupid reason).

I know that Willis would say (were he alive) that I was not decent to him while he was among the living. Claims of sending "unwanted" comments to his blog that frightened him greatly would likely be made. I know he made them while he was alive.

And sure, I did submit comments to his PUBLIC blog, but were they "unwanted"? I say no, given the fact that his blog was PUBLIC, indicating that viewing of his blog (as well as commenting to said blog) was something that anyone could do. Look at it and submit a comment. Because the blog was public. Unfortunately Willis did not seem to understand the concept.

But now that Willis is gone that is a moot point. At least he no longer has to fear receiving an "unwanted" comment from yours truly. No longer does he have to live with the terror of possibly viewing a comment from me that would shatter his echo chamber (causing extreme anger and the necessity of having to dash off a rebuttal while enraged), given the fact that he has kicked the bucket and bought the farm.

But what a horrible thing it must be to live one's life cringing in fear of comments that refute an ideology you hold near and dear... despite it being (almost all) completely wrong and utter bullshit.

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